Dom was pissed at Vince for fighting the blond haired, blued eyed guy that had been coming into the diner for weeks. It seemed the guy was coming for Mia, but he'd caught the attention of the other Torretto.

He could hold his own in a fight though, Dom had to give him that. Vince wasn't known for fighting clean, and Brian had given as good as he got. Not even seeming to mind that someone was beating on him. Like it was more of an inconvenience that Vince was pummelling him.

"Hey man, he was in my face." He answered before Dom could even ask what the hell he was thinking. Considering Vince had started by throwing punches, it had been far more than in his face. Dom watched with curiosity as Brian shut down, no anger or rage staring back at him, just ice cold baby-blues.

"You work for Harry, right?" Dom asked, confirming what he already knew.

Brian nodded. "Yeah, I just started."

"You were just fired." Dom responded, not entirely sure what he was thinking. He wouldn't normally stick his nose in Harry's business, and he definitely wouldn't normally retaliate against someone who was only defending themselves against Vince and his temper.

Much to his surprise, Brian simply nodded and walked away. He didn't even seem shocked that Dom had just pulled his job and home away from underneath him. Dom realised he had been expecting an argument, maybe a chance to get a read on the guy, but he just shut down.

Damn Vince and his posturing, trying to stand over people who didn't belong. Just because the kid was new didn't mean he didn't belong though. Dom had seen him watching them with a kind of understanding he had never seen before. Most outsiders only saw criminals and thugs, they didn't see the family. But Brian did, Dom could tell. Not only that, but he seemed to know just how important it all was.

Dom went back into his office in the back of the diner, wondering what the hell he had been thinking. He'd been jonesing after the guy for weeks, and now he was going to get him fired? That was no way into someone's good graces. But maybe…maybe he could convince the kid to work in the garage. At the very least, he'd be around a lot more.

He could feel Mia watching him, seeing more than she should. She could always read him and usually it wasn't a problem, except this time. This time a little privacy would be good until he figured out what he was going to do, and until he knew how Brian was going to react to the whole thing.

Mia was frustrated beyond belief. Vince had just beaten the crap out of a guy for being nice to her. She knew for a fact Brian hadn't been flirting with her; she had noticed how he looked at Dom. He clearly had a thing for her older brother; she just hoped everything worked out alright. Now that Vince had beaten him and Dom had practically promised to get him fired, Mia was worrying that he might just give up and leave. And that thought terrified her.

Dom wasn't one to let new people in, but he deserved someone. Dom needed someone who would respect him as he was, rather than always pushing his buttons like Letty had when they were together. Mia got the feeling that Brian could be that person, who would stand by Dom no matter what and help him protect his family.

She hoped like hell that this guy was more loyal than most, more loyal than anyone ought to be. Because he'd need to stick it out for a while before he even knew he was accepted. Most people wouldn't do that, but Mia hoped he would. For Dom's sake. To survive their family, he would need to be that ridiculously loyal anyway, so maybe this was a good testing ground for the new guy.