This is my first time writing a final fantasy is based on the Demo for now since I only played the any plot development beyond the demo will be in the next chapter onwards. Enjoy !

~Death's Crystallum~

Noctis rolled to his side, ignoring the sound of ringing and the slight vibration of the floor .His mind drifting back to his dreamless sleep only to be hit at the face by his bodyguard Gladio.

"Wake up princess," His brow twitched in annoyance but did not wake. His face continued to be assaulted by wandering hands which he tried to swipe away only for them to return with vengeance.

"Oh, looks like he's awake." He heard a familiar voice conclude, most likely to be Prompto.

'Why is it that everybody likes to touch my face?!' He scowled lashing at the hands that approached his unblemished face. He could hear Prompto sniggering as he left, leaving Noctis the only one in the tent.

Noctis raised his arms passed his shoulders giving them a light stretched before crawling out the 4-men tent. The bright light assailed his sleepy eyes for a moment causing him to shut them tight in response. Opening them slowly, he took in the grassy field and blue sky before irritation sinks in as he realized that their problem is still not solved.

What's the problem? They were trapped in the wilderness with no car and no money courtesy of a hyperactive blonde's carelessness; they now have to earn pocket change in the wild. They didn't have to walk far before coming across a jackpot. Well a dangerous one, possibly life threatening but nonetheless a treasure-trove.

"BEWARE DEAD-EYED BEHEMOTH 25000 ALIVE OR DEAD REWARD" The cash prize would certainly be able to pay for their car repairs. The problem now is finding it.

The sound of scuffling caught the prince's attention. His eyes widened in surprise as he registered the sudden appearance of a woman out of nowhere now standing next to him looking at the same poster as they were.

'Was she here all along? Her aura feels off …' Noctis narrowed his eyes at her.

"GHOST!" Noctis winced at the unmanly screeched generated by Prompto.

"Your imagination sucks." Ignis pointed out as he watched the stranger with calculating eyes. Taking in the slender body, feminine hands and rather well endowed assets made Prompto whistle, Noctis was confused as to why the stranger would be interested in the behemoth when it obviously would end her.

"Hey kid, I think this would be a tad too difficult for you, let the big boys handle it," Gladio advised putting a hand on the stranger's shoulder only to flinched as he felt his skin tear apart, sparks flying out from the contact, as if the woman was protected by something out of this realm.

Noctis took a step forward, eyes serious, he won't take it lying down when his gang is hurt and it seems neither did Prompto nor Ignis. The woman merely tilted her head slightly to one side, the black hood obscuring her face. The boys could barely hear the words spoken.

"Don't touch me." The stranger proceeded to ignore them all together, taking a final look at the poster before walking towards the woods.

"Hey!" Noctis shouted.

The stranger paused in her step indicating that she heard the prince's call but she didn't turn, just waiting patiently for the other to continue. "Are you perhaps …Have you been …" well this is difficult.

How is one going to ask others whether they had died and went through the gates of hell and back? The sparks he saw bore a close resemblance to those of his powers.

As Noctis pondered over his choice of words, the other had already moved on towards the forest, pausing at the entrance before a whistling a tune. It was then followed by sounds of rustling as a black-feathered creature emerged from the shrubbery.

It was a black chocobo.

They watched, highly curious and slightly miffed as the stranger rode the bird deeper into the woods.

"That was weird. Think she would be okay?" Prompto asked.

Noctis gave a shrug, it didn't matter what the other did, and it was not his business anyway. However the aura he felt was certainly not normal. Sure, he was curious but not to the point that it required his attention.

The gang followed the beast trail for a total of two days before they finally found its lair .The attack planned by Ignis went smoothly up to the point Noctis stabbed the giant monstrosity on its back. They thought they've succeeded. Noctis even gave a small laughter only to find himself on the ground cover in scratches and dust a second later .The beast didn't die, it was alive and pretty pissed off …

Noctis swore.

"Language princess!" He heard Ignis chide, but ignored it for the beast was charging towards him.

They fought and they were slowing it down, till the part Prompto got flung against the wall, everything went downhill from there. Noctis momentarily lost his focus, concerned for his friend, he look away from the target .A moment later he felt a searing pain through his arm as the beast smacked him to the side with its tail.

He swore again, this time Ignis was too busy trying to keep himself alive to correct him.

Running would be a terrific idea only if the beast wasn't blocking the only exit .As the beast approached him, he heard the cries of his mates but couldn't find the energy to reply, the pain in his arm was too much.

Would he die? Maybe.

But …

He knew if he were to pass out now, he would surely die and there wouldn't be anyone to make sure that the other guys would be alive.

There are still so many things he wanted to do …

Still many questions that needed answers…

His buddies who became his family, irreplaceable brothers in arms…

So many things to look forward to …

He didn't want to die, he wasn't sure that he thwart death another time anyway.

Not now, there is still too much to be done …

The claws came close to smashing him into bits, before it was repelled by a strong unnatural gale.

"Then don't die."

As if someone read his thoughts, he received a reply. Only it wasn't in his mind .The black hood fell from the stranger's head from the sudden landing, revealing soft silky blonde locks and face with sharp blue eyes as bright as the azure sky.

"Get the hell away from here!" Noctis, not noticing how he got his voice back, shouted .He was dead sure that the young women in front of him had no idea what she was doing. Jumping in between the beast and him like it was the most natural thing in the world, is signing a death wish. Noctis may not have known the girl any longer than his three minute hostile encounter in the morning but he was certain that he did not want to be forced to watch the fire of life in front of him be extinguished.

However the girl paid him no heed as she stared at the beast with determined eyes. Eyes that blazed a cold fire like a hardened warrior's, who had have seen through both life in tears and joy, and death in regret and in peace. Noctis could hear his own breathing as he watched mesmerized at the magic surrounding the young woman like a maelstrom as if they were at her beck and call. The scene seemed surreal, yet he recognized this magic, a power not much different from his own. The orb held within the girl's hands pulsed with power as if it was drunk, drinking in the untamable magic reeking with a stench Noctis was familiar with, the scent of death.

"Conqueror of the skies, known by many names; the Dragon King, the Hallowed Father, the First Sire. Heed the call of you master and descend from the realm beyond the skies."


The boys stared in awe as the sky was ripped into two, like a gate to heaven, bright lights illuminated the darkness. The giant form of the legendary dragon moved swiftly through the rip, descending towards the realm of the living. Rainbow wings, rippling with power far beyond the ordinary of his kind. The mighty winged beast obliterated the behemoth with a single mega flare leaving a crisp burnt carcass in its wake. Noctis and the others could only stare at the destruction the single move had caused .The victorious beast flew around the sky for a minute before disappearing into dust, presuming returning to where it came from.

Noctis, after regaining his thoughts from the entrancing display, stood up, the pain on his arm disappearing due to his natural healing ability settling in. He heaved a sign of relief when he caught sight of the others unharmed except with a few scratches and multiple light bruises.

However his attention was soon drawn back to their rescuer as the sound of retching was heard along with the pungent smell of blood. Dread filled his veins; he could already picture the sight before seeing it.

'This cannot be good'.

Noctis shot forward and catching her as she collapsed, before she fell face down onto her own pool of red fresh blood…the aura of death strong around the girl, clingy on to her like a leech …