OK, this story was going to be published like 3 days ago… what happened? I've written this 2-3 days ago and, due to my error, I deleted the story… I tried to rewrite it but the previous one came out so good, I don't know about this one. I was so angry! Anyways, sorry for being out so much from FanFiction, I know that some of you were waiting this story and I'm sorry for quitting all of this time. I hope I can bring you 1-2 stories per week, I'll try my best. Enough said, enjoy the chapter! ^^

The sun was shining that day in the beautiful, chaotic, but beautiful city of San Francisco. The entire city was still sleeping, but it was early after all – that city is not lazy. The first cars were moving already, someone was already busy or other reasons. It wasn't Riley's case: there it was no school that day. In her home, her parents were still sleeping; even Riley was still in her bed. Moving into her mind, in the Head Quarters, someone was in the main room, watching the little girl's dreams – the thing is that it was bored – Fear was there, with his usual tea in the right hand. His eyes were closing and opening constantly. He was trying his best to stay awake. The purple Emotion was thinking about Joy's words yesterday: "Fear, are you sure you don't want my help in Dream Duty?" she asked, but Fear… "No, Joy, don't worry; I can stay up all the night!", but now Fear regrets those words, he was dying for boredom, which it's normal if you're alone in a situation like that. Fear couldn't resist more: his head fell heavily on the console, and all the tea fell on the ground.

Anger woke up early, it wasn't so common by the brick. Walking downstairs, probably to eat something, he saw Fear, sleeping as his usual. An evil smirk appeared on Anger's face, he had a plan in mind – which it wasn't a great idea – anyways… he was sneaking slowly, trying to reach Fear to scare him. But, for accident, Anger slipped on the tea stain. Indeed, Anger's poor head fell on the ground.

"What!? What was that!?" Fear jumped off form his chair, trying karate moves…

Then, he saw Anger on the ground. Fear was really scared, he thought his co-worker was-

"Oh my God; Anger? Wake up, please!" cried the raw nerve. After staying near Anger for a while, he decided to call help. Without thinking to that twice, Fear ran upstairs, knocking heavily at the first door.

"Disgust! Disgust, please, open this door!" he shouted, knocking without taking a break on Disgust's door.

Then, the green Emotion opened the door.

"Finally!" thought Fear in relief.

Disgust stared at him with the 'what the hell are you doing here' look.

"Disgust, a terrible thing has happened! Anger is dead!" he cried, clutching himself.

"WHAT!?" said Disgust in disbelief.

"He's on the ground!" explained Fear, but still too scared.

"I am the only one who can kill him. What are we waiting for!? Let's go!" exclaimed Disgust, running downstairs with Fear. But she rolled her eyes in annoyance when she saw Anger cleaning the tea stain.

Anger said nothing but he clapped slowly, with sarcasm. "Good job, Fear," he said. "But really; good job." he continued.

"Wait, let me understand what happened: so you basically ruined my beauty sleep for what? Telling me that this stupid brick is dead when actually it's not!?" she said madly.

"But-" he has been interrupted by Disgust, who slapped him on the cheek.

"Ouch! Why did you do that?" cried Fear.

"Maybe because you're not even able to do your Dream Duty," said Anger in annoyance.

"Next time, you shall do Dream Duty with Joy, you can't even do it alone."

Poor Fear: he tries his best in Dream Duty, but-

"Your best isn't enough!" exclaimed Disgust. She walked away, upstairs.

His name was Fear after all, he is even a hard worker, with Joy.

Joy, hearing all of Disgust's complaining, she woke up, and she reached too the main room.

"Good morning, happy team!" she waved, jumping around Fear and Anger.

"Oh, good morning, Joy…" said Fear in a sad tone.

"And good morning to you, Anger!"

"Yeah, whatever."

"Wow guys, what do you have this morning? We are the Happy Team!" she encouraged.

Anger and Fear looked at her with different looks. Anger explained the situation.

"This guy right here can't even do Dream Duty, next time you shall control him!"

"But I slept on the last!" said Fear, trying to defend himself.

Joy looked at them discussing, she wasn't even interested to join a discussion in the first, magic lights of the sun. After a while, they asked to themselves a question.

"Where is Sadness?" everyone noticed her absence. Was she still sleeping? She wakes up early. Then, they heard some footsteps, coming form the manual's corner direction. The Emotions decided to investigate. Once they arrived there, they saw Sadness on a chair, reading.

"Uh… hey guys, good morning." she greeted slowly in a sad tone.

"Let me ask you a question, kid: from how much time you were here?" asked Anger in curiosity.

"I'm here from 3 hours, I think." she stated.

"Why didn't you sleep? It's dangerous and scary out there!" said Fear, eating his nails.

Anger looked at him for a second, then his look returned on Sadness.

"Well, aren't you tired?" asked Joy curiously.

"Couldn't sleep tonight anyways," confessed Sadness. "And I've been here the whole time to hear Anger and Fear's conversation." she stated.

"And they both ruined my beauty sleep!" shouted a voice. It was Disgust. She woke up too.

"Ehm, he ruined you beauty sleep." corrected Anger. Disgust said nothing but slapped Anger.

"Why did you do that!?" shouted Anger, holding his burning cheek.

"Because you're both two idiots!"

"Says the queen of idiots!" insulted Anger.



"Stupid short idiot!" said Disgust, trying to hold her barf.

Sadness interrupted them.

"Sorry guys, can you please go to shout somewhere else?" asked Sadness kindly.

They walked past each other, but Joy called Fear.

"Psst, Fear!" she whispered.

"Yes, Joy?" then he came closer to Joy.

"Do you think that Disgust and Anger got a thing for each other?"

"No," he looked at her confused. "I mean, look at how they shout at each other." indicated Fear.

Back to Disgust and Anger, they were still 'shouting'.

"I hate you so much!"

"Same, you green pepperoni!" (Author Note: citation needed ;D)

"Stupid brick!" she insulted too. They were both really angry but not giving up.

"Go away!" said Disgust again.

"You can't stay away from me!" Anger closed his mouth with his hands when he realized what he said.

Disgust blushed and for once, everything was quiet. Disgust tried to defend herself.

"I hate you so much, but a lot!"

"Actually you don't!" as he said, Anger blushed.

"Well, explain me that: I can see them blush from here." said Joy.

"Mm… nah!" refused Fear.

"Oh, alright… I'll go to calm them down… and I'll do something better." winked the star.

Fear was watching while Joy reached Anger and Disgust.

"Guys, guys, guys… please, calm down. You're both great!" said Joy, inviting them to sit on the couch. Joy was between them.

"So, Disgust, what do you think about Anger?" asked Joy firmly.

"Mm… he is the only one who contests my decisions… and it's funny, gotta admit that." confessed Disgust.

Joy looked at her, she was blushing a little bit.

"And you, Anger? What about Disgust?" asked Joy with a big smile.

"Ah… she's the only one who keeps alive my days-" then he slapped himself.

They both blushed a lot… and when I say a lot I mean a lot.

"My work is over." smiled Joy, leaving them alone on the couch.

"You know what… you aren't that bad, after all." said Anger, without looking at her.

"Thank you..." she looked on the ground.

Fear was looking at that scene, thinking: "Maybe Joy was right...". They were compatible for each other: the same cold personality. Joy was next to Fear.

"Do you see that?" asked Joy, smiling.

"Yup… and congratulations." complimented Fear.

"Modestly..." giggled Joy.

But the situation wasn't going as Joy planned. Indeed, after a while, they started to shout again at each other.

"Mm, I don't care about you!" barked Anger.

"Oh, yes, you care!" she answered back.

And they were shouting almost for all day long…

Later, that night…

Finally the day was over. Riley was pretty tired and the Emotions were deciding for Dream Duty.

"Alright, let's see who has to do the Dream Duty." said Joy.

"Should we sort that?" asked Sadness.

"No, I'm always unlucky." said Fear.

"Come on, lanky idiot! I wanna sort this."

"Hope you get a long Dream Duty, Anger." said Disgust sarcastically.

"Nice as always..." said Anger in annoyance.

They made the stick challenge. Whoever picked the shortest stick from Joy's hand, it was a night of Dream Duty. With everyone's surprise, Disgust picked up the shortest one.

"I had a feeling about that." confessed Sadness.

"Yes, me too!" giggled Fear, bu he has been slapped again by Disgust.

"What have I done to deserve that?" cried Fear again.

"Ah… well, let's do this..."

"Disgust, you got full access to my tea supplies." said Fear gently.

"Uh, thank you, maybe I can forgive you for ruining my beauty sleep this morning." she smiled.

And Disgust was there, preparing tea for herself while the other Emotions gave her the good night. Everyone disappeared upstairs, entering into their rooms. Anger was watching her sitting on the chair, with a tea mug in her hand. Then, the brick disappeared too into his room.

"This will be a long night..."

The next day Anger woke up early. A little bit because he couldn't sleep since yesterday, and a little bit because of Disgust's Dream Duty. It was a new shiny day on the chaotic, beautiful, but chaotic city of San Francisco. Disgust was sleeping too on the console, she fell on the last. Just like Fear, the tea fell on the ground. Anger came downstairs, to make the same joke to Disgust. Anger sneaked behind her, but he slipped on the tea stain.

"What was that!?" and then Disgust saw Anger on the ground.

"Oh my God, are you OK?" she was very worried. She was even scared when she shook Anger's body without response. She even started to cry.

"Anger? Please, wake up!" she tried and tried.

"Please, Anger! You're everything I got!" her tears were falling on Anger's body.

"I've always wanted to say this to you: I don't actually hate you, you are the best around here!" she cried even loudly.


"Ow… what happened?" said Anger disoriented.

"You're alive!" she hugged Anger without leaving him.

Anger hugged back.

"What did you hear?" she blushed.

"Uh, like 'Please, wake up' and nothing else."

Disgust sighed in relied when she heard those words.

Anger stood up. He wasn't that hurt after all. But everything is explained when a evil grin appeared on his face…