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Warning: Horrible scatterbrained Alien child, most anticlimactic assassination attempt, fireworks and a fishcake. For safety reasons, don't read this at school, during work, at home... wait...

Hyuuga Hinata: 4
Hyuuga Hanabi: roughly six and a half months
Hyuuga Hiashi: 34
Hyuuga Hinoka: 25
Ootsutsuki Lilia: 4
Uchiha Itachi: 10
Uchiha 'Princess' Sasuke: 5

October 9th - Morning

PoV: Third person: Hiashi


Hiashi immediately abandoned his ever-growing pile of paperwork and body flickered into the wastelands. His basically-adopted daughter had achieved something and, from his experience, it was NEVER a good sign if she announced her accomplishment loudly.

Although this was the first time that the sole reason for almost ninety-two percent of his paperwork exclaimed her achievement in this loud manner, the clan head was not taking any chances. His heightened senses developed from the experiences with theoretically-adopted alien-daughters screamed that, if that little, deceptively cute calamity (to almost everyone who tried to remain sane) even as much as giggled, he had to intercept her as soon as possible if he wanted to control the future influx of to-be-signed documents anytime soon, since most of the extraterrestrial's training tended to do a lot of property damage.

So anyone could guess how surprised the patriarch was when he found out that the gardens-turned-wastelands were in the exact same horribly damaged state as the day before.

Instead of another massive crater in the ground, Hiashi found the otherworldly creature hovering cross legged upside down while poking the earth with a stick.

The father of now two genetically related daughters doubted that tormenting the ground was the original achievement though. "Lilia, what have you done?"

The (probably clinically insane) girl looked up (down?) at her practically-adopted father...

... and smiled.

A bad sign.

A second later, just some steps in front of him, a tiny, pitch-black square seemed to... simply exist? Show up? It was like all matter, or rather reality itself, was pushed aside like a curtain to make room for that... square. It was as big as his thumb.

Lilia cheered and then proceeded to push the twig into the ground. At the same time, a-

The clan head visibly paled, all Hyuuga-stoicism gone. "What in the- What have you done?"

"I created an anomaly in the fabrics of Space-Time and linked two portals with one another within the same dimension." the four years and nine months old child chirped happily. "Obviously, I have to eradicate some more errors , such as stabilizing that whole transportation-thingy, buuut the fact that the objects actually show up again indicate that I managed to improve." the young one sounded irritably smug as she added that part.

Hiashi inspected that... thing that got spit out of the miniature wormhole... It had the shape of the stick Lilia had pushed into the earth, but that were all the similarities that were left. That... thing was colored in all the colors known to mankind (as well as all the unknown ones) and looked like it had been completely dematerialized, half-heartedly rematerialized, animated, horribly tortured, ripped apart, put together with dirty bandages, burned in the desert's sun, frozen during the desert's nights, used as a weapon against some eldritch abomination, squashed by said abomination, killed by the one who fought said abomination, reanimated by a hobby-necromancer, robbed of its soul, abused as an organ farm, thrown into a volcano, stitched together again, thrown into a trashcan, recycled, thrown into some unidentifiable chemicals, abandoned in the red light district, adopted by a green mutant on steroids with anger issues, used as a toothpick, thrown away again, tormented by a bunch of three year olds... and finally vomited out of the depths of hell. Truly, this stick survived the nightmares of Hiashi's worst nightmares' nightmares.

The clan head never imagined that he would pity a piece of wood, but here he was, doing exactly that.


"... Yes?"

"You have calligraphy lessons. Now."

"Okay." the young one chirped.

"And... please get rid of... that thing."

"Uh... can't I keep it?"

Hiashi almost said 'no' as a reflex, but managed to restrain himself. Basic mathematics dictate that, if you subtract a negative value from a value, the negatives cancel each other out and the value get's added instead. So, if the patriarch would answer with 'no', Lilia would happily keep the... thing for herself and terrorize mankind with it.

He couldn't let that happen.

"After the lessons, I treat you to cinnamon buns if you erase that... thing from this plain of existence."

And just like that the horrible abomination of a stick was thrown into a tiny square, hopefully to never, ever be seen again.

October 9th - Evening

PoV: The girl who poked an unstable hole into the fabrics of Space-Time

So, three Hyuuga, four Uchiha and an alien child enter a tea house...

I don't know how exactly Hinoka and Mikoto became BFFs, but from the way how they (rather violently) drag their significant others onto the same table and then chatter with one another and threat the fact that the heads of two prestigious and bitterly rivaled clans sit right next to each other as a minor inconvenience...

Yea, Kushina did an amazingly good job.

Alright, a somewhat fresh Chunin, a princess and two cinnamon bun addicts sit at a table, facing a plate of sugary goodness... You have three guesses to find out who they are and the first two don't count.

"Come ooon, princess! Just a bite."


"Just a small, little, tiny, microscopic bit?"




"Pretty please?"

"No! Sweets are disgusting!"

*Gasp* "Did you hear that, Hinata?"

"I did, dear sis... This poor, sweet deprived soul... never had cinnamon buns once in his entire life."

"This deprivation shall not be tolerated any longer! Come, dear sister! Today we guide this poor individual to the beautiful heaven of sugary goodness (commonly reffered to as' addiction'). To arms!"


You heard right, nonexistent, invisible audience. Hinata and I are so addicted to cinnamon buns that we actively attempt to convert heathens (commonly referred to as 'sweet haters') in order to bring them on the road straight to the (unhealthy) sweet-tooth.

And the panicking Princess is our first victi-, err, person in need. How can he survive without sweets?

That being said, Itachi was not amused (enough). Since he is still in 'super-awesome-big-brother-mode he saved his little brother from an addiction by giving us the glare.

None of us two dared to make a comment about the remains of cinnamon on his right cheek.

The owner of the tea house definitely had his fair share of heart attacks for the day though.

October 10th - Morning

I am thinking.

Yea, that is something that doesn't happen very often, but today is an uncommon exception.

So, I have an aptitude for Space-Time-techniques, which means that I can rather easily tear a rift into the fabrics of dimensions and all that junk. Time itself seems to be a rapidly growing fungus that doesn't really die while Space is the sandwich fungus-tempus grows upon.

So what happens if I remove some of the fungus?

The thought came to me when I hummed the battle theme of Ba'al Turtle Dove, the gigantic sparkly chicken-bride of doom from the game Bravely (Default) Second. Ya know, that game had Geist (German name hype!) the bloody, a rather awesome character who, after defeating him, unlocks the class exorcist. The guy had the ability to reset his (60k? maximum) hp-pool to the previous turn's value. In other words: If you tried to rush him with all your characters and took him down to 30k hp, he casted Undo hp onto himself and was back at full health while continuing to grin at you like a happy sadomasochistic psychopath... He and Hidan would be BFFs in no time.

Long story short: Geist's techniques were Space-Time-techniques. Well, Undo certainly was. One-shot-'d Revenant with it after realizing I could cast it on him.

Err... yea... I want to recreate Undo, because... well, I feel kinda sadistic.

Oh, Princess stole Hinata's claimed right for Naruto's first kiss. Undo!
Woops, accidentally killed my sensei after he groped my behind. Undo!
Hmm, Haku looks very, very dead from that angle. Undo!
Outch, Gaara crushed my torso. Undo!
Aww, did little Kabuto patched himself up after Naruto made a Rasengan-shaped hole on his abdomen? Undo!
Pain made a gigantic crater out of Konoha and its citizens? Undo!
Nagato died after reanimating everyone? Undo!.. Nagato's death, that is.
What? Kaguya got sealed away already? I haven't seen it, so Undo! Do it again, Princess and Naruto.

Just to give a few examples for what I could use that ridiculously overpowered move (at least for Naruto-verse standards) for... Well, I hope it works for the first case.

Will that be an S-ranked forbidden Iryo-/Ninjutsu? Hell yes!

Do I care that that technique would seriously 'break the game'? Nope, I don't care.

It's not like I know how to select a certain part of this dimensional plane, isolate it within a minor pocket dimension and then turn the time back within this dimensional shard. Distances would have to be configured, I would need to find a 'blueprint' within the multi-dimensional planes (aka find a way to travel back in time in order to find the object's former physical state) and... well... I might need a lot of guinea pigs. Or twigs.

Well, Undo will be a future project. The steps of the Rasengan for chakra control and Yomotsu Hirasaka as the entry stone for Space-Time-shenanigans come first, with Juuken and the Rabbit Hair Needle in between.

Speaking of Juuken... and the other techniques...

I think I and mother are the only persons who openly make Hinata believe that she is not a weak little girl - Hinoka does this by giving her a safe haven and much needed support within the harsh waves of the main family... and me because my sister absolutely obliterates me during spars. Without chakra emission.

My physical strength su- is lacking.

Yea... I forgot to take the walking lessons. Not my fault that they are sooo boooring and unnecessary.

Besides... I CAN walk... I just don't do it often.

Dang it, FOCUS!

So, Hinata is already quite adept with the gentle fist kata-thingies and disables me within one minute without use of chakra. She is quick for an almost-five year old. And flexible. And agile.

I? Well, since I spend most of my time dosing on top of my nap-tree near the (somewhat recovering, but still majorly wasteland-ish) gardens reminiscing about stuff out of video games, animes, cartoons, fiction and whatnot from my past life (while trying to not trigger anything related to ANY kind of potentially traumatizing flashback)...


Good news: I managed to decrease my intake of food when I touch non-artificial grounds. I throw up after three minutes now instead of within ten seconds. Progress!

My chakra control became better, too. I only blow up once in ten tries instead of... the other way around. It is a major improvement, considering that my reserves probably reach Ichibi-level once I am ten years old... Not counting the natural chakra/ sage chakra/ that stuff in the air that get's passively collected by (and consumed within) my body. Still, my control is really bad... in human measurements. Well, it is a better definition than nonexistent, pathetic or abysmal. Improvement!

The progress with the Rasengan aka chakra-control-exercise currently sits at twenty-five percent... the first stage, that is. I managed to move the water within the balloon in a circular motion. Without the thingy randomly combusting and incinerating, that is. Yes, I managed to set water on fire by channeling chakra into it, and no, I am fairly sure that I have no affinity towards fire.

Next on the list, the Rabbit Hair Needle...

Apparently if your hair consists purely out of crystallized chakra it is almost child's play (heh) to move it in any way you want. If I concentrate, I can move my long, ground-reaching hair as four separate... tentacles...

Ugh... Two words: Blame Kaguya.

Theoretically, I can channel chakra through the hair and effectively use them for Juuken strikes and/or to snare my opponents... if I am able to do it subconsciously, that is. Right now, it is rather... well, I don't want to say 'useless', but... it is not that far away.

Next up is the 'One God: Vacuum Palm', as I am officially naming it... I am not passing out anymore when I use it, but it is still a one-time-use which leaves me with... Genin-level reserves? Yea, sounds about right. It is rather unstable, but powerful all the same. Kaiten ain't nothin' against it, as Hiashi had to learn the hard way. What? He gave me the OK to use it against him since he wanted to test its strength against the 'ultimate' defense.

Don't worry, he survived. Not undamaged - he had a broken leg -, but it could have been worse. It gave him a proper reason to get an audience with Grandpa Hokage though... Officially to 'personally discuss' my development and all that rigmarole. Unofficially... well...

He gets his shadow clone instruction scroll on his thirty-fifth birthday.

So, what else...

I can read Kanji now... Well, it takes an hour until I fully understand what is written on one page of a book, but that counts as 'able to read', right? Right?


My calligraphy skills are... sort of alright... The handwriting is messy, but one can (sort of) understand what I have written on the sheet of paper. Still needs a lot of improvement.

And, at last: Fuinjutsu!

In my past life, I learned how to program minor things on a computer... Like creating a basic calculator... Yea, I know, that is rather pathetic. Logical circuits on the other hand and arraying lots and lots of... arrays onto one another...

I am good at logical things and tasks, let's go with that. Gotta love modified Minecraft. Applied Energistics 2 is SUCH a good mod...

Err, yes... the bottom line of all that is... well...

Sometime during January, I saw an explosive tag and copied it as best as I could. I activated my Byakugan (thankfully not exploding for once), channeled chakra into the copy and watched how the chakra flowed through the tag. I was able to differentiate the... well, different sequences and what they were doing.

An input leads into multiple tiny chakra storage sequences which get filled to the brim, a compression sequence activates, another trigger... triggers the ignition once the chakra storages were compressed to a tenth of their original size... Well, and then comes the Boom.

I had blown myself up. Again. But hey, I am used to it. I set the tag off in the middle of the wastelands, so no one got actually hurt... aside from me, of course.

So, yea... I, physically an almost five year old alien, know how to create explosive tags.

These words should not be used in the same sentence... at least not without a 'don't' added to it.

The summary of all this...

Project 'Undo': Something for the future.
Yomotsu Hirasaka: Creation and linking of portals possible. Have to stabilize the wormholes and make them bigger.
Rasengan: Progress... the slow kind.
RHN: I can move my hair. Somewhat. Have to find a way to launch needles with it now... without losing hair length.
OG:VP: Too strong. Too resource intensive. Too instable.
Telekinesis: Still shuts down if I'm blasted with killing intent.
Chakra absorption: Comparable to a starved Akimichi in front of an all-you-can-eat-buffet... Well, maybe not that bad...
Close combat skills: Learning Gentle fist...
Fuinjutsu: Explosives! Who doesn't love explosives? Explosives are awesome! Explosives for everyone!

Physical endurance: ... Have to look that up in a dictionary.
Chakra reserves: Will I ever run out of that stuff? OG:VP doesn't count.
Intelligence: I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T!
Reading and writing: Could be better.
Sanity: Overrated

All in all... Not THAT bad... for an almost-five year old.

My current (well, future) move-set (wow... sounds a bit too much like Pokémon) has one rather obvious flaw though... 'Go big or go home' is not really all that good for sneakiness... scratch that, some of the abilities ARE good for sneaking around, but...

Most of my (future) techniques will create some major property damage, and a Rabbit -Hair-Needle just won't cut it to... end... certain... foes...


Nope! I am NOT getting depressed now! Nope! Nix da! Nada! Go back to your corner, bad thoughts! Let me alone! Away! Now!


I am good at repressing unwanted thoughts. Very, very , very good.

I know, at some point, it might all explode and make me into some kind of gods damn natural disaster, but...


You know...


If I don't think about it, it doesn't think about me. That's how it should work, right?




It isn't working...

October 10th - Late Afternoon - Kyuubi Festival

PoV: Third person: Hinoka

The (officially) civilian ranked matriarch of the Hyuuga clan was... worried. For multiple reasons.

Her youngest daughter, Hanabi, was all alone in her crib, only supervised by one capable member of the clan. Sure, the caretaker was an experienced (old) woman, but... What if the youngest one started to cry? She wouldn't be there for her, to soothe her, to make sure that her diapers get changed properly, that no one kidnapped her, that she wouldn't randomly explode, that no one would seal away some eldritch monstrosity inside her... It all happened before, so it was more than justified to worry over it!

To amplify these thoughts, the tension within the clan were growing once more. From what Hinoka could gather, an elder from the main family had... a leniency to punish members of the branch family if they made the tiniest mistake in whatever they were doing... Be it gardening, serving tea or even breathing his oxygen... or denying certain orders... concerning apparel. The mother of three children had a rather good idea which certain individual started to abuse his power over others in such a lenient fashion and, like many times before, she would seek to... make sure that the problem would be... gently taken care of. But right now, he was still able to do whatever he so wished...

Hinoka made herself relatively popular in the eyes of the branch family by 'purging' these problems... by letting her husband know since he was busy dealing with ever growing piles of paperwork (five percent of the documents were actually important, about ten percent were proposals for arranged marriages, another five percent were just filled with ranting (as well as tons of insults) and the rest was related to Lilia). Doing that though, she risked to destroy the public image of the Hyuuga clan...

In other words, Hinoka made herself rather unpopular within the main family by doing something every reasonable member of human society with the power to make a difference should do: Aiding the ones that can't defend themselves instead of shrugging and going along with it. It wouldn't surprise her if someone would try to... find a quiet way to dispose of her.

A quick glance at the eight guards accompanying her and her four year old daughters told her that Hiashi was also concerned for her wellbeing... There would have been more if Hinoka hadn't protested.

So, and another, somewhat worrying case for the matriarch was, irritatingly, Lilia not being... Lilia. Normally, she was childish (accounting her being one), cheerful, the very definition of the word 'insane', scatterbrained and... well, herself.

Now, these traits just... weren't there. Hidden underneath something. Stripped from her persona. All that was left was... someone who didn't know how to express her remaining emotions.

So, unable to properly show any form of negative emotion, Lilia's expression was a mix of faint somberness, a drop of sadness, a grain-sized bit of fear and... an ocean's worth of emptiness.

Hinoka sighed. Originally, this day should have been a joyful one. The Village hidden in the Leaves had recovered from the Kyuubi attack, there were no shinobi wars going on, Kumo stayed far, far away from her daughters and the civilians had organized the first official 'Kyuubi Festival' in order to celebrate humanity's victory over an eldritch monstrosity. Oh, and Kushina's son had his fifth birthday, but somehow she, Hinoka, was not allowed to initiate some form of contact with 'the sacrifice'. So was his godfather.

But kicking him out of the orphanage at age four seemed to be completely legal and justified within the village's laws.

Blinking as soon as she realized that her worry somehow started to replace itself with irritation thanks to drifting to whole other subjects within the span of a few minutes the matriarch of the Hyuuga clan let out a deep sigh once again. Instead, she looked after her daughters once more.

Hinata, visiting her first festival, had her Byakugan activated, most likely to take in as many colorful sighs as possible, all the while balancing a plate of cinnamon rolls with her tiny arms. From the worried expression of the guard she sits on top of, the heiress was struggling with holding her balance, but her smile and the sparkle in her eyes showed that she had tons of fun.

The pale lavender pink petal pattern in the lavender white eyes was still a strange sight though.

The elder clan council had gone ballistic when they found out about the 'deformation', as they first called it. Her poor husband had to assure - twenty-five times - that no, she was not ill and no, she IS from his blood. When an elder questioned her ability to be able to properly identify the tenketsu, the chakra points, within a person's body in the far future, Hinata surprised everyone by counting down every single chakra point while pointing on it. An impressive feat for a then three year old, but clan elders were... well, clan elders.

They wanted an explanation for the 'quite worrisome mutation'...

Then Lilia, freshly freed from the hospital and with her secondary heart beating again, had blasted herself through the wall (as usual) and, completely ignoring the elder council's ranting, gave an explanation that she may or may not had pulled out of her behind... before passing out (as usual).

"Well, looks like my fallout resonated with sister's fallout and tripped over some old packages along the way. Ye all 'now by now that ya got ya eye specific genetics from my kind, don't ya? Anyways, if she doesn't hammer the B-button too hard she might be able to awake something that could rival the Rinnegan. Anyways, can ya make the room stop spinnin'?"

Hiashi had an interesting time after that... highlighted by his entire study once completely filled with walls of to-be-signed documents. Lilia later on then animating them into a replica of the Shinigami hadn't helped, either. (Someone had to supervise her and since Hiashi had the most experience with insane daughters originating from space...)

The elders faintly acknowledged that Hinata's Byakugan had started to 'evolve', as the little alien had called it, but... well, they demanded a lot without giving anything in return (as usual). Also, it was apparently highly frowned upon if a three year old 'helped out' in the kitchens.

Or was it... I am an idiot, of course THAT is the reason why the Main Family make their disapproval known.

The Curse Seal, or Caged Bird Seal, considering who you ask, was primarily a safety mechanism in order to protect the secrets of the Byakugan. In the days of old, every Hyuuga used to wear the seal, but , after a particular severe case of internal conflict and a lot of resulting... 'casualties', the two houses were born.

The Main-House, unsealed, guarded the secrets of the Byakugan, mediated within the clan, dealt with outer-clan-specific politics, did the sealing and provided the clan head. The Branch-House protected the Byakugan and the Hyuuga in general.

After the end of the Warring States Period, 'protect' slowly changed into 'serve' and a rather noticeable amount of Main House members became... rather comfortable with that idea.

Some abused it... and got powerful.

Then, a young girl, who managed to not get too traumatized after witnessing how a lot of her family members cried in pain during the mass sealing and then being kidnapped (Where were the sentries again? Ah, right, that guy had cold feet.), declared that she wants to unite the Main- and Branch Family... and abolish the Caged Bird Seal.

Overall, the entire Branch approves. The majority of the Main does not. Surprise, surprise.

That out of the way, Hinoka approved. She would have probably planned something similar and then shove the actual work onto her endearing husband.

She sighed. And again, I got lost in my thoughts... Damn it, Lilia! Why are you singing that song all the time?

Hinoka glanced around, slightly surprised to find herself back at the clan grounds.

She blinked. "What happened?"

One of the younger guards - Hohetu, was it? - answered her inquiry. "Hinoka-sama, there was... an attempt on your life."

The matriarch blinked again... twice, this time. "Come again?"

"An unknown individual tried to assassinate you with a thrown senbon." another guard - Sairasu? - replied, sounding rather nonchalant. "I am ashamed we let out guard down. If it weren't for... the psychic prowess of lady Lilia..."

"... What happened again?"

"Someone threw a poisoned senbon at your neck, milady. However, lady Lilia - apparently - caught it... somehow. We think it is telekinesis, but..."

"Someone tried to assassinate me?"

Both the young and the old guard glanced at each other. Then the younger one took charge of the conversation. "We will escort you to lord Hiashi, Hinoka-sama."

"That would be preferable, yes..."

The (slowly panicking) woman glanced around, finding a tired Hinata (who might have eaten a bit too much cinnamon for once) still sitting on top of her guard (Hisame?). Her sister-in-all-but-genes was nowhere to be seen though.

"... Where is my adopted daughter?"

The old guard's face was passive, not showing any emotion. A perfect example of a Hyuuga-mask, earned through years of stoicism. "She continued to... fly off. I doubt lady Lilia actually noticed that there was an attempted assassination in the first place."

Hinoka stared at the guard. The guard stared back.

"... If something explodes, there is a high probability that lady Lilia is there... right?" the old guard asked.

"Yes..." Hinoka confirmed.

"I will escort her back, then."


PoV: An alien who is lost in her thoughts (all alone)

Long icy white-blue hair, lavender white eyes, ethereal white/light-blue skin and lipstick-red lips... A detached expression... A shadow behind the figure.


"A failure."

Why am I thinking about that? I don't want to think about that! That memory got banished into the depths of my mind long ago, so why is it resurfacing again?

I get it. I died and had the 'luck' to get selected for some kind of experiment... that apparently went wrong. No idea how wrong it went though. So, my soul got fused onto the one of an unborn one for a really, really stupid reason. I get that, too.

So why am I feeling hurt, confusion and indifference at the same time - at three different places - within my mind?

Maybe the dam broke... a bit. Well, the leak got patched up now... I think... so there shouldn't be that many problems now... Nah, I'm lying, there will be a lot of problems with it later on... Wait, I said the truth... Now and later on are two completely distinctive timeframes.


So, with that out of the way, where the hell am I? There wasn't enough processing power left to pay attention to anything that was going on for quite a while... And the clouds passing by underneath me aren't quite helpful, either. Well, I shouldn't have put my head into them in the first place.

Alright, let's do a Baumgartner right here... Taking position, facing the ground, enabling the theory behind the effects of gravity and wheee!

The thick cover of watery molecules passed by quickly and the colorful sight of a Village hidden in the Leaves during a festival greets the eyes of mine. The center of the village in particular shined in almost all the colors of the rainbow, since, well, there was the most lively spot in the supposed-to-be military village. The stand owners there probably make quite the fortune on this day- err, night.

Lights from everywhere around the streets, roofs, balconies and, well, the village in general rise into the sky and explode in a grandiose display of fireworks...


"Damn. My. Life."

A rocket exploded a few meters to the right of me and the sparks almost invaded my privacy... well, I somehow blasted them away with an (un)controlled blast of telekinetic thingamajig while rolling to the side in order to evade another anti-aircraft-thingy, but you get my point. A third, somewhat big rocket detonated about four meters right underneath me and I had the fun experience of falling right through it, just in time for a thin, flaming projectile to almost impact on my shoulder if I hadn't spun in an awkward way.

Coughing the damn gunpowder out of my mouth, a great fiery fireball of fiery fieriness made contact with my divine presence... and did jack sh... My body ate it. Consumed it like a cinnamon bun...

Well, it is good to know that princess won't be able to gut me with a Chidori if he feels like it, and I'll most likely steamroll my team through the chunin exams by simply face-tanking every ninjutsu that gets thrown at us, but...



Ground Level - Impact

"By Kaguya's romantic obsession with Cthulhu, Slime Monsters, Giratina and Ouroborus, what in the forty-seven frozen hells-"

My robe! My poor, scorched, torn, grimy robe! And my hair! My poor, tangled, dusty mess of hair!..

I'll be dragged into the baths and locked in there for DAYS! Then my hair will be assaulted by a dozen brushes, I'll be stuffed into horribly itching attire, get yelled at by everyone and anything for ruining their physical and mental torture they call 'hard work'...


And I oh-so gracefully crash-landed on top of someone. Great, now I'm also getting yelled at for making someone's day miserable... A someone who hasn't adjusted to my radiating awesomeness, that is.


Alright, I can at least lift my weight from the fortunate soul who took the exclusive chance to prevent my butt from touching the hard ground. I am fairly sure the person survived since I slowed down my own momentum while in midair, but it doesn't hurt to assure oneself with another one's survival... So, denying the existence of gravitational forces I hover in the air, whirl around...

... and face a gaping, whisker-marked blonde boy in a white T-shirt with a red swirl on it.

I blinked. He blinked back.


More Silence.

More anti-aircraft-rocket-explosions could be heard, but it was most-definitely silent.

"Whoa, how'da ya doin' dat? Are ya a angel or som'thin'?"

The boy broke it... and gods, the grammer... Well, standard procedurte. "Nah, no human with chicken wings strapped on the back. I'm from space."

"Really? Is dat why ya've weird eyebrows?"

"Hey, I certainly didn't picked my genetics. Not that I'm complaining, my eyebrows are awesome. Not that they could be anything else since I am awesome."

"Ya're aw'some?"

"Heck yea!"


"Nope, awesome. 'Cool' would imply that I have caught a cold or something and I don't want that."

"... Does it really work like that?" Wow, no grammar mistakes!

"I say it, so it works like that until it decides to not work like that."

The young child of a somewhat important prophecy seemed to concentrate very hard before, shortly, getting bored with the task. "I don't get it."

"Ya know, everything I say is right... until it isn't. Simple, right?"

"I... yea, it is... I guess." The young boy's hesitance got overrun by excitement again. "Anyways, how da ya fly like dat? Jiji can't fly like dat! Are ya stronger than Jiji? Because-"

I interrupted him. "Ya know, I don't really fly. I just disobey the laws of physics... and it works."

A blank look.

"... You know about the power that makes you fall down?"

"Som'one does dat?"

"Nah, the ground does it on its own. You know about it?"

"... I think so. Waddabout it?"

"It's part of something called 'physics'. I'm ignoring it, and it works. That's how I fly."

"Co- aw'some!" Aww, mini-Jinchuriki is cute. Especially that sparkling-eyes-thingy.

"Anyways, sorry for dropping on top of you. What's your name?"

If anyone would declare that a child's face of absolute joy and happiness couldn't be possibly outdone, this blonde would prove them all wrong. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto, believe it!"

Gods, the happy face of the young fishcake makes it hard for one to not embrace him in a quick hug... And, well, I have Hinata as an adoptive sister, I am used to hugs. "You are absolutely adorable!"

By the shocked face of the ramen topping, he wasn't used to non-violent body contact. Often.

I moved away and faced a random direction. "My name is Lilia. Ootsutsuki Lilia. Nice to meet you whirlpool fishcake."

"Hey!" Aww, his pout is adorable, too.

I grinned. "Seven out of ten." I started to fly away, then paused. "Tell you what: I'm enrolling into the academy in the winter after this one. If you attend, I might introduce you to my big sister - if she isn't doing it herself."

"What? Can't you... I dunno... play ninja or somethin' with me?" No! Oh gods, no! No! Not the puppy-dog-eyes-no-jutsu!

"Sorry, big sis might break all my bones with her hug if I stay away for too long. The deal is still there, though."

"Oh... well, see ya."

"Bye. Don't get run over by an angry mob."

Well, I met the protagonist, and he has not made a comment about my hair... More precisely, he has not said that it was beautiful. After all, when a male admire and praise a female's hair, children of random, somewhat important prophecies are born from them. That's how it works, right?

Anyways, Hinata claimed him, even though she doesn't know that at this point in time. I'll be dammed if I am not able to ship them both along in order to make sure that Himawari will be born. Maybe I can mobilize Ino and Sakura to help me in achieving this...

Well, I don't want them to move into the same bed before puberty is over, but bringing the most unpredictable knucklehead-ninja to actually notice the (hopefully-not-)wallflower, who accepted him for who he is way before everyone else in her age group, would be a nice start..

What? I like her and I like that pairing, so Sue me.

Speaking of noticing... Sakura.

From what I saw from the written part of the chunin exams, she is damn smart. Probably prodigy-material, if she wasn't/isn't/will be that fixated on getting princess's affection and achieving the exact opposite of that.

She is alright... post time-skip. If I'm lucky (haha, as if), then I might be able to... prevent her from becoming a fan-girl (something Princess hates) and guide her onto a path that makes her a force to be reckoned with (something Princess likes and respects).

I probably just have to tell her how babies are made if she still thinks that becoming a fan-girl and then slacking off is the way to become a desensitized child soldier.


The guide of Kaguya is slowly corrupting me... And I think I repressed something important here.


Well, that being said...

How can I free myself from the baths?

Without punching a hole and (somewhat) publicly humiliating myself, that is?

Author Notes

Hi there.

It took a while to write all this, but, after one hundred thousand nano seconds of throughout consideration and randomness, I think that I can wrap up the pre-academy-stuff and move on to, well, the academy.

And yes, the alien created the Rainbow Stick, the most traumatizing and traumatized entity in the universe... Until something else more traumatizing and traumatized comes along. I just wanted to show that playing with the fabrics of Space-Time shouldn't be done at a whim... Which Lilia would do anyways. But hey, progress!

Oh, and more progress.

And yes, I made Mikoto and Hinoka BFFs... I thought it would make sense that both of them might've met Kushina before. Sue me.

Yes, Hinoka survives. I am not sure if it is right (considering character growth), but... it's done in the most anticlimactic ways possible.
I'm sorry.

And then there's Naruto. I hope that I dodn't made him ooc (out of character), but I also hope that I also didn't made a too terrible job at writing a five year old child.

Anyways, next up (possibly):

Hinata meets Naruto
Academy enrollment
Princess meets fan-girls
Clan heirs (and members) meet flying calamity (again)
Two Year old Hanabi

And maybe I add an Omake at the end, too.

Anyways, I look forward to your Reviews.

And thank you for reading my ramble.

At Guest TheGreet:

Now that you write about it... Yea, I feel kind of stupid now. ^_^

The Ootsutsuki on top of the moon seemed to have had the Byakugan, too, before they harvested them and put them all into an energy vessel... because, reasons.

I hope it is acceptable that 'Hinata's chakra resonated with the chakra-signature of her makeshift teddy-bear' is the explanation for how the little heiress triggered the awakening-process of the Tenseigan.

Thank you for reviewing.