Lines taken from the episode 'Foul Play In The Sky', shown in Italics.


"So… Skull, what are your plans after you graduate from high school?"

Fingers fiddling with his beret, Skull twisted his lips and shrugged his leather-clad shoulders.

"Dunno. Get a job?"

Mr Kaplan arched a bushy eyebrow. Never in a million years, did he expect for Eugene Skullovitch to say the word, 'job', and apply it to himself.

Clearing his throat, Mr Kaplan flicked through Skull's notes, and commented: "Judging from your track record, you're going to have to work very hard in order to get accepted for a job interview."

Skull snorted, smacking his gum as he chirped: "I'll just charm 'em!"

Rolling his eyes, Mr Kaplan deadpanned: "I doubt that you'll be in the room long enough for you to start charming your interviewer."


Per usual, his degrading comments flew over the boy's head. As Skull chomped on his gum and proceeded to switch between crossing and uncrossing his legs, Mr Kaplan scanned his student's profile, and the rest of his file, then put the file aside.

Addressing Skull, Mr Kaplan decided to wrap up the painful meeting. In order to make it, short and sweet, for the pair of them. Besides, later on, he had to deal with…. Bulk.

Grimacing, Mr Kaplan said in the sternest tone that he could muster; "Skull, let me be frank-"

"Ok… who should I be?"

Mr Kaplan growled at the boy's idiocy and penchant for interruption, before continuing:

"Never mind. I'm just going to sum up YOU, in one sentence…." Leaning forwards, Mr Kaplan muttered: "You're an Airhead."

Skull's face went lax, and Mr Kaplan smirked in triumph. Finally, the idiot understood the truth. That he was too thick to get anywhere in life.

However, seconds later, to Mr Kaplan's great shock, Skull grinned, and cackled in delight.

"Cool! Thanks, Mr Kaplan!"

Bounding to his feet, Skull grabbed hold of the stunned man's hand and shook it enthusiastically.

"Wait till Bulk hears about this! Man, you've made my day!"

Skull released the principal's hand, turned on his heel, and strutted out of the office, leaving a bewildered Mr Kaplan in his wake.

"Ya know, I've got the mind of a pilot." Skull said, his gaze on the sky.

"Oh yeah?" Bulk questioned, shooting an impressed look at his best friend.

"Yeah." Skull leant back, and puffed his chest out. "Cause Mr Kaplan said that 'I am an Airhead.'"

He shoved the fistful of popcorn into his mouth, oblivious to Bulk's baffled expression at his proud statement.