Chapter Two: Yoga

I'm going to die. This is how Nick Wilde dies. In a yoga class, sitting behind his partner, with that delicious, fluffy, white and grey bob that is just asking me to..."come and touch my fluff."

If Nick could sweat, it would be pouring from him at the moment, as for the last thirty minutes, which were supposed to have been quiet and relaxing, and been pure, unadulterated horror.

It's going to be fun...Judy said.

You're going to love it so much!...the bunny stated.

It's the most relaxing thing around...the rabbit lied.

It isn't any of those things...Nick thought, trying his best not to look up while performing some stretch called the downward facing dog. A name that he felt was somewhat offensive considering his canine species.

However, that was the least of things on his mind, or, to be more specific, things in front of him. As the stretch he performed had every mammal in the room, from the gerbils to the crazily elastic giraffe a few rows over, were on all four paws or hooves, with their tails in the end.

This also meant that right in front of him, was a very lovely piece of fluff connected to his partner, which was shooting straight up like a flag. Now, if he were a normal mammal, he could just look at the floor like the stretch demanded of him, and go on with his life.

But no...

He, Nick Wilde, had to be born with an insatiable lust for fluff.

And it was currently going to be the death of him.

It took most of his determination just to keep himself from looking up so often at the alluring grey and white fur dangling before him.

Just keep your head down Nick, you can do this. You can go without looking at...

Judy's fluffy tail twitched.

Dang it! Nick roared inside his mind, gasping aloud as he wanted to hit himself as the insatiable craving to reach out and grab that cute morsel of fur became ever greater.

Did it help that Judy was wearing black yoga pants which allowed her tail to stand out all the more?

Curse that adorable, cute, little bunny and her adorable, cute little tail!

"Alright class, back to standing," the female bear leading the group began. Nick gulped as he stood, trying to prevent his eyes from gazing downward at the little ball of fur that was currently twitching excitedly...

Dang it again!

Nick looked up again, feeling the urge to pant to relieve him of the extra heat that was building up in his ears. He wondered if Judy even realized what she was, and her fluffy tail, were doing to him at the moment.

"Now class" the bear stated merrily, as if she didn't even notice that vulpine standing three rows away from her was trying not to look like a horrible perverted canine that he currently believed he was. "The next stretch, is the Dance pose."

Please have you close your eyes, please let me close my eyes...Nick silently prayed.

"Everyone needs to lean forward, with their paw or hoof extended as far out as you can, while your other paw or hoof grabs onto your back leg, which is brought up. Don't forget to lean forward and reach now."

Nick gulped, as he realized exactly what that would entail. He slowly leaned forward, tentatively pushing his arm out while grabbing onto his back leg with his other paw. He noticed Judy doing the same thing in front of him, turning her head back to give him a toothy smile. The fox attempted to give one in return, but could only manage a weak, nervous grin in reply.

So caught up in his thoughts about how he wasn't going to look at his graceful partner's tail, that he didn't even notice the instructor walking up next to him.

"Mr Wilde, you need to extend your arm and lean forward and down more, like this."

Nick nearly had a nervous breakdown as the instructor pushed him down while pulling his arm forward, dangling his paw just inches above the fluffy bit of fuzz on Judy's posterior.

"There you go, not you got it. Just reach a bit more and you're there."

Oh please stop talking...the fox groaned. No, he did not want to 'get it' or 'reach a bit more' for it or else his fortitude, which was about as solidly built at the moment as Clawhauser, would break completely.

"We will hold this pose for a full two minutes, so just relax everyone. Now close your eyes."

"Thank Maid Marian!" Nick thought, shutting his eyes and holding them closed so tightly it actually began to hurt. At least with the pain he could focus on something that wasn't directly under his paw, and felt so warm, fluffy and...


Nick slowly cracked his eyes open, realizing in his horror that as he had tried to relax, his body had tilted slightly more down, and his paw was now entwined with Judy's tail, his fingers, brushing through it as he wobbled to hold his balance.'s going to kill me.

The fox tried to pull his paw away from the fluff, but it was too late. The gentleness of the fur in his pawpads was intoxicating. Ever grateful that the other mammals in the room all had followed procedure and had their eyes closed, and sealing himself to the fate of death as soon as the class was over and Judy cornered him for touching her tail, Nick just gave in. The next minute was bliss, and he could feel his body relaxing as his fingers twiddled with the fur, Judy's tail twitching as he brushed it.

At least I'm going to die happy...

"Alright, that's good for today class. Everyone, you did well!"

Nick jumped from his position, grabbing his mat and made a mad dash for the male changing room, barely avoiding a rhino that was stomping his own way there. Once safely inside, Nick changed as quickly as possible, hoping beyond hope that he could beat the speed demon that was his partner out of the yoga studio and to his home before she skinned him for what he had done.

The vulpine stumbled out of the locker room, barely making it a few feet before he froze at a familiar voice.

"So, I think I felt something back in the studio."

Still frozen in place, Nick rotated so slowly that even Flash could have beaten him in facing his partner. Her eyes held a sultry, but deadly stare into his own, and her foot was tapping the carpet lightly.

"You...did?" he meekly replied.

"Oh yes, I did," the rabbit replied, stepping forward. "It felt like somebody was messing with my tail...someone, foxy."

"It must have been that buffalo then, two rows away," Nick lied. "He seemed to have a long reach."

"Really, Nick?" Judy hummed. "I'd almost think you were trying to hide something."

"Me, hide something, from you?" Nick laughed, again, sounding more and more pathetic as it went on until it died off into a whimper.

Nick's shoulders slumped and he finally fell to his knees. "I'm so sorry Judy. I didn't think it would be a problem, but, it was just right there, and you were looking so adorable and I just couldn't help myself when the instructor pushed me down so I accidentally brushed it. Please forgive me."

At this point, Nick was nearly prostrate on the floor, his paws held before him as if praying to anything to save him from his bunny partner's wrath.

"I forgive you," Judy replied calmly, patting Nick on his head. "And, I'll do you one better."

"Really?" Nick asked, opening his eyes to look at her. Judy nodded.

"Of course," she replied. "I'll let you touch it again, if you can catch me," Judy giggled, before speeding off out the door and down the street.

Nick had never run so fast in his life, and Judy had never been so surprised in her entire career when he caught up to her within fifteen yards of the buildings front doors. Scooping her up into his arms, the fox didn't stop running until he made it to her apartment.

"Someone's excited," Judy grinned as he placed her onto the floor. Grasping for her key, she opened the door, gasping as Nick grabbed her paw and ran inside, slamming the door behind him.

"Did you really mean what you said, Carrots?" Nick asked, in a voice that mostly sounded like he was begging for his life.

She brought a paw to her mouth, as if deep in thought. "Well..."

"Please..." Nick yelped, dropping to his knees. "I need the fluff! I'm begging you rabbit."

"One more condition," Judy stated with a smirk.

"Anything!" Nick managed to whimper.

Judy smiled at her victory. "I get to brush your tail."

"Done!" Nick gasped, as his tail suddenly shot forward and into Judy's awaiting paws. Nick halted, his eyes widening as Judy gently stroked his tail. "Wait...did you," he sputtered. "Was all, instructor...planned?"

Judy's grin widened all the further as she stopped stroking Nick's fluffy tail.

"No, don' you even say it," Nick warned, pointing at her, knowing what was coming.

"It's called a hustle sweatheart."

Judy laughed as Nick's shoulders slumped even further, his paws covering his face. "Why did I not see this coming."

"You were too busy eyeing my tail," Judy said triumphantly, wiggling said appendage. "I know how to get you all riled up, Nick."

"Yes you do..." Nick replied grumpily, before looking over at his partner. "Now can you keep your part of the deal?"

"Should I keep it?" Judy mused. "Yes, yes I should."

She continued to brush his tail, which Nick had to admit, felt amazing.


Judy continued brushing.


Again, nothing from the rabbit.


AN: Judy did indeed keep her part of the deal, and allowed Nick to brush her tail, which ultimately led to him discovering her one weakness. After five minutes of petting it, Judy went into a near comatose state of bliss, allowing him to pet her tail for nearly an hour uninterrupted.