Hi, I hope you enjoy this story. There just a few things that I should go over before you begin.

1. This is a What If Story. This story explores the idea of what if Oliver stayed in Nanda parbat to become the next Ra's Al Gaul.

In season 3, Ra's offered Oliver the change to become the next Ra's. Oliver refused. So in response to Oliver turning down his offer Ra's ruined the character of the Arrow. But Roy took Oliver's place. So then Ra's "Killed" Thea. In exchange for Thea using the Lazarus pit Oliver agreed to become the next Ra's Al Gaul. Also in the one episode Oliver and Felicity had sex. That will be important fact of event in my story.

What am i changing. Well first Roy never took Oliver's place and "died". Ra's went straight to "killing" Thea.

2. Sara is going to stay dead in this story. Sorry, I love her as well but the story makes more sense with her dead.

3. There is no legends in this story. It just doesn't fit.

4. Also not dead is Ronnie (I love him too much lol).

5. Nyssa was never a lesbian and Sara never bisexual. If you don't like that then don't read it.

6. There are two new editions to this story and their information is right below.

Name: Samantha Thea Queen

Parents: Sara Lance and Oliver Queen

DOB: 5/25/08

So this is a bit of a change here too. Sara ended up on the island with Oliver and they had Samantha there. Then she "died" the same as she does in the end of season two. So season 1-3 were pretty much the same except that Oliver came back with Samantha.

Name: Thomas Quintin Lance-Meryln

Parents: Laurel Lance and Tommy Meryln

DOB: 2013 (about eight months after the undertaking)

I think this one is self explanatory.

Anyway, hope you enjoy chapter 1.

7. I wrote this story mid season 3 so that tells you how long ago. My point is that the writing is not the best.

Lastly and pretty important. As I said this is a What If story but what it really is a prequel to a much more exciting story that I am going to be writing soon. So this is more of a short story, though i think that you will enjoy it.