Hello I hope you are excited for the next story. I have a question. The next story, set ten years later, "The Return of Oliver Queen" will be ready to post in a day or so. But I'm wounding what my viewers want.

1. Post and continue "The Return of Oliver Queen" while writing a Flash story that takes place about five years before.

2. Writing "The Return of Oliver Queen" later and instead focus on said Flash story so that you get the story's in chronological order. With one more flash story and maybe a batman and/or Justice league one coming out before I continue "The Return of Oliver Queen".

3. Or I write a much less interesting story about the forming of the justice League. I can write that any time really.

If you pick 1 I will be writing "The Return of Oliver Queen" along side the Flash story that takes place before the Arrow one. So my stories might come out of order. At least from the end of Long Live Al-Sah-Him to "The Return of Oliver Queen". That's 10 years of stories to fill.

If you pick 2, I will do it in chronological order and you will have to wait a bit for "The Return of Oliver Queen". There will be 2-4 (maybe 5) stories before "The Return of Oliver Queen".

Hope you guys can help me out.

~Mrs. Thor Odinson.