DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything except the OCs!

Name: Femke Rekampmolk-Freakshow

Age: 24

Appearance: she always wears a green dress. She has dark brown hair with a black and grey headband in it. She has tan skin, green eyes, and always walks barefoot.

Likes: Campion, her family, the Watership Down rabbits and the rabbits from Redstone.

Dislikes: Woundwort and anyone else who wants to harm her friends, family and Campion.

Name: Daniel Freakshow

Age: 26

Appearance: long white hair that flows on his back, which he always wears in a ponytail. He has a golden earring in one ear. His clothing is mostly black with grey spots on the arms and legs. His skin is slightly tan. His eyes are light brown. He also walks barefoot most of the time.

Likes: his wife Femke, his daughter Christie, Campion, the Watership Down rabbits and the rabbits from Redstone.

Dislikes: Woundwort, getting up early, people that have to match sugar and anyone who wants to harm his family and their friend Campion.

Christie Rekampmolk-Freakshow

Age: 4
Appearance: slightly tan skin, with long flowing blonde hair (like her mothers had when she was younger) in a bun, and piercing hazel eyes. She wears a pink dress with butterflies, that reaches just above her toes. She walks barefoot just like her parents.

Likes: anything pink, her new friend Campion, her parents, her uncle and aunt and her teddy bear.

Dislikes: sprouts, sauerkraut, Woundwort, Vervain and the colour black (it gives her the shivers).

The rest of the characters are from the Watership Down TV series. They will act like in the series, except Campion. Somewhere in the story, he will get attached to his human friends, but more about that in the story itself.

If you want to help me by beta reading the story for me, I'm more then willing to get help. People who are interested can send me a private message. I hope to post the first chapter as soon as possible.