Marriage, Muggle Life, and Babies

Chapter One: Something's Askew at Hogwarts

By jessebelle


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The Gryffindors bolted up from the dungeons. Potions had been horrible, that much wasn't new, but the worst part was Snape. Throughout the entire class he kept trying not to smile. If that wasn't scary, then what was? This was their seventh year. Hermione Granger was Head Girl, and to everyone's surprise, Draco Malfoy was Head Boy. After defeating Voldemort in their fifth year, things had fallen into place. Malfoy was still rude and mean, but he was no longer bragging about his father, money, or being a pure blooded wizard. His father had been sent to Azkaban for being a death eater and his mum had been cleared of all charges because she had been under the imperious curse. Overall he had changed his view on everything, well almost everything; he still believed Harry Potter was a slimy git. But after meeting Voldemort, he had decided it oddly enough wasn't the lifestyle he wanted. Truth be told, he really didn't hate all muggleborns, it was just how he was raised. So life had gone on after all. Their next class was transfiguration. Sure enough, McGonagall had to announce that the Head Girl, Hermione, was in charge and leave the class room after not being able to stop laughing. Now the students were scared. When class was dismissed, everyone headed to the great hall for dinner.

"Wonder what that was all about. Snape smiling and McGonagall laughing. Something's up." Ron was walking in between Harry and Hermione.

"I don't know… wait… what day is it?" Hermione got a frightened look on her face.

"It's November the eighth, honestly Granger, I don't know how you became Head Girl." Malfoy rolled his eyes and smirked as he continued on his path to the Great Hall with Crabbe and Goyle trailing behind him.

"Don't worry about him Mione; he's just being his usual self. Now what's so important about today?" Harry put a comforting arm on her shoulder and smiled. Hermione smiled back quickly then checked to see if anyone was listening in. She motioned with her hands to come closer.

"I read in a book somewhere,"

"Hermione, honestly, I don't know how you manage to have a life, if all you do is read. Every sentence you say starts with… 'I read in a book somewhere'."

"Ron, are you done insulting me? Do you want to know what's going on?"

"One moment, Hermione, you need to get out more, there all done."

"Thank you, now as I was saying, apparently there is some secret requirement for all seventh years before they can graduate. I have no clue what the actual thing is, but apparently the teachers find it amusing." By now they had reached the great hall. All the teachers were either smiling or laughing, even Snape was smirking. Slowly the trio sat down at their table.

"Well, if that's the case, it can't be too bad, I mean, look at them." Harry gestured to the high table.

"True, but still, if Snape thinks it's funny, there has to be some cause for alarm." After saying his piece, Ron dug into the food. As usual he stuffed his face and soon Harry started in suit.

Hermione rolled her eyes, my boys, no manners. She heard a shout and turned her head toward the Slytherin table. She shook her head. Even Malfoy had good manners, wait when did he get so cute?

Malfoy had been training all summer for Quidditch. Now he was even more handsome. Suddenly he felt eyes on him, and not the usual Slytherin groupie. He turned his head and caught sight of Granger's hair swirling. No other person seemed to have noticed. He stared at her for a little while. Why did she have to be a muggleborn, and in Gryffindor. He didn't really care so much about the first one as the last one made him mad. It was unfair. During the times he had actual conversations with her, which had been more often lately, he had learned she wasn't really that bad. He hated having dumb conversations with his followers. They couldn't have a decent conversation if their lives depended on it. And when had she gotten so hot? Dread filled his stomach as realization hit. He had a crush on Granger. Just because she was smart, pretty, his equal; wait his equal? Yep, he had it bad.

Hermione had almost screamed when Malfoy almost caught her staring. She quickly turned back to the conversation between Harry and Ron, great, quidditch talk. Honestly, I'd like to meet one guy I could really talk to, have a decent conversation with, one that's life didn't revolve around quidditch, like Malfoy. What? Where did that thought come from? Just because she had actually had one or two, okay five intelligent conversations with him didn't mean he was the perfect guy. He was evil. Okay, so he wasn't evil, she had learned that fifth year when he had helped defeat Voldemort and betrayed his father. When they had become Head Boy and Girl they had had many a boring meetings. And to pass the time they had talked, really talked. She had learned things that she could easily use against him in a fight, so had he. But so far, neither had betrayed each other's confidence. She was a smart girl, Head Girl after all, and she knew the truth, she had a crush on Draco Malfoy. Her revelation was interrupted by an announcement by Dumbledore.

"All seventh years, I have to ask you to please remain in the great hall until everyone else is finished. I have to talk to you all about graduation. Thank you." A few of the teachers started laughing again and Hermione knew her thoughts about Draco, no Malfoy, could continue later, right now she had another thing to think about.