A/N: Hello old readers and new comers alike. If you are a new reader and tuning in for the first time, consider reading my "Red vs. Blue Season 14" fanfic to help give you an idea of what is happening. This one is a direct continuation of the story I started with Season 14 and is meant to be the second one of the planned trilogy. This will also be the only author's note you see until the very end, UNLESS there is an issue that requires me to publicly address it via an author's note.

I hope you enjoy this and also hopefully find some of my writing differences versus that of Miles to be pleasant in terms of our differing outlook on good versus evil (based on what we have gotten from Miles in the Chorus Trilogy).

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Several vehicles occupied a freeway. The cars moved synchronously, all travelling in the same speed to get to their end destination. Behind the glass window of a building overlooking the freeway, a man studied the traffic from the highest floor. His mind was distant in his own thoughts, so much so that he did not even hear the door opening behind him.

"Sir," began the new entrant. "You call for me?"

The man turned around slowly to see the young lad standing before him. This young man was neatly dressed with no creases present in his black uniform, the cap on his head worn according to standards and a few medals displayed on his chest pocket as a sign of pride in his work. In a low pitch and calm voice, the young lad's boss spoke. "Our new guest has arrived. Please bring him to the interrogation room."

"Yes sir," the young employee left to execute his given task. The boss slowly made his way to the door and stopped to study his metal hands. Clenching them into fists, he could hear the mechanical sounds coming from the moving gears and electronics inside. He gently reached out for the button to open the door, and exited.

As he slowly made his way to the elevator, he soon found himself being pushed along from the behind by one of his colleagues. "You don't need to help me Justice."

"I beg to differ," she replied in a tomboyish tone. She was covered in a unique nano armor suit. Her helmet was retracted showing her scarred face, her emerald green eyes shining with clarity and short buzz cut black hair. The boss simply turned to look at the approaching elevator with a sigh. "Do as you please."

"Are you sure it was wise to leave him alive?" she asked helping the boss into the lift as the doors opened. The boss stared out the glass pane windows observing his own reflection with weary eyes. "Yes, I'm sure. I trust Locus' judgement."

"You put too much faith in him."

"It's not a matter of faith, but the trust we built on a solid foundation."

She remained quiet as they reached their departing floor. Few minutes of travel, they finally reached their destination. Inputting her sequence of security codes, she entered the room with the boss. He stopped near the microphone and she stood by the door. Both were shaded in darkness.

Just as the boss was about to test the microphone, the interrogation room's door opened and Tucker was brought inside. He was placed into the spotlight with Locus standing to the left. The boss considered Justice's words to him about Locus recently. I hope your calculations were not wrong Locus.

Pressing the microphone button, a loud static echoed through the interrogation room. "My apologies gentlemen, now everyone but Captain Tucker and Locus may leave."

The three employees left with only Locus and Tucker now in the room. "Captain Tucker, you may be wondering about your current predicament."

"No shit, it's not like anyone else would be thinking the same."

The boss remained quiet at the brash reply. From his understanding of Tucker, according to Locus, while Tucker belonged to the UNSC, he was not directly affiliated with them. He took a few moments to calmly breathe as a heavy sigh escaped him. He normalized his breathing and reached out for the microphone button. "All will become clear soon, let's talk."