Chapter 11: Redemption

Locus struggled against the zero G outside the space station as he walked on the long connection like hallway structure between the various towers of the space station. He firmly planted his right foot ahead of the left and activated the gravity boots. He deactivated that gravity traction field on the left and brought it forward. His struggle was made even worse by the fact he had to carry a container behind him. He stopped at the designated spots and reached inside of the metal box. Taking out what looked like a small black cylindrical object, he planted it firmly onto the station's surface.

Pressing a few buttons, he studied a red light illuminating itself amongst the white lights of the colony. The lights should be concealed thanks to the surrounding lights. He moved onto the next spot and planted another one. One after the other, he continued to plant these objects onto the station's surface. After the final one, he stood up straight to study his handiwork. He stood amongst a field of red lights. It was a change of pace from white lights for him. With a gentle sigh he began walking back to his transport maintenance ship. This is the right thing to do, I believe in it.

Locus drove the ship back to the designated dock and exited the craft. Time for step two of my plan. Locus entered the main colony sectors and headed for Equal's building. He drove down to the parking lots and got off. He swiped his personnel card on the key scanner and entered the building. Weapons storage is two floors up from here, he thought calling for an elevator.

Locus tightened his grip on his rifle. I'm sorry Equal, he thought as he entered the weapons storage main reception. The receptionist greeted him with a courteous smile. "Hello, how may I help you today?"

"I need to sign out Captain Tucker's sword and an assault rifle."

"The rifle we can do, but the sword is under strict lockdown. I will need to ask your reasons for needing it sir," she answered back slightly uncomfortable in Locus' presence. He didn't want to waste his time too much with her, so he replied with what he could at the tip of the hat. "Orders from the top, I am not at liberty to disclose them. My designation is that of an advisor to your boss and the leader of this colony. I have the proper clearance."

"O-Oh, okay then," she replied feeling anxiety in her heart grow at the heavy tone Locus spoke with. She typed a few keys on her computer and brought up Locus' file. "Yes, I see that now. Please wait here while I send someone to retrieve the sword."

Locus stood to the side patiently waiting for the sword to arrive. A station soldier came out minutes later with the sword and a rifle. "Whatever you do, please be careful with them sir."

"I know what I'm doing," Locus shot back causing the young soldier to wince in fear. He took the two weapons and exited the storage section to the prison cells. Walking to the main guard he obtained the keys to Tucker's cell. Quickly walking to the aqua soldier's cell, he inserted the keys inside. Tucker stood up surprised to see Locus again so soon. Tucker stood speechless wondering what was going on. Locus walked close to Tucker who backed away.

"Stay still," Locus commanded walking closer. Tucker shook his head, fuck that! And he ran to the back wall. Locus held him down forcibly proving his dominance in this situation. "Hold still!"

Locus inserted what looked like a key into Tucker's collar. With a snap it came clean off from the prisoner's neck. Tucker sat up slowly studying the collar and rubbing his neck. "Okay…what gives?"

"We are leaving."

"That doesn't answer my question."

"I'm just trying to do what I believe is the right thing," Locus replied taking the collar with him. Tucker got his weapons and didn't have much room for complaints now. He followed Locus, but had his finger trained on the trigger at all times. As soon as the two stepped outside of the cell, a bright green light blinked with a high pitched alarm noise.

"Shit, what now?!"

"Follow me," Locus answered running to the garbage disposal area. Surely enough, the guards on duty all followed the collar's signal to that area. As soon as Locus reached the trash chute, he threw the collar down there and hid with Tucker. That should throw them off our trail for some time. As soon as the coast was clear, the two proceeded to make their way towards the elevator.

Thankfully there was not much resistance along the way. But what little resistance did pop up, Locus dealt with it efficiently. Luckily for the soldiers, Locus' hands showed kindness today as they did not take a life. Running into the elevator, Tucker held the door open for Locus who finished stowing away the unconscious bodies. As he ran inside, Locus had hit the doors close button. Quickly choosing the parking level, they found themselves to be mostly in the clear now.

The Blood Gulch crew rushed up to the main deck at the sound of the alarms. Sis ran up to a few of the ship operators in a curious panic. "What's happening guys? Are we having a rave party?!"

"Nein!" Muffins replied from behind her. "We are going to battle."

"To what?!" Wash asked feeling his heart jump at the reply. Muffins turned to face all his curious comers and nodded his head. "Ja, we go to battle now!"

"What about observing for more data?" Simmons pointed out. Everyone looked at the Captain for an answer, but he simply shrug his shoulders. "I got bored of waiting, so now I go and kill them."

"Wow, and here I thought Sarge was crazy," Grif commented hearing a grunt and found a shotgun pointed at his head. "Eh heh, you do know I was joking right?"

"Sir, we have finished transferring all data from the surveillance drone."

"Good, give the word to the turret operators to fire at will. We shall cut a hole right through them."

"Wow there, let's not be so harsh," Doc suggested as he got everyone's attention. "Don't forget that we are here to rescue Tucker. I imagine that will be pretty hard to do when the station will be in pieces."

"[I disagree, it's more fun to shoot the station to pieces and watch the blue idiot die.]"

"Lopez, can't you see we are having an important meeting here?" Sarge replied annoyed at the unwelcomed interruption. "This is no time to be cracking jokes."

"[Whatever, I am going to go sabotage a few of the ship's guns now. I'm sure no one will mind that.]"

"Hey Captain Muffins, you have thought of a way to extract Tucker haven't you?" Donut questioned curiously gazing over to the Captain. Muffins stared blankly at the crew for a few minutes. He opened his mouth to speak, and his tone sounded a little unsure. "Sure?"

"Yup, he's fucked," Grif stated earning a hit to the back of his head from Sarge. "Ow, what was that for?"

"Not the time Grif. If we don't have a plan, then we need one."

"Too late, we already fired several missiles," Muffins replied only to see them all stare at him. "What?"

"Captain Muffins, your impatience never ceases to surprise me. But in this case, this is a good thing as the more dead the merrier mwhahahah!" O'Malley spoke with a satisfying feeling that blood was guaranteed.

The turrets on the station colony's surface opened up and revealed themselves. They interpreted several of the attacking missiles. The other turrets opened fire in the general direction of the UNSC ship. Inside Equal's tower he was informed of the recent attack. "Who would be stupid enough to attack us here? And for that matter, how did they ever get our coordinates?"

"We don't know sir," the soldier replied as he delivered the video feed codes which allowed Equal to connect to the live camera feeds near the station's outer surface. From the damage received on the colony, he could tell that no shots had pierced it. But the surface damage was worrying. It was not caused from missiles but turret fire. It seems as though their weapons are still quite archaic in comparison to ours, but still very deadly. Equal called his military generals and ordered for them to retaliate with their latest turret models planted on select few sectors of the station.

The turrets rose to target in the general direction of the ship, Captain Muffins took note and began to dynamically move the ship at random. The turrets opened fire, they fired a bright blue laser with a white interior. Captain Muffins took a tight hold of the bars in from of him as the ship made a hard right. "What in the douche was that?!"

"Clearly our enemy is armed with greater technology," Washington stated pointing out the obvious. He looked to the rest of the crew. "Hold on tight, things will probably get a little bumpy."

"That's putting it lightly," Grif replied rushing for the nearest safety handle. He made sure to keep an eye on Sis who was busy holding onto a couple of guys. Oh god that slut!

Their ship fired several missiles and turret bullets. All of them were intercepted by the laser turrets. However the stray missiles that could not be targeted by them managed to make an impact on the surface. One just happened to hit the tower where Equal's tower resided in. He could feel the objects on his desk shake and vibrate from the force.

He reached for his station wide control panel and undid the emergency button. He looked outside at the cars still going about their usual routines, unaware of the danger out in space. I never thought I would have ever had to use this. He punched the red button hard and watched every light turn to red inside the colony. Suddenly all of the cars stopped on the freeway as was the protocol. Emergency pathways opened up to shelters and they all rushed to the nearest exit. So much for a usual day, Equal pondered as his trusted group of soldiers entered. Truth looked around the office and motioned for Equal to follow them. "Let's go, we need to get you to a safe zone as well."


"No?" Justice asked looking to her side at her colleagues in confusion. Pure stepped forward out in front of the other two. "With all due respect Equal, we can't afford to lose you."

"Pure is right," Justice supported that statement and Equal simply shook his head. "I will be right here by my people."

His three colleagues looked at one another both annoyed and admiring his dedication to everyone here. Pure turned around to exit the room. "I will do a round of the building to make sure we are all clear."

"Good idea, I will go stand guard outside," Truth commented following Pure. Justice looked at the door close behind her and asked. "Equal, you don't think that this attack could be because of Captain Tucker, do you?"

"Anything is possible when we don't have facts to put us on a certain track of thinking," he replied walking over to one of the walls and pressing a button. It revealed a secret door connecting to a room. The room stored numerous protective gear. "The time may have come to finally activate my armored suit as well."

Justice walked to his side and stared at the design in awe. It was the very first model they ever created in pursuit of their goals. Though considering the number of years it laid vacant in this room, Justice questioned the integrity of the suit itself. "Is this suit really safe to wear? And will it hold up in combat?"

"Only one way to find out Justice," Equal answered smirking back. Justice crossed her arms at the answer thinking, I hate it when he decides to improvise. Equal unlocked the armor case and reached inside for the suit. Putting it on, it was quite sliming, but at the same time he could feel some weight to it. He studied his limbs all covered up by the suit now, the sound of them moving could hardly be heard. "Excellent."

Locus looked up at the blinking lights all around them. Tucker walked around Locus in a panic back and forth. "What the hell is going on?"

"Enemy attack, but this works well in our favor. Most will have gone to the emergency shelters. This gives us an opportunity to make an escape with the least resistance in our way," Locus explained walking onwards. Both of them stuck to the shadows, and suddenly Sigma materialized between the both of them.

"Gentlemen, if you will please," he said motioning towards the real time map display. Tucker was happy to see that finally Sigma's capabilities could be put to a greater use aside from his failed attempts in the past. "Sweet, time to go stick it to them."

Locus looked at the red dots on the map and thought, there is too many of them to let Tucker come with me. One screw up and he may alert everyone. Locus stood up and motioned to a darker area. "You stay there, I will handle this alone."

"Seriously? We are both trying to get out, we are partners for now. I can help you!" Tucker replied agitated at the little respect Locus showed for his skills as a soldier. Locus took Tucker's arm and forced him to the area he pointed at before. "Stay here and stay quiet."

Pure exited the elevator at the lower most level, the prisons level. As soon as he walked out, the first thing he took notice of was the broken cameras. The cameras were missing. He looked around and found no guards either. Did they all just pack up and leave? What tardiness. He walked towards Tucker's cell to ensure the high level prisoner was secured. Though a few steps into the hallway Tucker's room resides in, and he could already tell something was amiss. The door is open? Pure walked further down towards it.

He ran towards the open room and studied the inside. As he rested the weight of his body against the door frame he slammed a fist hard against the door. For god's sake, first the exterior attack and now this. Pure rushed into the security room and studied the controls. He found the emergency broadcast and swiftly pressed it. "Attention all security personnel, the prisoner brought from Blood Gulch has escaped. If you see him, restrain the escapee at all cost. He will be wearing an aqua colored standard UNSC armor."

Locus looked up at the PA system just as he finished dispatching the second last individual in the hallway. Just as he moved behind the last one, he was quickly met with an unexpected twist. The guard turned around and quickly raised arms. Locus disarmed the soldier but was hit on the head in the process. Tucker rushed out with his sword and jumped for the guard. Stabbing him through the chest, he stood up feeling smug. "Guess you needed my help after all."

Locus simply got up and walked into the garage. That screw up could have jeopardized everything. I will have to be more careful from now on. Locus pointed to a free vehicle for Tucker to board. "Sweet, I am so getting the cannon."

Tucker got on the back where a laser powered cannon was mounted. Locus retrieved the keys, but just as he got into the driver's seat, he noticed Pure in the doorway. The two looked at one another for a second before Locus stomped the gas pedal. Pure rushed for a vehicle himself with several soldiers following him.

Just as Locus and Tucker entered a deserted freeway, they heard several other cars follow them. Tucker looked at Locus expecting a miracle. "Uh dude, we got trouble."

That's a light way of putting it, Locus pondered as he navigated around some abandoned vehicles. Tucker took aim with the laser cannon. Locus noticed what Tucker was doing in the rear view mirror. "No, wait!"

Tucker opened fire causing an explosion of debris blowing up and raining down. The enemy cars avoided most of it, but one out of the three was taken out. "That was for all the times you tased me bitches!"

Locus let out a very disapproving grunt. Tucker looked back shrugging his shoulders. "What's your deal?"

"You realize we are in a place with limited oxygen?" Locus asked focusing on the road. Tucker looked around and nodded. "Yeah, so what?"

"And you just caused an explosion."

Oh…shit, Tucker thought and he heard distant yet loud sounds up above. What is that? He wondered as he saw two drones fly down and towards the explosion. They began to douse the flames. Justice stared out the window whispering. "Those maniacs."

Equal walked outside to see the damage and aftermath. "The drones reacted accordingly within acceptable time parameters. We will be fine Justice."

"Don't aim the laser cannon at abandoned vehicles. Use it directly on the enemy," Locus instructed taking a hard right on an intersection. Unlucky for them, the enemy drivers weren't half bad. Tucker found all this shaking to be infuriatingly annoying. "Dude, keep it straight!"

Let me get right on that as we are getting shot, Locus thought swerving to the right and dodging several turret shots. Tucker aimed the cannon at the second vehicle and opened fire. This time with some help from Sigma, he managed to have one-hundred percent aim accuracy. "Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!"

"Don't celebrate just yet," Locus said studying Pure's car gaining ground on them. Tucker puffed under his helmet. "Jeez, sorry for trying to lighten the mood."

"I would be inclined to agree with the mercenary Captain Tucker. We are not clear of the danger just yet," Sigma added with Tucker shaking his head at him. "Now don't you get on my case to Sig."

Locus drove off of a ramp to one of the docking station. As soon as he came face to face with the entrance, he saw that it was closed tight thanks to the station wide alert. What now? Locus questioned as he looked for another way inside. Pure was still hot on their heels. Tucker continued to perfect his aim.

"Tucker, send your AI fragment to me."

"You heard him Sig, front and center."

"How may I be of assistance Locus?" Sigma questioned.

"I need you to do a scan of the area. Report any and all entrance points into this ship docking area."

"Right away," Sigma replied and disappeared to run the scans. Within a few seconds he reappeared and formulated a report. "All vehicle entrance points are closed for good. There would be no way for me to hack them if we keep on the move. However certain points can be accessed on foot."

"Uh Locus, they are getting closer," Tucker called out in worry as he kept on missing every shot. Locus quickly did a U-Turn surprising Pure and his comrades. "On my mark, we are bailing this car."

"We are what?"

"We are abandoning this car on the count of three. Be ready to jump."

Oh great, Tucker thought letting his shoulders drop. Locus did a countdown and upon reaching zero he gave the order to jump. "Jump now!"

"What now? That last car is still out there."

"Take the fragment to a lock protecting the entrance. Leave the car to me."

Tucker quickly scrambled for the nearest entrance to the docks. Locus hid in the shadows running his camouflage unit. He walked out into the streets upon seeing the enemy vehicle drive by. They should follow the empty car for a while. That will buy me some time. He bent down and placed a blinking device on the ground. Locus ran into the shadows upon hearing the enemy vehicle turn around and drive back. He held the trigger in his right hand and saw to his left. Just as the vehicle was closing in, he pressed the trigger and the remote mine on the ground exploded.

The enemy car pieces flew everywhere with majority of the car occupants dying in a heartbeat. Only Pure survived the incident, he stood up to recollect himself. He looked all around to see the still bodies. Pure walked over to the closest one and closed his eyes. May you find peace in death.

He stood up and walked over to a heavy duty big rail gun. Pure looked all around himself and declared. "Listen well Captain Tucker, you and your ally will not be escaping so easily! You will have to answer for the lives you took!"

"Oh boy, isn't that nice of him to say," Tucker noted sarcastically just as the lock opened. Locus appeared behind him causing him to jump a little. "Dude, I told you not to do that!"

"We have to get a move on."

"Right," Tucker replied following Locus inside. They both ran for the room where many ships were docked.

Captain Muffins looked to his right at the closest Private and called for him. "Private butt munch, come forth."

"Seriously sir, I have a name you know."

"Give the orders to abandon ship."

"Excuse me?" everyone on deck asked surprised to hear the command. Captain Muffins looked to the panel to his left by his waist line. "We have nearly exhausted all supplies. We were never built to be a warfare ship aside from the purposes of self-defense. So we never carried many combat supplies to begin with."

"But what about you?" Sarge asked.

"Yeah, you don't plan on going down with the ship do you?" asked Simmons.

"And give up my plans for future galaxy conquest in the name of the Reich? Hell no. We will all make it like peg leg cowards for the life boats after we have executed one final order for the ship."

"Just what are you planning to do sir?"

"It's time to take matters into our own hands," Muffins said giving some way for worry in the others. He looked at the space station in front of him with determination. "It is time for some extreme direct measures."