Chapter 12: Raiding Party

Simmons ran behind Sarge and Grif who just jumped into a pelican. The rest of the crew was already seated safely. Wash gave the pilot the green light to launch and fastened in. Carolina felt the jolt of the pelican's sudden launch and looked to her side, she bumped arms with Wash and spoke in a teasing tone. "Think you will need my help again with the jet pack?"

"Very funny Carolina," Wash mused as they launched out into space. They were the only group to launch in a pelican, the rest took the lifeboats. Sarge watched his men struggle against the turbulence and noted. "Be ready boys, it's going to be a tight entry."

"If only Tucker were here to hear you say that," Grif replied with a sigh. Caboose however kept up his spirits. "Don't worry Grif, soon Tucker will be here with us!"

"Yeah, then we can all throw a wicked disco orgy or something," Sis noted rubbing her bottom on the seat. Grif shook his head with disgust. "God you are such a slut."

"I can be whatever I want to be thank you very much!"

"Says the girl who somehow became pregnant from two seals once," Grif argued back causing Sis to whine. "Hey, you said you would never share that story in public!"

"We already knew about that since like ages ago," Donut commented. All they could next hear was Sister having a temper tantrum like a three year old. Their pelican flew past all the gun fire and established contact with Muffins. Wash activated the comms to his left. "Are you safely aboard a lifeboat?"

"Ja, it is a very tight fit…I like it."

"Okay…is the remote activation all good to go?"

"Ja, activate the 'give the enemy their kumupits' button!" Muffins shouted to the person holding the activation remote on the other side of the lifeboat. Everyone sat quietly expecting something, but only silence prevailed. Muffins tapped his foot becoming increasingly impatient. "Who the bloody hell has the remote?!"

"It's me sir," Private butt munch confessed holding it high up in the air. Muffins crossed his arms and shouted. "Then give them their kumupits!"

"Uh…the what?"

"For fuck's sakes man, just press the big red button. You military noobs are no fun," Muffins pouted. The Private pressed the only button on the remote and watched a green light on the top right blink. "Okay, it's good to go."

"Everyone, hang on tight," Wash announced all around the area. Outside, the ship's engine started and propelled it forward towards the station. In Equal's tower, Equal and Justice saw everything taking place. He gripped the edge of his desk in anger. "Those bastards want to risk killing everyone in this station? Blow that ship to smithereens!"

The station opened fire with all of its heaviest hitters. The pelican stayed behind the ship at a fair distance, remaining both protected and undetected. Justice took a hold of Equal by his arm. "The collision course is close to here, we have to go."

"Fine," Equal conceded leaving the building with Justice and Truth. The three took a vehicle to one of the emergency shelters. Truth looked all around at the empty vehicles. "Kind of feels like one of those zombie apocalypse freeways right now doesn't it? I never thought we would ever have to activate the emergency protocols."

"Take the right here," Justice instructed from behind the turret. Truth steered into the right turn lane and exited the freeway. Equal activated the jeep's communication and established a line with Pure. "What is your status Pure?"

"I'm still in pursuit of the targets. Unfortunately those with me died thanks to the enemy's actions," Pure replied over the static radio. Equal did his best to make out whatever he could of Pure's reply. "Understood, I hope for a fruitful conclusion Pure. I will connect with you again soon."

Pure looked at the open door to the docking bay he stood by. He walked inside and saw the power restored. The main power should not be on right now. He walked past the reception desk and saw the emergency door shutters to either be retracted or smashed. He followed the trail of opened emergency shutters. From the look of things, these seem to be going towards the ship area. Pure ran for it as now he had a destination.

Locus pressed several keys in increasing frustration. He let out an audibly irritated sigh. Tucker ran up beside him. "Dude, you have got to chill. Sig, get in there and see what you can do."

"Right away."

"It won't work," Locus replied as he went on to explain further details. "What we need are two activation keys that give us access to the launch sequence. Without those keys, there is nothing we can do."

"You don't know that," Tucker argued throwing up his arms in an attempt to convince Locus to not give up. Locus shook his head in reply. "I do, I have been here long enough to know this."

"It seems that Locus is correct Captain Tucker," Sigma replied materializing besides his host. Just then the three heard a loud bang on one of the doors. Locus quickly collected his weapons and ran down from the control tower. "You closed that door, correct?"

"As best as I could."

Why am I not convinced? Locus wondered as he ran for a small circular door. He shot off the lock and moved it out of the way. "We are going to use these interconnected tunnels to make our escape."

"Escape where?" Tucker questioned looking all around him. "We can't get off the station so we are screwed."

"No, we can still lead them on a long winded chase. It's better than just folding our arms and giving up."

"I guess," Tucker answered running towards Locus who had already entered the tunnels. Pure burst open the door with the aid of his portable rail gun weapon. He ran inside to see the red emergency lights on, no ships missing and the tunnel gate opened. At least they haven't completely escaped. Pure ran up to the control panel and activated the security footage. I will have to take care of them later.

Pure brought up the latest footage and saw the two assailants. Upon seeing the footage, he proceeded to immediately contact Equal.

"What is it?"

"I have an ID on the person helping Captain Tucker."

"Who is it?"

"It's Locus."

Equal's mouth dropped open at the name. "Come again?"

"I'm sorry sir, but it was Locus who broke Captain Tucker out of his cell and is helping him escape," Pure could hear a fist smashing against the car on the other side just as he finished with his reply. "Are you alright Eq-"

"Pure, listen to me very carefully," Equal spoke with evident anger in his voice. What is the meaning of this Locus? Is this really betrayal? He pondered as he further instructed Pure. "Kill Captain Tucker, but do not touch the sword. Leave Locus alive, I will go there and have a word with him myself."

"I understand."

The whole colony shook and the three looked behind them. They could see a surface heating up on the side of the station. And the ship exploded into multiple pieces outside, slowly but effectively piercing through the station. Sarge inside the pelican shouted in a matter of fact tone. "Hah, told you all that explosions solve everything!"

"Say that when we get out of this alive," Doc replied observing the pelican's bay door open. The pilot looked behind them and held out a fist. "Is everyone ready to make the jump? We do this in five."

"You heard him people, get in line and eyes forward," Carolina ordered standing in front of them all. The ship finished piercing through the surface and created a huge hole in the colony. The station reacted by closing down several entry points into this particular section of the station. Only this section depressurized. From the pelican the crew could see a few people being shot out into space.

"Uh, did we just fuck up?" Grif asked feeling a sense of guilt cloud over him just as he watched what he could tell were a mother and a child being excavated into space. Wash shook his head at the orange soldier. "We had no choice."

They all remained quiet at the reply. They all knew that it wasn't entirely true, they always had a choice. It's just that this method is the quickest for them. But they all began to realize the implications of choosing the quick method. The pilot looked behind himself and gave the signal. "Launch now!"

They all exited the pelican and activated their jets. They slowly flew into the colony. Everyone activated their gravity boots as they landed safe and sound into a partially destroyed building. The pilot looked at the crew and gave one final thumb up. "Good luck to you all. We hope to hear some good news soon."

"We will be sure to bring back a souvenir," Sarge joked with a small chuckle. The group made their way down to the main floor. Walking in zero G was extremely punishing for the group. Grif stopped by the main doors of the building and took a heavy puff. "Whoo, okay so blowing up a hole to depressurize a space colony, I'm just going to put this out there that it was not one of our best ideas."

"Get used to it fatass," Simmons answered trudging past everyone else and onto the streets. "Uh so where to now?"

"According to the data Locus provided us with, there should be a series of interconnected tunnels underground that will lead us to the tower Tucker is being held in," Wash explained looking around at the streets. At least we won't encounter resistance along the way.

"And where would the entrance happen to be?" Carolina questioned as she checked the ammo in her current magazine. Wash pointed at the road to a sewer entrance.

"Oh no, do you have any idea how long it takes to get the gunk off of this armor?" Donut complained only to see O'Malley pull a rocket launcher out on him. "How do you feel about explosions then?"

"Fine," said Donut walking past everyone and removing the manhole cover. They all turned on their lights and descended down into the damp tunnels. Ugh, I'm going to stink for a week, Grif thought as he heard a fart. "Okay, who was that?"

"Grif did it," Caboose replied in a guilty tone. Yeah, real smooth Caboose, real smooth, Washington thought as he landed down onto flat ground. He looked back and forth and signaled for the others to come down as well. They all stopped upon hearing an unclear noise.

"What was that?" Doc asked only to be quietened by Carolina. She honed her senses in the direction of the noise. "It sounds like…footsteps?"

"Huh, so we may not be alone down here. Keep your fingers on the trigger people," Wash ordered but then looked back quickly. "Uh, that order applies to everyone but Caboose."

"Just to set the record straight, that was not my fault. I was just trying to help them. They just got in the way of my helping."

"Yeah, why don't you go and tell them that Caboose?" Simmons asked sarcastically. Caboose looked away. "You are all just jealous."

"Shh, you idiots are going to give away our position," Sarge said in a low voice. He followed Wash with Lopez behind the group. "[I think we have already given it away thanks to your damn pillow talk.]"

"Shut up Lopez, you will give away our position," Simmons replied in worry at the prospect of fighting a mini army. Lopez felt his CPU overheat with anger. "[OH REALLY?! SO WHEN YOU IDIOTS TALK IT'S FINE, BUT I SAY ONE FUCKING THING AND-]"

Everyone found several guns trained on them from the front. Lopez just remained quiet. He had no words for this. He shook his head thinking, what did I do wrong in this life to deserve this? Grif was irritated behind the visor. "Great going Lopez."

"[Fuck you gold boy.]"

The enemy soldiers observed the comedy like it was prime time television time. They all looked at one another wondering, so should we be doing something like shooting? Most of them shook their heads wanting to see what comes next in the idiot quarrel. The Blood Gulch crew pointed their guns at the enemy and opened fire. Everyone scrambled for the nearest piece of cover. Grif found the extra baggage in the form of his sister to be annoying. Great, now I have to babysit her just like I had to when we were kids. He looked to his side and saw she was missing. "Oh that's just great, where the hell did she go to?!"

"Hey assholes, stop firing!" Sis shouted walking out in the middle of the battlefield. They all looked at her questioning her IQ. Sis was satisfied at the sudden peace. "Now keep it down, some of us are trying to listen to some music."

"What kind of music?" one of the enemy soldiers asked.

"Metal rock for life!"

"Good god that is the worst kind of music!" the enemy commander shouted in clear disgust at her musical choices. "Boys, we must cleanse her to eradicate yet another metal rock twat!"

"But isn't that a little too harsh? Killing someone because you don't agree with their taste in music?" Donut argued and the enemy soldiers agreed. The enemy commander stomped his foot on the ground in absolution. "You don't understand, their kind spreads like an infection killing the value of good music. That and also I have been orders to kill you all. So please stand out in the open like this yellow dunce so we may proceed with the executions."

"Fuck you!" shouted Grif.

"Oh yea, well I'm straight so the joke's on you!" the enemy commander replied feeling very intelligent before realizing. "Oh that's not what you meant. Now I feel very depressed, my life is not worth living."

"Well that turned dark quickly," Simmons said looking all around the room. They all agreed seeing the enemy commander break down into tears. Sis walked on over to him and gave him a good slapping she did. "You call yourself a man? Keep it together!"

"But he cursed at me!" the commander replied throwing a baby temper tantrum. Wash nearly dropped his rifle at the sight. This…this is our enemy? Maybe we are not the only ones with loonies on our side. The enemy soldiers pushed Sis back, and Grif came out from behind cover to protect her. "Back off!"

"No you back off!"

"No you do it first!"

"That's it!" the enemy soldier replied fed up with the nonsensical arguments. He raised his gun at him followed by his comrades. "Time to settle this with our guns!"

Carolina, Wash and Freckles quickly shot them all dead.

"Case settled," Wash replied walking over to the enemy commander. He lifted the man up to his feet and pushed him hard against a wall. "How many more troops are down here?"

"I don't know, maybe five more squads."

"That would make about twenty-five people in total," Carolina calculated as she checked the dead soldiers. She retrieved as much ammunition she could and passed it around. Wash knocked the commander out and reloaded his pistol. "Sadly you would be right."

"So uh…tell me that you heard the gun fire," Tucker asked slowly squeezing through a tight gap. Locus looked to his left from the direction the noises echoed. "I did."

"Oh good, at least I'm not going crazy."

"It sounded close."

"Thanks for telling me that bit," Tucker said with his spirit dropping low. For once why can't things go smoothly?! Tucker pushed a door open as Locus guarded the way they just came from. The three entered the new pathway and did their best to navigate the tunnels.

Pure was close constantly tracking them down around every corner. But he soon became distracted by the gunfire. Faulty fire or more enemies? He wondered activating his communications.

"Go ahead Pure," Equal replied to the communication request. Pure looked back to his right and proceeded to follow the echo. "It seems as though we may have more enemies on board the station. I am presently going to chase them down. I will take care of Locus and Captain Tucker later."

"Understood, do be careful."

"Hmph, I don't plan on dying here today Equal," Pure replied cutting the link. "Time for a hunt."

Several minutes later, the Blood Gulch crew made it past the third squad they came across.

"They are all coming in waves," O'Malley stated firing at the last soldier of the squad. Grif smirked and noted. "Yeah, coming in waves like idiots in our line of sight."

"Stay alert," Wash reminded the group as he looked all around. Okay, no injuries yet, and no accidental team kills. So far it is looking good. But he stopped in his tracks to see a blue light illuminate through the tunnels in front of them. Simmons looked at Sarge with his feet trembling. "Uh Sarge, what do we do?"

"Men, this is a perfect set up for an ambush."

"I agree, unless we are about to be fucked over by more than a few soldiers," Simmons replied holding his gun tightly. Rifle, you are my only best friend so please don't abandon me now!

They all saw a big gun emerge into their view. Following the gun was a well built man whose face was concealed inside his unique and different armor. He looked at the huge group of enemy soldiers and sighed. "You all should not be here, where did you come from?"

He received no response. He readied his gun in and aimed to open fire. "Talk or I shoot."

Everyone quickly ran for cover leaving Pure standing out in the open on his own. He looked all around and cracked his knuckles. He stretched his neck and felt the tension relieve in the muscles. He walked forward again looking all around. "Come out, come out to play. It is cleansing time."