Chapter 15: Your Defeat is my Victory

Carolina slowly walked towards Pure who stood ready. Wash struggled with the space environment as well. It has been a long while since I was thrown out in space like this. He did his best to keep his balance, but he would easily topple over to one side or the other. Carolina balled her hands into fists and raised them up in front of her.

"You will find that fighting in space is much more different than down below," Pure warned standing completely still. Carolina could feel some disorientation still, especially thanks to her recent movements. She shook it away as best as she could stating. "I know from experience."

"Do you now? Then let's test that," Pure suggested slowly walking forwards towards Carolina. She swung her fist but found it traveled at a very low speed. Pure however easily avoided it. What's going on? Carolina wondered looking at the big man. He shouldn't have been able to dodge that if he was walking at the same slow speed as me. Unless those short bursts of air from before help him control his movements in space. In that case this will prove to be challenging, but not impossible. Pure crossed his arms and waited for her to grasp at the situation. "Do you understand yet?"

"Understand what?" she inquired gritting her teeth. I will not be outdone by you. Pure motioned all around himself and said. "Space is my domain. You two maybe good, and you may have fought in space before but I understand fighting in space the best out of us all here. Even if you try, mark my words that you will lose. Death is the only way can you ever repay for the damages you have caused us and our people."

Washington just caught up to the two and swung his two arms in closed to Pure's chest. Pure quickly dodged it and gripped Wash's abdomen, he arched over backwards and hit Wash's head hard on the stations' surface.

"Wash!" Carolina shouted in worry as he began to float away. However Wash was quick on the recovery and jet boosted his way back to the surface. "Ugh, my bad. Okay, so you are a tough cookie."

Carolina and Wash looked and one another and nodded, they both were thinking the same thing. "Sync?"

"Sync!" Wash shouted trudging through the zero-G. Carolina jumped up, but used her jets to maintain control and swung her arm wide for Pure. The big man easily avoided it but then saw Washington using Carolina's back as a boost point for his jet. Wash rammed Pure in the stomach. He could hear his enemy gurgle a bit in both surprise and pain. Not so tough now are you? Wash wondered as he landed back down onto the surface. Pure stood still holding his stomach tightly. He studied his oxygen levels and thought, I'm going to have to end this quickly now.

"Space is not just your ally," Carolina pointed out as she motioned at Pure's stomach. He had to admit that they had a point, but he had the upper hand still. "That maybe so, but I won't let you walk free after what you did to our people."

"Don't try to paint us as the bad guys when it's clearly you guys that are in the wrong," Wash shouted angrily restraining himself. He knew anger would not help him here. It would only lessen his control and increase his chances of drifting away.

"We saw the data on what you have all been doing down on that planet," Carolina agreed pointing down to the planet close by to the station.. "On top of that, you want to wage a war that would involve several innocent soldiers who have no idea about the incident that took place on that planet."

"Our war will kill uneducated soldiers, but your actions today have done no less," Pure announced walking closer. With every inch he lessened in their distance, the more anger he felt rise. Carolina raised her fists at him and asked. "What do you mean?"

"How many people have you killed in your military careers? Too many to count I'm guessing. And today you just added to that count. When you thought it was a good idea to crash your ship into our station, you not only made Sector-D uninhabitable but also caused many of our civilians to be ejected into space. Those civilians, they weren't wearing a space suit, think about that."

Wash stopped in his tracks and looked out into space. The people I saw ejecting into space before, they were civilians? Wash wondered feeling a severe sense of guilt suddenly arise. Carolina felt her spirits fall, but she had a fight to keep her head in. "Wash, stay with me."

"A- I'm good," he replied taking a moment to clear his head of the self-doubting thoughts. I can worry about that later. Right now you are an obstacle. Pure shook his head as he braced himself to launch towards the two. This is why ignorant people will never truly understand the pain we have been through and our plight in this justified cause. Pure launched towards the two and hit them on the forehead with his biceps. He kicked Carolina in the back of her legs. His kick was strong enough to cause her to lose all friction in her gravity boots. He elbowed her down and picked up Wash by the neck.

Wash struggled against Pure's grip who continued to tighten it with every passing second. Carolina jumped Pure from the behind and kicked him on the side of his head. With a painful grunt he loosened his grip on Wash and held his hand to the side of his helmet. How is it that they both posses such immense physical strength? It is enough to even cause me some pain through my armor. Pure straightened himself out and watched the female freelancer help Wash down. Carolina again felt a tingle in the back of her head, but this time it was accompanied by a barely audible moan. What was that? She wondered staring back to Pure.

Wash took in a few deep breaths and patted Carolina in gratitude. "Okay, I'm good."

Pure studied his oxygen levels and started to make his way for the two. "I am afraid this must come to an end now."

"Sure, and it will be so in our favor!" Carolina shouted swinging an upper cut only for Pure to dodge it. He swung a mean left hook.

Watch your left! A familiar voice spoke inside of Carolina's head. She just barely managed to dodge it and kneed him in the stomach. That voice, Is that you Church? She asked of the extremely familiar voice. Not exactly, the voice replied explaining that it was Epsilon, the new Epsilon. She was both glad to hear the familiar voice but confused to see this transpire. How? She asked of the fragment.

No time for that right now, focus on the fight! Epsilon warned her of another incoming attack. She was suddenly hit by an incoming volley of punches straight to the chest. Pure head butted her and knocked her away. Wash came in swinging a tight fist and hit Pure in the jaw. The big man however recouped quickly and kicked Wash in the ribs.

I told you to focus on the fight, the fragment said in her head. Carolina shook her head clean and mumbled. "I don't want to hear it."

Jeez, someone is being a spoil sport, Epsilon replied to her sour reply. However from his understandings, this was definitely Carolina as Church's recordings described her to be. Carolina bit her bottom lip in decreasing patience. "Since you are able to talk now, can you make yourself useful and run my equipment?"

Sorry, no can do. I don't have that capability just yet. The best I can do is give you warnings, sorry but you are on your own on this one really.

"How useful," she replied even sourer now. She watched Wash quickly getting his ass handed to him by Pure who twisted Wash's arm and smashed his face into the metal surface. Wash! She made her way for him and landed right beside the two. "You will pay for this!"

"No," Pure said as he blocked her punch and deflected it. "No I won't."

Pure kicked Carolina away and watched her fellow grey soldier come to her aid. He activated his jets and rushed for Pure. Landing strong, he swung his leg wide hoping to land a clean hit on Pure's leg. But Pure managed to stop the kick midway and held it tightly. As Wash tried to retrieve it, he saw Pure raise his free arm up in the air. He noticed several bursts of pressurized air escape the various arm armor that increased both the force and velocity in his attack.


Wash could hear his leg bone breaking clean off in the thigh. He grunted in pain only to last find Pure's wide swing chip away at his visor, cracking it and knock him out. Pure watched the grey soldier drift off into space slowly. Carolina attacked Pure in rage, but as she boosted her jets towards his way, she found that she was quickly stopped by him.

Pure knocked Carolina on the ground and punched one of her ribs. She could hear it crack.

"Your spirits broken," Pure said as he punched a few more for good measure and after lifting her up to his level, he kicked her hard in the stomach. "Your minds in pieces."

Pure turned around to collect as much force as he could. "And your defeat…"

He swung around punching Carolina away, sending both her body and consciousness into the dark void. Pure stood still watching the two bodies drift away as his armor glistened brightly in the sun. "…is my victory."

He turned around to leave. Pure walked over to his gun and released it from the crevasse he left it in. Flying back down to the colony, he made his way to rendezvous with his allies.

A silhouette figure appeared besides Carolina. The figure was blue and was in the shape of the Spartan Mark VI armor. He looked at both his allies with indescribable worry. "Shit…, you two really did a number on yourselves."

He activated a distress beacon on both Carolina's and Wash's armor. He could now only hope for the best that their allies would get it. He looked up towards the direction of the lifeboats in hopes that they would get the signals. I'm counting on you guys.