Chapter 16: End of the Line

Everyone looked at Delta who was busy hacking a ventilation lockdown. Simmons looked all around in worry as they all stood around the hatch to cover up their activities. "Can't you go any faster Delta?"

"I'm doing my best," the green fragment replied just as he bypassed another security hole in the programming. So much inefficient code, and such a poor setup for the digital security, Delta pondered as he passed another. Although one thing he had to give them credit for was their tenacity for having the patience to setup so many walls to bypass. He decoded the final wall and the panel beside the vent blinked green.

"We are in," Delta told the others as the hatch opened. Locus waited for the others to get inside and then entered himself. Looks like they are ahead of the curve on the lockdown, hopefully getting into the docks won't be too much trouble. Everyone continued in the directions Locus gave and came across another locked door. Grif let out an irritated moan saying. "These guys sure do love their locked doors now don't they?"

"If you think that's bad, you should check out the guy in charge of this station. He is a total nut job," Tucker replied squirming around uncomfortably in his spot. Seriously, fuck these tight spaces. But oh well, this vent is a better upgrade than that stinking old chair anyways. The door opened for them to proceed with Caboose rejoicing. "Good job Delta, when we get out of here, I shall feed you several small crackers! That way you can grow as big as Church."

"Now that I would like to see," Tucker replied intrigued at the picture of Caboose trying to feed Delta a cracker on repeated failed attempts. Grif smirked under his helmet. "Save a seat for me to then."

"It will be a friends' night out!" Sis shouted in excitement imagining the disco ball getup in their bases, filled with rave parties, heavy drinking and some good old flexing exercises. Grif could be heard groaning in fatigue entertaining both Sarge and Simmons. He shook his head at Sis immediately saying. "If you do that, I swear that I will drive us up to a cliff and as we watch the sunset, I will quietly put you out of my misery."

"I didn't know you cared that much," Simmons said nearly breaking out into a laughter. Grif looked back and held up a middle finger. Locus crawled his way forward just as they all began moving. Doc looked to his left and saw several ships, but there were also several people, some of whom had guns on them. "Check it out guys, ships and guns. The two of our most favorite things."

"I thought our favorite things were food and guns?" asked Donut.

"Yeah, but that's just you guys, I'm talking about us as a group."

"Guns do sound nice," said Sarge and Grif followed up by saying. "So do ships, it means I can take one for myself and get as far away as possible from you fuckers."

"Yeah, good luck with that," Simmons replied knowing that Lopez would just stop him on Sarge's orders. Grif knew the same as he let his head fall to the surface. Why am I not allowed to end my misery? That's right, because the senile old man said so. Lopez studied the various sectors of the dock and pointed at a less populated area. "[Hey guys, check it out. We can take that ship and get out of here for good.]"

"Lopez, as much as I enjoy torturing Grif, now is not the time for that," Sarge replied causing Lopez to nearly bang his fist in anger. He held himself back with only so little restraint thanks to his rational side winning over the irrational. I hope you all die in a fiery pit of hell, he pondered as Donut pointed to the same area as Lopez did. "Hey guys, check it out, we can take one of the ships from there and get out of here for good."

"Great find Donut!" Sarge noted as everyone else studied the area.


Everyone looked at Lopez expecting him to shut up. Grif held up a finger in front of his mouthpiece. "Shh! Quiet Lopez, you will give away our position."


"What's gotten into him all of a sudden?" Tucker asked, all the fragments knew, they knew it all too well. But they decided to take amusement in the Spanish robot's suffering, for they would not be the only ones to suffer at the hands of their idiot hosts. Donut tapped Lopez's feet as if to console him. "He gets like that sometimes. I think it's his Latin fiery temper."

Locus stopped everyone from opening the vent to sneak out just as he saw the lights turn from white to red. "They are onto us. We need to keep on moving."

"But how will we escape the station if we don't use this dock?" asked Doc only moments later for O'Malley to take over. "May I suggest we blow our way out of here in the crimson shower of our enemy's blood? Mwhahahah!"

"I will get the keys required to operate the launch sequence, you will all go to Sector-D's docks. Once we have the keys, we can use that dock completely free of any resistance. It will be an easy escape."

"Locus, when you work with us, you will find that nothing is easy," Grif conceded remembering all the times Sarge made the easiest of tasks difficult. But then again, that could have been because it was just me doing those tasks. The crew then heard something spraying into the vents. "What is that?"

"Get out now!" Locus ordered as everyone escaped the vents in a hurry. "They decided to fill the vents with some harmful gas."

"See, what did I just say about shit being easy?" Grif asked in return proving his point. Sis seemed to be having a grand old time however. She felt like she was a spy in a James Bond film going on a secret mission. "Woo hoo! What's next guys?"

"Next," Locus pondered as he studied the area others pointed out before. "Next is hijacking a ship."

"Uh, how do we do that with all the soldiers around?" Doc inquired seeing all the civilians to have gone now. They were evacuated from the area and only soldiers remained scanning the area. Grif dropped his rifle on the ground and took out his Grif-shot. He reloaded it and looked at the others. "Time to blow some shit up."

"Took the words right out of my mouth," said O'Malley as he prepared the rocket launcher. Tucker chuckled as he said. "Yeah, fuck the stealth approach. Let's go kick and stab things. And I don't mean stabbing them with our willies."

"I think we get the picture pretty clearly," Donut replied cringing at the image. Lopez reloaded his weapon and activated all of his battle features. Caboose held Freckles tightly in his hands who confirmed their status. "Ready."

Simmons reloaded his pistols and assault rifle. He cracked his neck easing it off any nervous tension built up and looked to Eta. The fragment was already busy coercing with Iota. The two were ready for combat. Alright, just like before Eta, just like before. Sarge reloaded his shotgun and looked all around. He faced forward to see the sudden growing number of enemy soldiers. "Well boys, looks like today is a good day to kick some ass!"

"Couldn't have said it better myself sir," Simmons replied.

Locus activated his sword and ran head first into the bunch with his cloak on. Eta and Iota got to work disabling enemy weapons and giving the reds and blues an easier time. Lopez and Freckles were picking off targets left and right. Sis was having the time of her life shooting her gun randomly in the air. "Gun party for everyone!"

The craziness ensued. Sigma continued to offer creative ways to flank the enemy. Theta and Delta worked together to bring up a high resolution real time map of the area. Gamma would occasionally mimic soldier voices to throw the enemy off and give the crew a momentary advantage. Omega did his thing with O'Malley who were taking out several in bunches.

Simmons aimed and fired at an enemy head. The shot was successful sending a wave of euphoria in his mind. "Suck it black! By the way, that was not a racist thing!"

The crew managed to hold their own. They even were able to eliminate a good seventy percent of the enemy forces. The fragments saw that their efficiency was at an all time high, even Locus was somewhat impressed by their teamwork and efforts. But this was quickly coming to an end as the enemy numbers again began to grow. Grif started running away noting. "Do they breed these guys out like rabbits or something?"

"How about cutting us some slack assholes?!" Tucker demanded only to have more gunfire come his way. Simmons shook his head. "Yeah Tucker, call the people you don't want killing you assholes. That will definitely make them feel friendlier towards you."

"Hey man, I never said I thought that plan through all the way."

"As usual," Simmons noted coming out of his cover and firing several rounds. He hid back to reload his weapons and could see Locus running towards them. Locus jumped over the make shift barricade the crew had created. "We need to go."

"Go where? We need a ship. The ship is here in this area!" Simmons reminded. Locus pointed to a huge door that connected Sector-C to Sector-D. "I managed to swipe the keys for the launch sequence. We will take a ship from Sector-D. If we stay here, we will be overrun."

"Fuck! Okay, let's do this!" Tucker exclaimed thinking about how they just can't seem to catch a break. Locus looked all around and held up three fingers. "On my mark, we run!"

He looked all around for an opening. There! Locus motioned for everyone to leg it. "Move! Move! Move!"

Everyone ran past the huge doors. Locus made sure to close the door behind them and had Delta apply an additional layer of security to the pass code. Hopefully that will hold them off at least for a short while, Locus pondered as he ran through the empty hallways with the others. Every door they came across, he did the same. All of a sudden the lights gave out! Everyone froze and began panicking.

"Calm down!" Locus shouted to keep everyone in line. "It looks like they are already close to breaching the locks."

"By shutting off the lights? What a brilliant plan that is," Tucker sarcastically noted turning on his flashlight. The others did the same and with Locus' guidance they began running through the dark. The lights quickly came back on. The emergency red was no longer active. The normal white lights were back on, but Locus knew that they hadn't lifted the emergency. They are up to something else, he pondered as they ran for a big hallway that connected the two sectors together.

They all began crossing the door but just as Locus was about to cross over, he found the door quickly shutting. To avoid being ripped in half, he jumped backwards to the other side. Tucker turned around and slammed his fist against the shut door. "Shit, Locus you still there?"

"I'm, but you will have to go on your own."

"We can't leave you here, and what about the keys?"

"Check your pockets, you will find both of them in there. I knew you may not trust me with them, hence I slipped them in there discreetly."

Well that worked out in our favor, thought everyone but Locus. He was busy trying to find a way over to the other side. He didn't see any visible vents, nor did he see any man sized floor compartments he could try and crawl through. "Go on ahead. I will escape on my own."

"But- ", Tucker retaliated against the decision. He didn't like leaving Locus alone even after all he had done. Locus walked to the side to start removing a few wall covers in an effort to find an escape. He heard several other doors opening from the way they had just come. Accompanying those door noises were the noises of several footsteps. "Go now! I did you all wrong, but I have no intentions of betraying you again."

Tucker kicked the door in frustration as Sarge placed a hand on his shoulder. "We need to go Tucker. This is what the man wants."


Locus stopped as he saw the door behind him open. Several enemy soldiers surrounded him with their weapons trained on him. Locus thought to give them a chance. "Stand down and leave!"

"That will not be happening," Locus heard a familiar voice as he turned to look past all the enemy soldiers. Behind them were Equal, Truth, Justice and Pure. Locus felt his heart drop with worry. This would not end well, and both of them knew it. "You no longer command these men Locus."

"Equal," Locus called out in a tone of respect. Equal balled his hands into fists, he could feel a surge of anger but he fought it back. "You have some explaining to do."