Red vs. Blue Season 15

Chapter 1: Admittance

"Wow, this place seriously got fucked up," Grif commented studying the ship wreckage as well as the many dead bodies. Sarge looked back at Red base and called Grif on the radio. "Grif, what are you doing slacking off at a time like this?"

"Come on Sarge, can't I get a break. I mean I was the one flying the ship after all."

"Yeah, flying it straight into the ground!"

"At least we are all still alive."

"Yes, we are all alive…sadly," Sarge noted with a contemplative sigh. No matter what danger we are in, he somehow always manages to survive.

Simmons searched the various ship wreckages and retrieved whatever parts he could with some help from Lopez and Sheila. "Alright Sheila, try lifting that big wing piece over there."

"Leave it to me!" she replied in her chirpy tone as she bent down and gently slid her arms under. Applying pressure through her various joints, she successfully lifted the wing piece. Simmons studied the weight on Sheila. "Are you alright?"

"Oh yes, please hurry and retrieve whatever supplies you need."

"Right," he rushed inside to see several crushed bodies as well as their weapons in ruin. Simmons did his best to hold some bile back. He bent down to pick up whatever useful parts he could find. "Alright, I got it!"

Donut walked around Red base and felt a painful sensation in his ever so happy heart. While the Blue base suffered some damage, thanks to the falling debris from their escape ship, the Red base suffered the most damage. Thankfully crew quarters as well as any lower levels were safe for the most part. However a huge hole formed on the roof due to one of their stray thrusters.

"Seems like a real number was done on the Red base," Doc commented studying the other side. Donut walked inside to see the main computer completely trashed. At least Simmons will be kept busy for a while. He sighed feeling his spirits down, Doc walked inside taking notice and planted a gentle hand on Donut's shoulder. "Don't worry Donut, things will work out somehow. We have always managed fine in the past after all."

"With Tucker missing, our bases damaged, and many of us tired…I don't know if we will be fine."

Doc understood where Donut came from. But he could not stand to see his always happy, even if a little simple minded friend be down in the dumps like this. "We will be. From what I hear, Carolina and Washington are already discussing the next step."

Caboose walked into Tucker's room to feel the disturbingly quiet atmosphere. He walked outside with Freckles hoping to clear his mind through a stroll. There he saw Washington limping around base and Carolina slowly approaching the grey armored freelancer in small strides. Carolina stopped a few steps behind Wash. "Should you really be walking?"

"I should ask the same of you," he rebutted studying the outer base damage. He ran his fingers along the dented walls. This will take some serious repair work. Carolina looked at the base and felt a sense of guilt loom over her head. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?"

"I'm sorry for the fact that I wasn't good enough. I was the first to be taken out putting everyone at a disadvantage, and then I wasn't even able to help one bit after that."

"Well you are not the only guilty party here," Wash replied consoling her to some extent. But there was truth in his words, he to felt as though he was defeated and failed in being strong for the team. "But, all things considered we still survived."

"Heh, yeah I guess it's not a completely bad deal," Carolina replied. Wash moved to study the next set of damage, but just then a disk fell to the ground. Carolina walked over picking it up with some painful groans escaping her. He rushed over to help her up. "Don't push it Carolina."

Carolina held up the disk to Washington. "Here, it fell out from one of your pockets."

"From my pocket? I don't remember ever having any sort of data disk on me."

"Then who could it be from?" Carolina pondered handing Washington the disk. He stared at it for a few seconds with a hunch in his mind. "I guess we will find out soon enough. Meet me inside the base by the computer in a couple of minutes."

Washington walked inside and felt the silence to be disturbing. I guess I got too used to Tucker's yapping all day long. Wash smirked under his helmet recalling all the times Tucker would talk about chicks, and how the conversation would always end up in him admitting that he either got his ribs cracked, arms broken, kicked in the crotch or just beaten up before he could get any. We will come for you one way or another buddy.

Washington fiddled with the computer's power controls. The computer turned on, at least that's one thing that still works, for now. He inserted the data disk into the open slot and waited for the computer to finish reading the contents. Just as the disk was decrypted and the files were moved to local storage for faster reading, Carolina walked inside. She waved to her fellow ex-freelancer soldier, and he in response motioned for her to stand by his side.

"Gotten anything?" she asked turning to study the computer screen. He retrieved the disk and put it into a safe place. "We will find out."

Washington browsed through the data and discovered the original creator was Locus. "Just as I thought."

"But why would he create this disk for us?" Carolina inquired resting her head on the palm of her hand in confusion. Washington continued to browse through the various files he extracted. "It seems like there is a video file as well as several data files."

"Play the video file. We may get some clues on what to do next."

"Right," Wash nodded as he hovered over the video file and engaged it. Locus appeared on screen. From what Washington could tell, the soldier was inside his ship while recording this. Locus cleared his voice staring at the camera momentarily. "If this video file is being played, then I would presume that you have received the data disk Agent Washington. Or at least someone from the Blood Gulch inhabitants has received it. I hope things worked out well for you after what I imagine will be a monstrous battle for us all."

They worked out somehow, whether it worked out well or not is questionable, Wash pondered as Locus continued. "You should know that the raid on Blood Gulch canyon was calculated, and the person behind this was me."

"What?" Carolina asked with devastation in her voice. Was I wrong to trust him even in combat then?!

"I did what I had to do because I believe it is the right thing to be doing. I will no doubt tell you all that the group coming for Tucker is a rebel group fighting against the UNSC, that was not a lie. To some extent I'm affiliated with this rebel group. The reason why I took Tucker with me is because we need his sword. I don't wish to have him be killed, but ultimately once we reach our destination, that decision will no longer be mine to make alone."

"That bastard…," Carolina could feel her hands shaking as she gripped her gun tightly. Wash gently rested a hand on her shoulder to help her calm down. Locus shook his head. "You may think of me as a monster as you may have back on Chorus. You won't be wrong for thinking like this. But I have my reasons for doing this. The rebel group, whether you believe them to be right or wrong, good or evil is irrelevant as they to fight for a cause they believe in just like your group. What I say now will be of no consolation, but I want you all to know that as long as I'm here, Tucker will be safe."

Yeah right, Carolina could feel her anger reaching its threshold. It was on the brink of snapping like fragile twigs. Washington could feel the tensions rise in the room, he turned back to see the video continue. "In this data disk I have enclosed some very high level files. Amongst some of them you will also find the coordinates to where I took Tucker to. I look forward to our next meeting."

Carolina suddenly punched the wall next to her. You better look forward to me snapping your neck in that meeting to then Locus. Washington browsed through the files and calmly replied. "It looks like he wasn't lying about the high level data files."

"Aren't you one bit angry Wash?" Carolina questioned seeing this calm behavior on Wash to be an act of betrayal. Washington faced Carolina, staring one another eye to eye. He turned back to the controls. "If we let anger cloud our judgement, rescuing Tucker will become all the more difficult."

"That still doesn't answer my question!" she barked when he began to leave the room. Midway he stopped and looked out the base with his grip tightening on his pistol. "Believe me, I'm pissed. Because when I see Locus next, there will be no more holding back, no more understanding him, and no more chances for trust…there will only be blood."

Amongst the bodies, one of the armor pieces moved. An enemy soldier stirred awake with pain originating from bullet wounds in their legs. Fuck dammit! They tried to pick themselves up only to freeze at the giant robot of death standing in front of him. From behind the robot, Caboose walked towards the soldier. The two stared at one another in silence that was quickly building up into awkwardness. Caboose took the initiative. "Hello."


"How are you doing today?"

"I have bullet wounds in my legs, what do you think?"

"Oh it's one of those days eh? I hate those days," Caboose replied completely aloof. The enemy soldier could not understand the deal with this blue soldier. "What?!"

"Yeah, I mean we all hate those days now don't we?"

Is this guy an idiot? The enemy soldier wondered only to take quick notice of the rifle Caboose held in his hands. Okay, if I can just somehow do this, I may be able to get out of here alive. "Come closer would you? I need to tell you something really important."

"Is it secrets? I love secrets! I'm really good at keeping them," Caboose said excitedly as he rushed over to the soldier's side. Before Caboose could react, he was quickly disarmed and taken hostage. "Alright giant killer robot, here is the deal. You pick me up and take me to a safe place out of here, else the blue moron gets it!"

Alerted by the shouting voice, everyone came rushing out of the bases to see the showdown. The enemy soldier stared all around with several guns trained on him. Well fuck me, that plan panned out well. What do I do now?! He pondered shoving the gun's barrel onto Caboose's helmet. "Not a step closer, no one makes a move! I will blow this moron away!"

"Go ahead and try it," Grif provoked alarming the enemy. The hell, don't these guys care about what happens to him? He tightened his grip on Caboose's neck. "Don't shit with me man! I'm serious!"

"For crying out loud, just pull the damn trigger already. It would help move things along faster!" Simmons shouted tired of this drama. They are all crazy. But maybe if I really do kill him, they may finally listen and even tell the killer robot to back off. The enemy soldier nodded his head several times. "Okay, you asked for it!"

The enemy pulled on the trigger. I hope you idiots learn your lesson, he thought only to be met with the surprising results. Out of the gun's barrel shot some confetti with a farting noise.

"Grif did it," Caboose mumbled. The soldier began to shake in his spot, mommy I think I'm going to lose control of my bowels. Grif walked up behind the soldier and pointed his gun against the soldier's head. "And that is why you don't fuck with us."

With a swift blow to the back of his head, Grif knocked the soldier out. Wash studies the reds dragging the enemy soldier back to Blue base to keep in their holding cells. At least we can now have a second opinion on all that data.