Chapter 2: Not so Noble

Tucker sat on his bed with his head in his hands. Great, what the hell do I do now? On top of that, Locus betrayed us again. I should have seen that one coming.

From what Tucker had been able to learn, he was being held captive on a space colony known as 'Rise of Justice', and it was located very close to a resource mining planet that had long since been abandoned by the UNSC. The planet's name was no matter how much he asked, kept a mystery. Strangely though everytime he questioned about the planet, he was given distant and angry looks.

Tucker heard various footsteps approaching his cell door that was completely encased in white. Everything inside of this room was white. The window peeking inside of the room slid open. "Stand by the back wall with your hands up."

Here we go again, Tucker pondered facing the back wall with his hands up in the air. Three people came inside with a restraint wheel chair. The one leading the other two held Tucker's hands together and motioned towards the wheel chair. "You know the drill."

"Yeah, I know asshole."

"What was that? Do you want to get tased again?" the employee asked kicking Tucker in the back of his right knee. Falling to the ground, Tucker was forced into the wheelchair where he was restrained for his visit to the interrogation room. He was pushed along out of the room and into the glass elevator. From the lower most level, they made their way for one of the higher levels. As the elevator escaped the basement, Tucker could once again see the freeway of busy vehicles, all looking to either overtake one another or be that gentle stream in the continuous current.

No matter how many times Tucker saw this he was amazed at the design of the station. It was designed in such a way that a society could be created in here. A society unlike any he had seen from personal experience. But his perception was already tainted due to his unwelcoming treatment and kidnapping.

The elevator reached their intended floor. Everyone exited the elevator and approached the interrogation room. Inside it was again darkness with only one spotlight. Tucker was placed in the middle of it. Behind the glass overlooking the room were three individuals. Justice and Locus both guarded the door, where as the boss was eagerly looking forward to his next conversation with Tucker even if he knew the outcome would always be the same due to Tucker's "simplistic" mindset.

Reaching out for the microphone button, the boss looked at Tucker with clarity. "Hello Captain Tucker, I hope your first night with us was a pleasant one. I feel that I must apologize for the accommodations seeing as how you are quite a valuable guest. But at the same time you have not made your allegiance clear, and based on your armor, I would say it belongs more to the UNSC. Surely you must agree that we cannot allow you to roam freely."

"You sure do love to talk a lot don't you?" Tucker asked already fed up with the boss's chatter. His very gritty and gravelly voice pierced Tucker's ears and quickly lost, thus falling on deaf ears. The boss however felt different. "It is better than using my weapon as a solution for everything Captain."

Tucker looked down at his restraints mumbling. "If I ever get out of here-"

"But you won't. We have made sure that you will never escape until you give us what we want."

"That is?"

"Your allegiance, I don't care for your personal feelings towards us. But I do care about building an army."

"What are you talking about?"

"Locus already told you that we are a rebel group fighting against the UNSC. That was not wrong, but we do so because our reasons are justified. Again, I don't care for your personal feelings on this matter. All I need is one simple agreement from you. That you swear to serve us with undying loyalty and aid us with your alien sword."

"That's what you are after? What if I don't ever agree? Why should I help a psycho like you?!"

"Quick to judge now aren't we?" the boss mused behind the glass window. He let out a small chuckle.

"What so funny asshole?"

"I'm just taking amusement in the fact that sadly you are stuck in your ways, unable to see the world from different lenses."

"Spare me the bullshit talk."

"Tell me something Captain," the boss started as he looked back towards Locus with a small smile. You should know the answer to this quite well old friend. "Do you believe that we are the bad guys here and that the UNSC is innocent in this matter?"

"They are not the ones kidnapping others so no shit yes," Tucker replied trying to break free of the restraints. The boss in reply simply said. "And what would you still think if I told you they weren't as noble as you think they are?"

"What do you mean?"

"Every organization has had some bad blood in it, a few rotten apples that grow to infect the others," the boss replied studying his own metal hands. The memories flooded his mind and the pain in his damaged body came rushing back. "…every organization is corrupt to a certain degree. It's just that some organizations act on that corruption to ruin the lives of others."

"What the fuck are you talking about?!"

"Captain, you know we will just keep on doing this until either you agree to join us, or we simply choose to execute you and take the sword by force."

So you want to dodge my questions now do you? Tucker thought gritting his teeth. He balled his hands into fists and shook his head. "It's not going to be that easy asshole!"

"Truly a shame," the boss replied calling back the employees. The boss turned around and exited the room with his two allies behind him. Locus kept his head low, to which the boss was quite concerned about. "Is something troubling you Locus?"

"Not really."

"Then please look alive, you are just like Justice an individual who greatly boosts morale amongst the colony residents. We are close, we have two swords in total right now, and if Captain Tucker agrees then we will have three in our hands. With that many we can finally execute our plan on a fast track."


Tucker was once again transported back to his quarters and left alone in peace. He walked around in the room trying to find any way of breaking the wall, opening a compartment to crawl out of or maybe a lock he could try and pick with Sigma's help. That's right, Sigma! He thought just as the flaming fragment appeared. "Help me out here Sigma."

"Unfortunately I don't have the necessary data to make a sound judgement at this time Captain Tucker."

"Come on, you suck!"

"However if you allow me to transfer to the various cameras then I could get a better understanding and help draw a floor plan."

"Okay, just do it."

"I should let you know that I will not be able to travel great distances without you following. So while you are stuck in here, my mobility is very limited."

"That's just great. Well do what you can, it's better than nothing," Tucker replied going to lie down on his bed. Right now all he could do is patiently wait for the proper time and let Sigma do his thing. All he could do is sleep away for now, because he will need all the energy he can muster for when an escape opportunity presents itself.