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Chapter 2: Sound Advice

Jaune Point of View

Well, everything has gone to shit. I'm sitting here with my back against a tree and my legs feeling like they're on fire. There's nothing that I can do. I'm trapped. Lost in the woods with no sense of direction. Just merely waiting for the ursa to catch up and finish the job.

My little sister, Jade, and I had been playing a little fun game of hide'n'seek in the nearby woods today. She woke me up early saying that mom and dad were going to bring us on a picnic. All my other sisters were still out on the fields and weren't home yet, so it was only gonna be mom, dad, Jade, and I. After preparing myself for the day, Dad drove us to a nearby park reserve. We arrived upon a big, wide open meadow filled with beautiful flowers. All in all, it looked like a simple, yet pretty happy, place.

The first few hours composed of playing with mom, dad, and Jade. Mom showed us how to fly kites in the sky, and Jade made some flower headbands for decoration. Then, we ate a big meal on top of a small hill. After that, Jade tried to catch a butterfly with her bare hands to bring home, but luckily mom stopped her from doing that. Of course, Jade pouted, but she easily gave in.

Then, she wanted play hide'n'seek with me. Mom said that we could wander off, but as long as we didn't go too far. So, we went into the nearby woods and we agreed that I would be the seeker first.

"Okay Jaune, close your eyes and count to thirty as loud as you can. Then you can open your eyes," shouted Jade as she start running away in excitement.

"Okay," I shouted back, as her footsteps carried off into the distance.

I covered my eyes and then counted, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30! (AN- Yes, we did just count it all out) Ready or not, here I come sis!"

I uncovered my eyes and eagerly bolted towards the direction I last heard Jade run off into. I expected to find my little sister hiding in obvious places, but to my surprise, I was wrong. Looking behind every tree, rock, and bush there was in the woods, I couldn't find her anywhere. Eventually, my search took me deeper and deeper into the woods. I assumed that maybe she had ran farther in than I thought she did. Yet, even as I went deeper inside the woods, I still didn't find her.

"Jade! Where are you?!" I screamed. I was starting to get really worried. I kept walking on and repeatedly glancing my head left and right. Then, I saw something moving ahead, and I felt a small bit of relief. Gotcha, I thought to myself.

I quickly rushed ahead, but suddenly stopped dead in my tracks once I saw it. An ursa major. It was a giant grimm. I immediately crouched down, because it hadn't noticed me yet, and I rushed into a hiding place.

"I need to very carefully get away from here as fast as possible," I muttered to myself.

My legs were shaking, and sweat was beginning to form on my face.

Carefully, I tiptoed away and attempted to sneak out as fast as I possibly could. However, turning around, my attempted elusion unraveled only another ursa major. It stood there on its two hind legs, staring at me with those red eyes. I had frozen in place as it locked eyes with me.

Then, the ursa major let out a terrifying roar, and I almost jumped. It alerted the other ursa major that I had been attempting to avoid. I heard stomping behind me, but I didn't bother to look. Immediately, adrenaline rushed into me and my legs began running on their own. I was running as my little twelve year old legs could run.

"Booh!" someone suddenly spooked me as passed by a giant hollow tree. It made me jump in fright. I turned my head around to see that it was Jade who had done that.

"Jade! Oh my dust!" I exclaimed with a mixture of relief and concern. "There's no time! We need to get out of here now!"

"Why? Is something wrong?" Jade said, confused.

Then, a loud roaring answered the question. I wasted no time and immediately grabbed Jade's hand and started running again.

"We need to hurry and get to mom and dad before we get into even bigger trouble," I told Jade as we ran. I was pulling her little arm along as my legs feverously worked their speed.

"Ow, stop! I can't run as fast as you!" cried out Jade.

I had no time to explain anything to her, so I threw Jade onto my back and carried her in a piggyback fashion.

"Hold on tight then. I'm going to need to focus on running away from those things." I said as I ran while carrying Jade.

Don't panic. Don't panic. I kept telling myself that. I just needed to find mom or dad, so they can take care of the grimm. However, there was only one problem: I had no idea where we were. It was just all trees, grass, and woods everywhere. I could be going in the opposite direction for all I know.

And as I ran, I could hear the roar of the ursa coming closing. They were crying out for my blood. I could only hold on for so long before my legs can no longer run. There was no way I would be able to get to safety at this rate. No way to get to mom and dad. No way to protect Jade.


No, there is a way.

Jade has been on my back this whole time. She can still run even if I can't. But she is slower than I am. The grimm will definitely catch up to her. That is, unless the grimm had something to distract them. A distraction, huh?

I set Jade down and spoke to her in a gentle, but sad, tone, "Jade, listen to me, I need you to run and find mom or dad and bring them here, ok?"

"But what about you, Jaune?" Jade answered back with concern in her eyes.

"I'm going to be fine. I'll run the other way for a bit so you can run away first. Go find mom and dad."

And with that, I gave Jade a small push and set her off running. As long as Jade is safe I can do whatever it takes….

When Jade was finally gone from my sights, I jolted up and turned towards the direction of the incoming ursa.

"Hey! Over here ugly!" I taunted.

The roars grew more fierce. It seemed to work, I think? Perhaps they actually took offence to that. Nevertheless, I began running again, this time in a different direction from Jade and deeper into the woods. I just need to get far enough so that Jade will have enough time to get away to safety. I prayed that my legs won't fail me just yet.

I kept going, diving under branches and jumping over roots in an effort to hopefully outmaneuver the ursa. However, my luck would eventually run out, as I didn't notice a stump in the way of my pat. I tripped and tumbled to the hard, forest floor. Fear flushed into me, and I tried to stand back up. However, I quickly realized that it would result in the same outcome regardless.

I crawled towards a nearby tree and leaned my back against it. Even if I were to start running again, it was already too late. My legs are done for, I can't run any longer even if I wanted to. The ursa could appear here in any moment. All I could do now was only wait for them to come and finish me off.

A few seconds later, the two ursa major who had been chasing me appeared before me. Instead of charging straight at me and mauling me to death like I had assumed, one of them started approaching me slowly. It was as if it was taunting me with the fact that I couldn't do anything. Then, the ursa raised its right claw high above itself, ready to strike me down. As I see the ursa do this, I closed my eyes in contempt and wait in silence for my end to come.


I heard the impact of the claw strike, but I didn't feel anything at all. Am I dead? I opened my eyes, and to my surprise, I see a chain wrapped around the ursa's claw. The ursa struggled to break free from the black chains but couldn't. Then, it decided to use its left claw to strike me. However, once again, chains appeared out of the woods and stopped that attack too. Then, whoever unleashed those chains suddenly dragged the ursa back into the woods.

All I could hear was the roar of the ursa before it died down. Silence then befell. From where the ursa was pulled in, a man in black and red clothes, wearing a strange red and white masked, appeared and walked forward.

The second ursa took attention of him and attempted to make its move. But the masked man merely walked forward, heeding the ursa no attention. As the ursa threw down its claw at the man, the man quickly moved into action. He threw chains that tied themselves around the ursa's neck, quickly immobilizing the giant creature. Then, he jumped high above the grimm and linked the chains to the surrounding trees. Falling down, the man gripped the chains hard and pulled downward. This immediately lifted the grimm above ground, violently snapping its neck in the process. The ursa died, hanging in the air with its broken neck, before dissolving into nothing. The man retracted his chains.

I, who had been watching the entire time, was speechless. The masked man who had appeared out of nowhere promptly took notice of me and walked forward.

"Hey kid, you alright?" spoke the masked man.

He approached me and gazed down at me. I looked up and stared into his eyes, the only visible part of his face.

"U...Um yeah. I'm fine," I replied back, stuttering.

"You sure? Your legs don't seem fine to me," he remarked back.

"Well, I did trip, I suppose."

"That's fine. Well then, how did this all happen to you?"

"I was playing hide'n'seek with my little sister, but then those two ursa appeared. I tried running but we both weren't going to make it. So, I had her run away while I distracted them."

And upon hearing my answer, I could've sworn the man smiled beneath that mask of his. "That seems pretty brave of you. What's your name hero?"

"J-Jaune Arc," I replied.

"Ah, that's a good name, hero. But you made one mistake. You left your little sister alone to her own chance at survival. Good intentions but bad execution there. What if she ran into another grimm after you left? Ursai tend to hunt in pairs and sometimes packs. Luckily for you though, it seems these two were just stragglers."

Just as the masked man had finished telling me this, another person suddenly came out of the woods. Clad in bizzare-looking armor, he said to the masked man before me, "Good job saving the kid Maelstrom." It sounded almost like a tease.

The masked man turned to face his comrade and said to him, "And why didn't you fucking do anything?"

"Hey, I said it was going to be all you the next time," the armored man replied. "I'm just following up on what I said."

"Whatever." The masked man turned towards me. "Hero, you got anybody you know near here?"

"Um yeah," I answered. "My mom and dad should be here somewhere along with Jade hopefully"

"Then scurry along to them, if you walk north west of here you should make it back to them. I can sense those three over there in an open field."

"Three? That means Jade did make it back to them then. Thank you!"

"Yeah, now get going. You wouldn't want to get lost again, now would you?"

"Yes, sir. And um, mister…. Thanks again!"

"Of course. Oh. By the way Jaune, a hero doesn't need to do everything by himself. Even the greatest of them all needed their precious comrades behind them to help them. What you can't do alone can be done together with trusted allies. Should you ever lose sight of your path, they will be there to guide you back on it. Remember that even in the darkest of night, a single light can still pierce through it. There is no such thing as impossible. A hero is called a hero because he makes the impossible possible."

Finishing that sentence, I merely stood there in shock. All this time had I assumed a hero was a person who could take on all the burdens himself—someone that strives for perfection; a beacon that merely lights the way and never needs help from those he/she are protecting. Perhaps, I should redefine for myself what a hero is.

I turned around to say thanks once more, but looking up, my eyes widen with surprise as I the masked man flying away with his friend.

His words, I will always remember them.

Pyrrha's point of view

Today's is the day. It will be my first time participating in the Mistral tournament as a combatant, instead of a viewer. I've been watching this event ever since I was 10 years old and have dreamed of partaking in it. Turning 13, I became of age to be allowed to enter, and today, I have achieved that dream.

However… I am a little bit nervous. There are so many strong fighters that enter this tournament every year and most of them are way older than me. Hopefully, my training will prove itself. I don't want to be one of the first contestants to be eliminated in the preliminary. Currently, I'm in the second bracket out of the four brackets. I need to win my fight three times in a row in order to advance. After that, I'll have to face off against the winner of the other bracket, and should I succeed, I will come upon the championship fight.

I wonder if I will get that far. I was so nervous that I could barely keep calm. When it was my turn to fight, I almost didn't hear my name be called. Rushing out to the arena with my heart thumping, I soon found myself in the middle of the arena, facing my opponent. He was using a longsword/assault rifle weapon. The trigger handle acts as the handle for the sword with the blade coming out through the gun. The man looked enormous and towering. At least 7 ft, I think. He seemed like he could handle that sword of his pretty well. Perhaps he would prioritize on the strength of his sword more than his gun. I should try to out maneuver him and hit him from where he can't hit me. Spear, gun and shield it is. I'm going to have to hold off on using Milo's sword form.

After briefly examining my opponent, the voice of the announcer spoke out to the crowd, "Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Let's announce the contestants of this year's Mistral tournament! To our left we have Pyrrha Nikos, a new contender of the mistral tournament! But hold on! She's also the youngest to enter this year at the age of 13. And facing off against her to the right is Lance Crimson, a young strong man wielding an amazingly large longsword standing at 5 ft tall. Now are both combatants ready?"

"Y..Yes" I said, with a slight feeling of anxiety.

"Hmph," the man grunted out as he nod his head.

"Then let the battle begin," the announcer shouted.

The crowd cheered, and the battle commenced. Like I had assumed, my opponent immediately turned his sword into its assault rifle form and began firing at me. Luckily Akouo, my shield, was out and ready before then. I ducked my head down and shielded myself with Akouo. Bullets grazed and impacted my shield, but they could not penetrate it.

Ducking and weaving through the gunfire shot at me, I charged in from my opponent's side in an attempt to force him to use his sword. Once I got close enough, he did just that and switched his weapon from gun form to sword form. Without a moment's notice, he unleashed a heavy side slash at me. I backflipped away from it in time and raised Milo and Akouo into a phalanx position. Good, I thought. I had been trying to make him switch from his fast gun to his slow sword. He may have a lot of power in his swings, but as long as I make sure he doesn't get in any serious hit, I should be fine. All I need to do now is take him out.

Dodging my opponent's attacks, I got in close enough to strike him. However, just as I side-stepped his slanted overhead swing and readied my spear up, my opponent suddenly changed maneuvers. He swung his sword back up towards me. I dodged back out, almost getting hit in the process.

"Little lady, you are severely underestimating me here," my opponent, Lance Crimson, said with a devious smirk. "I may use a big sword but that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm slow with it. A lesson for you: you can't always assume what your opponent can do based off their appearance."

I heeded his words and nodded. "Thank you, I will remember that"

"Good. Now, come at me with everything you got!"

Taking his words into consideration, I braced myself and charged forward once again. I sweeped Akouo across my opponent's feet in an attempt to get him on his knees. However, he easily blocked it using his armored knee caps.

Following up, he swung his sword down at me then right back up. I blocked the initial downward slash but had to flip away from his upward slash. With some distance between us now, my opponent attempted to change his weapon back into gun form. However, before he could do that, I rushed forward and kicked his weapon away. Spinning around to reposition myself, I then jabbed my spear forward.

My spear struck my opponent's shoulder blades. He cried out in pain.

Yes! I got a good hit in.

With this, I knew my victory was at hand. I followed up my attack with a shield bash against my opponent's head. Dazing him, I jumped upward into the sky and prepared a downward strike. Twirling with my spears in both hand, I flew down at a strong enough velocity to finish my opponent. The ground trembled. Dust scattered everywhere. When the dust settled, I looked up at the screen and saw my opponent's aura meter reach the red zone.

"And the winner is Pyrrha Nikos!" shouted the announcer.

Clapping and cheering immediately followed in pursuit, as the whole crowd shouted my name. I blushed a little.

"Heh. That was a good fight, little lady," said my opponent as he got up from the ground. "I guess there's no more need to hold back. I'll give it my all in the next two rounds."

He put out his hand outward for a handshake.

"It was an excellent fight. Thank you," I said as I took his hand and shook it.

*2 fights later*

I won my next two fights after that with minimal damage. Before I knew it, my nervousness had disappeared. My hands were no longer shaking and that I was not hesitating anymore. With my last victory I won my bracket, and now I would be going up against the winner of the first bracket. It was a girl named Violet Storm. She wielded a three-piece nunchaku staff that could reach five feet long when in bo staff form.

"Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! The final four combatants for this tournament. Pyrrha Nikos, Violet Storm, Grun Tone, and John Greystar," the announcer exclaimed with excitement. "For the first match, we'll be observing the battle between Pyrrha Nikos, the invincible little girl of this tournament, and Versus Violet Storm, the evermoving rampage of destruction. Now Fight!"

The girl, Violet, took out her weapon in staff form and faced in towards me. I did the same and raised Milo and Akouo in phalanx form. Then, the fight began. Violet began by lunging at my head in such a quick and unexpected manner that I almost had no time to duck. Missing, she wasted no time and rushed at me again with her staff, unleashing a barrage of attacks at me from all angles. I was immediately put on the defense. I needed to somehow escape this flurry of attacks. I thrusted Milo forward, but Violet easily blocked it with her staff. She caught Milo and forced it down onto the ground. Reacting fast, I immediately retracted Milo from spear form into its sword form and threw an upward slash at Violet. She effortlessly dodged the attack by jumping upwards and balancing on her staff with one hand.

It seemed like she had good reflexes and was pretty nimble. This was going to be a difficult fight.

With some distance between us now, I took the initiative to charge forward and strike first, but Violet saw that coming. She leaped up and raised her staff to hit me from above. Just in time, I stopped dead in my tracks and raised Akouo up to protect me. However, before the strike could land, my senses went off when I saw Violet grinning at me.


With a clicking sound Violet's staff suddenly split into a three-piece nunchaku. One of nunchaku swiveled around Akouo and almost struck me. With just a moment's notice to react, I swung Milo at the incoming nunchaku and knocked it back.

That was a bit dangerous. I could've been seriously injured had I not reacted fast enough.

Landing back on the ground, Violet started twirling her nunchakus from side to side. Then, she leaped forward and swung with her weapon at me again. It was moving too quick for me to parry with my sword, so I had to hide behind my shield again. The impact almost knocked me off my feet, and Violet continued her attack.

It was putting a lot of pressure on my shield. It felt like I was getting pelted repeatedly by giant hails in a harsh blizzard. She was, indeed, a moving rampage. And just as I was too distracted blocking her barrage of swings, she took the opportunity to change tactics. She flipped over behind me and was about to strike.

Just as the nunchakus came, I braced myself for impact. I knew I couldn't move fast enough to dodge them. Then, I felt the hit and I was sent flying backward.

"Was that it?" Violet said once the dust cleared.

However, struggling, I got back up. "It's not over yet!" I exclaimed. "I'm can still fight!"

Violet snickered and then nodded. "Let's proceed, then."

Violet came at me once again. However, this time, I learned my lesson. She attacked me with the same barrage. Then, while I was too distracted hiding behind my shield, Violet jumped over me like before. But this time, I saw her coming and I did the same. I flipped over along with her and backflipped away. From there, I extended Milo out into spear form. I lunged forward and attempted to jab her again, but befitting of her reflexes, she caught it and intertwined my spear with her nunchakus.

"You almost had me there," she said, almost mockingly.

A flush of anger swept into me and I pulled down my spear with great strength. It cut off one of the links holding her nunchaku staff. However, Violet didn't let that put her down, because she caught the cut-off nunchaku and started duel wielding them. With a long nunchuck in one hand and a cut-off nunchaku piece as a baton, her attacks were even more ferocious.

I need to start going on the offensive. I can't just stay as I am, otherwise I'll lose.

I jumped forward for a quick overhead strike with my spear, but like all the other times, she easily blocked it. Seeing an opening, she swung forward with her nunchakus, but I knew it was coming and I ducked backwards just in time to dodge it. This enabled me to twirled behind her and finally catch her off-guard. Changing Milo into sword form, I thrusted at her but she immediately caught it. She was about to swing at me with her nunchakus again, but I had about enough. I wasn't going to stay in the defense any longer.

I threw my shield forward and took a gamble. My shield struck her nunchakus in mid-flight and suddenly surprised her.

"Y-You're letting go of your defense?!" she exclaimed.

I had no time to say anything and pulled my sword out. Changing it back into spear form, I thrusted forward at the now-open Violet.

This is it. I've struck her.

Milo finally managed to strike Violet at her chest, dead-centered. All the air left her lungs. I didn't waste time and struck again. Using the lower end of my spear, I swung up and knocked Violent at her head. She fell down to the ground in a loud impact. Just as she was about to stand back up, I impaled my spear right next to her neck.

"Give up?" I spoke.

She looked at me for a moment then finally chuckled and smiled. "Yep. I give up."

The announcer suddenly shouted from behind me, "And the winner is Pyrrha Nikos!"

The whole crowd cheered for me once again and screamed my name. I felt tired but relieved. I did it. I actually did it. I had thought I would lose, but I didn't.

"There will be a 20 min intermission time for young Pyrrha here to rest before the finale. Make sure you don't miss it," said the announcer as I went behind stage to relieve myself.

*20 min later*

Excited the crowd cheered as the announcer spoke once again, "Now it's time for what you all been waiting for people! The finale of the Mistral Tournament! Pyrrha Nikos versus John Greystar! The invincible girl versus the the mad berserker! Ready, set, and fight!"

Once the match started, I immediately put up my shield, because this was John Greystar and he was not an easy opponent. The man dual wields chainsaws that shoots grenades. The mad berserker, they called him. It truly is a befitting title.

Without even waiting, John started launching grenades my way. I had to run away from the explosions, because there was no way I could block them. No matter how sturdy Akouo was, I can't handle taking a grenade head on, especially several thousands all at once. Although using those weapons must not be easy on him, my guess is that he must be still be tired from using those all days to fight and his ammo must be getting low too, I think this match will come down to whoever gets the first good hit. He still sending more grenades at me and i've been cornered to the edge, I only got one idea left. I switch Milo into gun form and with all my concentration I began shooting the grenades mid air to stop them from reaching me, eventually he'd have to run out of grenades. Once he did he charged at me screaming with both chainsaws raised in a rampage. I leaped over him and started shooting at him but he's just shrugging off the pain and moving along with his aura protecting him. The man flailed wildly trying to hit me and I did my best to dodge everything I could but he doesn't even flinch when I hit him with milo. Then suddenly in his rampage he started spinning around using the chain saws just like a buzz saw or twister made of razors. I didn't expect this and he managed to knock Akouo out of my hand and away from me, leaving me with just Milo. I could see it in his eyes, he was starting to get too tired to fight and this is his last resort at victory. In desperation I used milo's spear form and strike down at him in a clash of strength. I was starting to lose this struggle once he stopped spinning at used his other chainsaw to help push down on me too. I was forced down to one knee, so I held strong as long as I could. In a final attempt I rolled out of the way and use sword form to strike at him. He used his chainsaws to block but before I hit him I saw a black aura covering his chainsaw and when I struck him his chainsaws were dented. That caused the teeth to get stuck on the blade and couldn't move anymore. The man slumped down to his knees once his weapon broke and I approach him slowly. I was to worn out facing up against this berserker.

"Give… up" I said, heavily breathing and panting from the fight

"Hngh," he nods.

As he nods, I feel Akouo and Milo bending for some reason and his chainsaws were slowly crawling towards me.

"And the winner is Pyrrha Nikos! Now would- miss nikos where are you going?" the announcer spoke.

"Sorry but I need to go right away" I shouted as I ran away from the stadium. I don't know what's going on right now but I need to get away from the stadium.

I made my way to the weapons locker room and looked over Milo and Akouo. They both were dented where I was holding them and I cried a bit over that. Milo and Akouo haven't been damaged once since today. As a tear came out suddenly one of the lockers open and then another and another before all the lockers were slamming themselves open and closing repeatedly. I got scared and covered my ears and I sat down and closed my eyes. But then I noticed a rattling noise and i opened my eyes and saw Milo and Akouo shaking before they suddenly flew at me about to harm me. Then suddenly everything just stopped, my weapons, the lockers, and the sound in this room. All the lockers closed themselves and milo and akouo dropped down from in front of my face and allowed me to see a masked man in front of me. He walked towards me slowly and put two fingers onto to side of my head.

*In pyrrha's mind*

I wake up to see myself in a temple filled with statues of many different warriors. Wait a second this is the temple back home I use to visit, it was here I decided to take the path of a hunter.

"Are you ok" said a strange voice. I turned around to see that it was the masked man from earlier.

"I'm fine but who are you?" I don't really know how I got here and he came after me just right after that incident.

"Me? No one important. But you, possibly someone with a bright future. Let me tell you something, currently we are inside of your mind. This temple represents your ideals and strength that you used as a basis for your growth and we are here because you are about to grow even more."

Grow, what do you mean" I wondered.

"Invincible girl listen to me, what just happened in that locker room was no incident. It was your semblance, the ability to control metal or more accurately the power of polarity."

"Polarity? And what do you mean invicible girl, my name is Pyrrha"

"Well that's what they're calling you right? What I'm here for is to help you understand your gift so that you and others won't be harmed by it. Just like how your own weapons almost hurt you."

"How did you know that it was me doing all that?'

"Because I can do the same thing, albeit different means but the same result. And when I saw you suddenly doing it, I knew you would need help. So what do you say?"

"I-I don't know"

"It's fine, you have till tomorrow to decide. After that if you do we'll have three days remaining to train you before I need to leave."

"A whole day! But I still need to get back to the tournament!" I shouted.

"Do not worry, in here one day is but a minute out there. So take your time and decide"

Take my time but I don't even know you. But what should I do, I don't even know the basics to this power. Should I trust this stranger?

*one mindscape day later*

"I've decided. Please help me learn to control this semblance of mine." I said to the masked man.

"Thank you for trusting me, now we should hurry. In our limited time span I will try to teach you as much as I can about your powers so that hopefully you don't kill yourself. Your first lessons, calm down your emotions. No matter what power someone may have it should never be used in a state of uncontrollable emotions."

*3 mindscape days later*

"It is time invincible girl, for you to get back out there for your award."

"Thank you teacher, I don't know what I would have done without you."

"I believe you would have been fine even if I wasn't here. After all, you're the invincible girl are you not?"

"Sigh, please stop that teacher. They gave me that title so please call me by my name."

"Maybe when you've grown up more. Now get going"

*out of mindscape*

I saw my teacher in front of me and we were both still in the same place as we last were before all this.

" now good luck invincible girl, in any future endeavors you may attempt." he walked away and behind a locker.

I ran up to him to say thank you, but he somehow disappeared.

I hope I see him again, but for now I need to get back to the stage.

Ren's point of view

Nora and I were playing tag and a bunch of other games in the forest since noon and we were heading our way back home. Making our way home we head inside Nora's house using the back entrance to see that nobody was home. Since Nora's family wasn't home we enter my house, which was right next door. No one was home here either it seems, so Nora and I head outside to see if anyone was there, but the town seems as if it was deserted. We went looking throughout the town and still we couldn't find anyone.


"Yes Nora"

" I'm scared. We can't find our mom, dad, or anyone in this town." nora started crying.

"I'm here alright, now let's keep looking. Our parents are probably looking for us too."

"Okay" sniffled Nora as she tries to stop crying.

Eventually we reached the center of the town where the mayor lived. Just as we were about to enter we heard.

"Hey you kids!, what're you doing?" said a new voice.

"Huh?" i said.

"Don't you know what's going on? This village was just attacked by grimm three hours ago and before it was attacked they sent a distress signal for a hunter, me. The names-" just as he was about to tell us his name, a beowolf jumped out of a nearby building and mauled that hunter but luckily the hunter knocked of the beowulf and stabbed it in the neck with a knife.

"Like I was saying it's dangerous out here right now and you two need to get to safety. Lemme just send a distress call for a bullhead to come pick you two up." He dialed a number on his scroll and spoke. "Hey there's still two kids out here and I need you guys to send a bullhead to come pick them up." He hung up. "Now that that's taken care of, I need to get you two somewhere a bit more safe. And by the way, the names..." just as he was about to tell us his name three more beowolves popped out and mauled him. He would have made it if not for an ursa appearing and crushing him with its weight. There and then I took Nora's hand and started running away as fast as I could from the grimm. As we ran away from the mayor's house more grimm started to appear and began chasing us also. They chased us all the way to the town square where we were trapped in the open with grimm coming in from every directions in hordes. There were beowolves, ursa, a king taijitu, and griffins swooping down from the skies and landing on top the roofs. This isn't going to end well for me or nora is it?


"Yes Nora"

"Are we gonna die"

"No, just cover your ears and close your eyes and don't open them no matter what until I tell you too. ok?."


Nora closed her eyes tightly and I looked around me where all the grimm were staring at me with their cold dark red eyes. I wasn't that scared, because I had to protect Nora.

"Come at me!" I shouted with a fighting pose ready. All the grim charged forward at my taunting and so did the griffins as they began to take flight.

I was scared but I can't back down now. I kept my eyes open, not blinking once, even as my death was in front of me. Then from the skies above me multiple chains come down and dug themselves into the ground as they form a large caged dome around me and Nora. Any grimm that were trying to get us before crashed into the cage that didn't even shake from the impact and they were stopped. Then standing on top of the cage was a masked man and an armored man. Then the masked man spoke out to me.

"That was brave of you soldier, now stand near the center with your friend, we will handle the rest of them"

"But how?" I questioned.

"Like this"

The masked man and armored man both jump off the cage in opposite direction into hordes of grimm ready to tear them apart. When the armored man landed he stuck his hands into the ground and from the ground many large spikes appeared out of the ground impaling multiple grimm on the spikes and killing them.

"That's thirty in one go" said the armored man.

"Then watch this" said the masked man. He then began to suck in a deep breath and let out in one massive attack, a huge fire breath that he spread around him incinerating the grimm.

"There, 40 in one breath"

"Yeah and the buildings too you idiot."

"Town's already dead, it was just going to deteriorate anyway. Now they can't hide in there at least"

"Sure, say the town's dying right in front of the remaining survivors."

"Soldiers got good eyes on him, this won't keep him down. Besides you fucked up the road with that little devastator of yours."

"Point, still the roads would be easier to fix. Let's just get back to the killing."

The armored man's arm suddenly becomes wrapped in red tentacles and his arm changed, becoming this mass of tendrils with blades all along his arm with two sharp points at the end. Then he pulled his arm back and punched forwards and his arm stretched out and struck an ursa that was down the street, he then moved it side to side and all of the grimm that were on the street were sliced by it.

Next the masked man wrapped his chains around the king taijitu and killed it. Then he proceed to smash away at the other grimm using the king taijitu's body. But the body disappeared soon after and he made multiple chains come out of the ground and lit them on fire. Then he used the chains to whip around a large group of grimm and ignite them into ashes.

Then the armored man leaped up into the air and suddenly changed directions midair and rushed towards an ursa, he landed on it which caused it to slide forwards on the floor. He then kicked it towards another ursa and they both broke through the wall.

"Blacklight take the kids away I'm going to finish this" shouted the masked man.

"Okay then, hurry with what you're doing then Maelstrom" spoke Blacklight. As Maelstrom retracted the chains Blacklight rushed towards us and took me and Nora away. Maelstrom began charging his fist up with intense fire. The light in his hand grew bigger and bigger until he unleashed it. The blast was so intense that I passed out

*one hour later after the fighting*

I woke up to the sound of crickets to see myself in a bed with Nora laying next to me. It seems… we survived that nightmare afterall. I got out of the bed and walked towards the door and what I saw appear to be the living room with the two man who saved us there. The armored man was leaning his back against the wall and the masked man was lying down on the sofa leisurely.

"Maelstrom, the kids are one is at least. It's still your turn, chop,chop."

"There was never turns Blacklight, till you got all pissy about it. Anyway it's good that you're up Soldier. How's the other one?"

"You mean Nora"

"Yeah, her"

"She's fine. She's just still sleeping though"

"I'll say Soldier, you were quite the man out there. Even more than most men double your age wouldn't have been able to stand up like that. Don't lose that spirit."

"Thank… you"

"Now go wake up Nora and get ready, your bullhead is almost here to pick you up. They'll be here in about 15 minute."

"Ok sir"

I headed back into the room and lightly shook nora awake. She woke up in a groggy state and looked around her then at me.

"REN, we're alive!" shouted Nora as she threw herself at me and into a big hug.

"Yes, we are. Now maybe you should go thank those two out there. Afterall they did save us." once I said that Nora ran out the room to get a look at them.

"You guys are so cool!" shouted Nora. "Hey why are you covered in armor big guy. Oh and you, can I see your face? Can I?! can I?"

"Nora, you can't just go up to people and ask them that" I said wisely.

The two men looked at each other and then they both started laughing.

"Haha, that's the first time we've ever got that kind of reaction. Usually they're either wary of us or scared of us. But not you, you just ran up and wanted to see more." said Maelstrom. "Sorry but you can't see our faces."

"Oooh why not"

"Well, because I don't want to show it, yet. Maelstrom either" said Blacklight

"One day perhaps you might see it, Fearless" said Maelstrom with a chuckle. "Soldier, Fearless, I don't think you two need any advice. Just never change and you two will be fine. Now head outside, the bull head is about to land and send people to look for you." as Maelstrom said that me and nora went to look outside the window and saw that what he said was true and we could see the bullhead. We turned around but to our dismay they were both gone already. One day we'll meet again, that's what I believe.

"I'll see your faces next time we meet!" shouted Nora. that alerted the hunters and they rushed inside the house and saw us.

"Are you two alright" spoke the hunter.

"Yeah, we're fine."

"Now where's the other hunter that sent the signal. His name if I recalled was…."

WB- Oh poor nameless hunter, how we will never forget you and your sacrifice to save those two children.

TW- Who are you talking about?

WB- The umm... guy who sent for the bullhead

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