A Little Announcement

Okay guys, I give. I am running out of ideas. And when I do, they are usually for later chapters. As in, chapters 8 or higher. So, please give me ideas for stories, and I will consider some. Also, here are some stories that I might rewrite:

- Impa and Ghirahim: Servants in Love

That's right. Only one. Heck, I might even rewrite just a single chapter: Chp 4. Listen, the first review I got on this story was literally 'Lame plot' and I'm not really spawning a lot of fresh ideas for that story either. For any story, actually… So please, if you're gonna give me a review that's negative, add some constructive criticism in there. I'm not interested in the type of comments that give only harsh criticism. I'm posting this on all my stories, FYI, so if you see this twice in row….. yeah… just skip it.

I'm PokéMaster Zelda, and I see ya next time!