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Summary: The night Voldemort attacked the Potters. Harry sensed that they were in danger. Wanting to keep his brother safe he willed his magic to protect Jaden to the point that his magic merged to his twin leaving his magical core empty. When their parents found out, Lily couldn't bear the thought that she had produced a squib abadoned Harry into a muggle orphanage. Years later, he was save and adoptf by the Cullens who loved and take good care of him. But on Jaden's seventeenth birthday he had fallen into a mysterious illness and the only one who could save him is his twin brother.

Warnings: Twin fic. Alive Potters. Good Petunia. Lily Bashing. Ron Bashing. Potion Genius Harry. Squib Harry.


"Im sorry James, Lily. But Harry, he's magical core is very small. I'm afraid he's going to be a squib," the headmaster explained sadly after checking the twin right after the Dark lord attacked them at Godric hallows. Jaden's magic was almost depleated but it was slowly replenishing. Unfortunately, Harry was another matter. He has magic but it was so small and there was no sign of it growing further.

Lily, looked at the headmaster in horror. No, this can't be happening. She was not supposed to bear a squib. She and James are both powerful, Jaden was a testament to that. Even as a baby he had managed to defeat Voldemort. Why Harry was not like her Jaden. It would put their family to shame when the wizarding world found out. And she was certain her status that she worked very hard to escalate would dragged into mud once again.

Mean while, James upon hearing the headmaster's proclaimation pulled his son, Harry againts his chest hugging him tightly. He was so terrified for his son. The wizarding world would be harsh to him when they found out he's a squib, but he couldn't bring himself to throw his son away to the muggle world, much more to take his life away just like other family in the wizarding world did when they discover that their child was a squib. Most of them are purebloods.

He looked towards the headmaster his eyes pleading for him to do something, anything because he himself was at lost on what to do.

Albus heart was breaking as he gaze to his son in anything but blood. Despair and dread was so visible in James hazel eyes. He knew how much James loved his boys, and to think that he would need to cast one of them away, and seperate him from his twin was outrageous and horrible.

"James, my boy. You don't have to do anything you didn't want to. He can still stay here in our world. He might not have magic, but he can still do a lot of things here, like brewing potions. Im certain, Severus will gladly help and guide him with that," the headmaster suggested

James perked up at that and was about to agree but both him and the headmaster was shocked when Lily suddenly started yelling.

"NO! James, you can't do that. Our family will be drag into mud if the wizarding world found out. And I wouldn't allow Snape any where near my children," she shouted hysterically. She then harshly grabbed Jaden from where he was sitting and rushed towards their room slamming the door shut.

James had no idea what happened, this was the first time Lily acted like this. He wanted to be mad at her for she cared much more what the wizarding world was thinking than the safety and happiness of their own son. And the way she spoke about Snape. He knew it was partly his fault why Lily and Snape's friendship was torn apart, but he hadn't expected for his wife to still hold grudges to what happened to them in the past.

"Give her sometime, James. There's a lot that had happened tonight. She's still in shock. It's quite normal for her to be hysterical," stated the headmaster as he patted James shoulder.

James nodded his head in agreement but deep inside he knew that from this day on everything would never be the same ever again.

After a while, an exhausted Sirius Black and Remus Lupin arrived from hunting their traitorous former friend Peter Petrigew. Both of them immediately sensing something was wrong when Lily and Jaden was not in the living room and James held Harry as though he would suddenly disappear when he let go of him.

" James, Albus, whats going on? Are Lily and Jaden alright?" asked Sirius anxiously as he and Remus sat across James.

" We recieved a very sad news tonight my boys. It seems our little Harry here is a. . a squib,"

" That's impossible. He had an accidental magic before," Sirius argued as he looked at them in disbelief.

" Was he alone when he had those accidental magic? Because if he's not, am afraid it was Jaden doing it all this time," explained the headmaster

Sirius hung his head in disappointment when he realized that Jaden was indeed always with Harry when they thought he had an accidental magic. Then his head snapped immediately to his friend.

" Please tell me your not going to cast him away, James," pleaded Sirius

" I don't want to. And Albus said that Harry could still learn some parts of magic like potion. He said Snape would even agree to tutor Harry. But,"

" But what, James?" urged Remus dreading what his friend was going to say.

" Lily. She. .she suddenly started yelling about what the wizarding world would think if they found out about Harry. That our family would be dragged into mud. And that she didn't want Snape near to the twins, then she walked away," stated James devastated.

Sirius and Remus shared a look that hadn't gone unnoticed by the headmaster so before the two could voice their opinion Albus decided to intervene.

" I told James to just give her sometime for now. Lily must be still in shock. Why don't we leave them for now my boys so they could all rest already. It's been a long and tiring day for all of us," he suggested giving the two a pointed look.

Sirius and Remus agreed hesistantly. Sirius walked closer to James and Harry taking his godson to say goodbye. He lifted the child in front of him " hey little tyke. You sleep well yeah? Uncle padfoot and Harry will play again tomorrow,"

"Pa'foo, Awwy, Moooy, Aden. . Play," babbled Harry patting his small hands to his god father's cheeks.

"Of course, Jaden and Uncle Moony too," chuckled Sirius.

"Awwy wab Aden," said Harry nodding vigorously "wab Addy,Pafoo, Moony too," he added his expresion was so serious that made Sirius breath hitched and his chest tightened for an unknown reason.

"we love you too tyke. Goodnight hare bear," muttered Sirius as he kissed Harry's forehead and hug him tight.

"Bye bye Pafoo," whispered Harry kissing his god father's nose. He then turned towards the other's " bye bye Addy, Moony, Anpa,"he said much to the wizards confusion. None of them realized that it would be the last time they are going to see the green eyed baby.