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Chimera – Chapter 1



Pulling up outside of Bella's apartment, my wipers are on full blast, trying to see outside. The rain is falling so fast and heavy, that even with the wipers my view of her building is skewed.

Closing my eyes, I take a few deep breaths. Just hand her the bags and leave, don't look at her face; more importantly don't look into her doe eyes!

The vibration of my cell in my pocket makes me jump stopping the mental pep talk I was giving myself. I unbuckle my seatbelt and take my cell out. Angela's name flashes on the screen making me run my fingers through my hair as I answer it.

"Hi, Ang," I say trying to keep my greeting light to not let her on to the heaviness I feel right now.

"Hi, babe! I was just calling to see if you wanted to drop over and spend some time with me? I've still got some leftovers from dinner here that I could heat up for you."

I hold back the groan that wants to come out. I don't want to her to know that I'd rather not go to her place. What I want more than anything else, is to go home and go to sleep. However, Angela is my friend—recently changed to girlfriend—and she's really been there for me these past few months. It's been almost a week since we last saw each other and I'm feeling somewhat guilty about that. There's also the fact we've only been dating for a month now. I can't neglect her—it wouldn't be right.

"I'm not on my way home yet, Angela, but if it's not too late, I'll stop by." Crossing my fingers in hope she can't hear the lie behind my words.

"Oh, okay; don't work too hard, babe. I love you," she sighs happily.

"I'll text you," I say hanging up feeling even guiltier that I don't have those same feelings for her, not yet anyway.

Grabbing the shopping bags from over the seat, I open my car door, get out, and run toward Bella's apartment building. The building is really run down and dirty. It's clearly not a nice place to visit and an even worse place to live. Where I would love to change the fact where Bella lives, I can't do anything about it. My family and our lawyer have advised me not to do anything and leave Bella to deal with her living arrangements for herself.

Stepping over the multiple piles of vomit, piss, God only knows what, and a few drunken people, I finally make it to her door. Knocking twice softly on it, I know her baby should be asleep.

"Who is it?" Bella calls through the door.

"It's Edward, Bella."

The lock clicks and her door quickly opens. "Hi, please come in," she says smiling brightly at me, but I can see that she's tired.

"Hi," I reply softly walking in. My eyes drop to the ground, knowing I should look at her face, but I can't and it just makes my heart ache.

"He's sleeping, but you can look in on him," she tells me.

"No, it's all right. I just wanted to drop these off for you." Holding up the bags before I pass them over to her

"Oh, thank you," she says.

"Look, I need to go," I say needing to be away from her. There's something about her that still seems to stirs up unwanted feelings inside of me.

"Edward, please, can't you stay just for a little bit? Just to have a cup of coffee or something?"

I pull at my hair knowing that I shouldn't stay, but I find it hard to say no to her.

"Just a quick coffee," I agree.

Bella nods walking into the kitchen. I follow behind her watching her making the coffee as she yawns.

"What have you been up to?" Bella asks as she waits for the water to heat.

"Nothing much, I've been knee-deep in several cases they have me working on. What about you? Have you managed to talk to your parents yet?"

Bella's face drops a little. "No ... they still don't want anything to do with me," she replies sadly, and I am hit with a wave of guilt, over the fact she looks so sad, scared, and alone.

"I'm sorry, but maybe it's time to tell them the truth about Ethan."

Bella turns and looks at me. "I have not lied to them about Ethan. I've told you all the truth, but none of you believe me."

I sigh rubbing my face. "My family and I will still help you, if you just tell the truth, Bella. I understand you made a mistake, and there was a chance he could've been mine—"

"He is yours," she interrupts and I shake my head at her.

"We did a DNA test, Bella, and it came back negative for me and you know this. You even admitted the results when you read them for yourself."

"It was a mistake; it had to be a mistake. I was angry and hurt, but I know that test is wrong."

"Bella, it wasn't a mistake, it cannot be wrong. DNA is not wrong," I tell her. As I go to touch her arm, she moves out of my reach hugging her arms around herself.

"Just look in on him, please. If you'd just look at him ..."

I let out a breath pulling my hair as we seem to be falling into the same argument we've been having for the past three months.

"I have seen him, Bella, more than once."

"No, I don't mean to see him, I mean to really look at him. Just look at him, I mean, really look at him."

I raise my eyebrow at her silently asking what the difference is.

"Edward, you're looking at him with that stupid test in your head. Take a look at him without thinking of that, and you'll see he looks exactly like you."

I move to her touching her arms softly, but again she pulls back from me shaking her head and rolling her hand into fists.

"Bella, I know that you slept with another person after me."

Bella shakes her head at me. "I have only slept with my ex-boyfriend Jake and then you. The last time I slept with Jake was just before I turned seventeen. There's no way he can be Ethan's father; I'm not an elephant."

"I'm sick of this, sick of her lying to me," my mind screams. "He's not mine, Bella! For fucks sake, we did a DNA test and a second one, just to appease you. Both tests came back showing I wasn't the father, and yet I'm still here helping you and so is my family. Even after you dragged us through a load of shit this past year, we're still here, helping you. I told Angela—" I say but stop when Bella rolls her eyes the second I say Angela's name. "I know you don't like her," I change what I was going to say.

"You're right, I don't care for her. She dumped you for someone else, and when he got sick of her, she crawled back to you."

There's a part of me that knows she's right, and I have my regrets. There's also another part of me who—despite everything she's done—still wants Bella. Those feelings seem to ignite my anger, which makes me raise my voice. "It was my choice to take her back, and it's none of your business anyway."

Both Bella and I look to the door when we hear Ethan's loud cry.

"I should go, this is getting us nowhere, like usual," I say.

"Just hang on, please," Bella says running to Ethan. She comes back a few seconds later with him in her arms.

"Look at him," she implores.

I look down and smile at little Ethan. "He's beautiful, just like his momma," I say being totally honest.

"He is yours, Edward, please believe me. I believe in my heart and soul he's yours. Ever fiber in me tells me he belongs to you. I don't care if you don't want to be with me, just be a dad to him – that's all I ask. I'll even be fine with Angela being around him, if that's what you want."

"I'm sorry, Bella, I can't be his dad. It's not fair to me or Angela. If I get married, then my first child shouldn't have to take second place to a child that isn't mine and has nothing to do with me."

I watch as the tears fall from Bella's eyes.

"I think it'll be best if I stop coming by, because this is giving you false hope. We're never going to be a—" The hurt in my heart makes me stop talking. Finding the words stuck, I clear my throat hoping to hold back my tears. "We're never going to be a couple. Too much has happened between us, for us to really work. You've put me through too much."

"Edward, I swear—"

I shake my head, cutting her off. "Bella, enough of the lies—no more—please."

I go to walk out but Bella catches my arm, and since she's holding Ethan, I can't pull away from her for fear of him being hurt.

"What do I have to do?" she asks with a plea.

I grunt hating this so much, because I know how easy it would be to love Bella. As much as I care about her, her lying and selfish behavior makes it impossible.

"Nothing, Bella; there's nothing you can do. You were my friend. I know it takes two to tango, and I shouldn't have slept with you when we both were drunk. But the lying you've done—to me and my family after that night—who was that? Because that was not the sweet, shy girl I met last year? Was that the real you, the sweet girl? Or, is the real you the deceitful bitch that tries everything to get what she wants no matter who she hurts?"

Bella drops her hand from my arm with a gasp.

"I'm sorry, but I'm done and so is my family. We can't help you if you keep lying all the time."

I walk out and get into my car. I can feel my heart breaking the further I get away from her and her apartment.

The things that were said tonight needed to be stated. She wasn't facing the truth, and I've been hurting someone who loves me. I just hope, by doing what I just did, this will make Bella get the help she needs.

Little did I know it would be almost eighteen months before I'd see Bella and Ethan again? To understand you will first need to go back to when Bella and I first met.

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