holy shit, this was crazy.

i was cramming for my exam tomorrow, silently cursing myself that i didn't study earlier. i had the whole week, but nope. i gave in to my friends and ended up being dragged to frat parties all around campus. i wasn't into all the buff and sweaty jocks that joined frats, and you definitelywouldn't catch me risking my life to get into one.

i've seen the movies, and i know that when they tell you to go into a cemetery for the night, you're not coming back out.

my hand was cramping up from writing all these notes in my messy notebook, my sloppy handwriting inked onto the page. i shook my hand, as if that would help me, and decided i needed a break. i looked at the clock, groaning when it read 2am. i have to get up in seven hours, but knowing me, i wouldn't go to sleep until five.

i got up from my rollie chair and went into my kitchen. i still had leftover takeout from around eleven when i had it, so why not? i took the rest of the lo mien, not bothering to heat it up. i grimaced, the noodles were cold and hard.


i sat down for about thirty minutes, feeling my eyelids get heavier and heavier by the second. i reallyneeded to finish these notes. if i'm being honest, school is kicking my ass and i don't know if i'm going to be able to survive. i'm sure i was dying of stress, and this stuffy apartment wasn't helping. i needed to go somewhere else, maybe clear my mind. this apartment just reminded me of my responsibilities, so i grabbed my books and pencils.

i quietly opened my front door, peeking my head out to see if there were any residential assistants swarming around. they were pretty friendly, but there was one who scared me. he looked thirty, at least, giant arm muscles and a full fledged beard. his voice sounded like satan, and if you didn't see him and heard it, you'd want to go to church the next day. he had to have been a lumberjack in his past life.

i tried my best to walk down the hallway as silently as i could, not wanting to disturb anyone at this time of day. i closed the door to the stairway, tiptoeing to the exit door before jogging up the four flights of stairs. i really wanted to take the elevator, because man,were my legs killing me. but it was small and creaky, and i didn't want to have firemen come and pull me out of it if it crashed.

i shivered slightly as i felt the wind hit me, the chilly night's air wrapping me in a cold coat. i should've brought a sweater, but i only had fuzzy socks on my feet and a t-shirt on. wearing boxers wasn't a good idea, either. i looked up at the creamy moon shining down on the city, lights speckling the black buildings. i walked up to the ledge of the roof, looking down at the road. a few cars would pass by, either on their way to work, the airport, or maybe they were trying to escape something, too.

i was careful, but i set my books on the ledge and climbed on it, letting my legs hang down from the roof as i continued writing in my notebook. this was better, i liked feeling free and being able to see something other than the plain, white walls of my apartment. the wind blew, causing my papers to flap in the wind and my boxers to ripple against my legs, goosebumps littering my skin.

i sighed, focusing on the quietness and continued to write down notes in my book.

i liked the roof.

i felt motivation flood through my mind, creating a mantra in my head to keep me from jumping off of this ledge. i scribbled around three pages in my notebook before i felt sleepiness overtake me, my eyelids struggling to stay open.

when i finally decided that i had studied enough, my phone read 4:53am.

oh, cool; i was seven minutes under my bedtime.

i trudged to the door that led to the stairway, almost falling down a flight because i misjudged my step. i could barely see, my eyelids creating shadows on the top and bottom of my vision. all i could think about was the blessing that is my bed. i couldn't waitto snuggle into the warm bedsheets, my body sinking into the soft mattress as i drifted into sleep. i sighed, going back into my unlocked apartment before throwing my books across the room and collapsing on my bed. i didn't even care that i'd have to clean up the scattered papers on the floor.

i just hoped i didn't fail tomorrow.