"guys, hurry up! 2016 is coming in fourty-five seconds!" pete shouted from the bonfire, taking a swig of his beer.

andy and i raced to the fire, meeting the others in the circle. we had gone inside to get more beers, but we almost missed the countdown.

"could you believe we'll be starting a whole new year together?" i asked, the realization dawning on me and making me smile.

"i know. i can't believe i'm spending it with you dorks." pete smiled. "i love you guys."

"yeah, yeah." patrick rolled his eyes, leaning his head on pete's shoulder.

"twenty seconds." joe checked his phone.

i looked out into the navy waves crashing against the shore. the moon was shining brighly on the water, creating glimmers every so often when the waves would move. josh scooted closer to me, throwing an arm around my shoulders.

"six!" andy shouted, a smile adorning his features.

"five!" joe followed, his eyes holding excitement.

"four!" pete looked at patrick, glancing at his lips.

"tyler, you know i love you, right?" josh asked, mouth tugging into a smirk.

"kiss me, you fool." i rolled my eyes, leaning up to meet his lips.

the voices of the others were drowned out, and i could only focus on this moment. a whole year passed, full of hardships and achievements. things seemed hard at first, but i was glad i was able to surive a year of college. sure, i had three more to go, but that just meant three more years until i was free to do whatever i was wanted.

i was kissing this boy that i've grown to love more than anything in such a short period of time. from his fading, pink hair to his beat up converse, josh was that piece that completed my crazy puzzle.

life is good.

i was here with the most amazing person ever.

i was studying to become a musician later.

i had the best friends i could ask for, and on top of that,

i know what it feels like to be loved.

and i don't think anything could beat that.