Dangerously Sane

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Anya paced back and forth slowly, her eyes glancing over at the screen, trying to piece together what the hell was happening right now. Amanda Waller had called her into the office, at 2am in the morning, deeming an emergency meeting. And all that she had walked into was a bunch of workers with silent, grim faces whilst the profiles of some of the City's most notorious criminals were displayed on the several screens. Why or what it had to do with her was beyond her understanding. Anya stopped, turning around to face Waller, her brown bloodshot eyes narrowing in suspicion.

"Why's he displayed up there?" She sharply asked, running a hand through her wavy brown hair, which was messily put up in a low bun. She looked a mess, but really didn't care - it was 2am and she'd rather be at home sleeping.

Waller glanced at the screen and then back at Anya, a nonchalant expression on her face. "There are several 'He's' displayed up there - You're gonna have to be a bit more specific."

"The Joker." Anya replied, through gritted teeth. "He's the only one not locked up."

"He could be a threat-"

"-It's the fricking joker - of course he's a threat." She responded, crossing her arms. She had enough of Waller's mind games, she wasn't going to stand around trying to guess what was going on. "Every single one of these criminals are locked up at Belle Reve. They're not a threat...so what's your play here, Waller?"

"I'm assembling a team and you're going to help." She replied, without even thinking for a second.

Anya inhaled sharply, leaning against one of the tables. "Elaborate."

"What you see up here on the screen are the most deranged, dangerous criminals we have locked up here." Anya glanced up her eyes scanning past each individual, some with exceptional abilities, deformities and general lethality. Some of them had been personally brought in by Batman, others had eluded escape for a limited time. "What you see up here is the team. They have nothing to live for and we can kill them within a second. We can use them to execute some of the most dangerous missions we have, I'm talking Black Ops mission where we couldn't even send Superman himself, for the risk of death."

"Superman is dead." Anya replied, not liking her plan by the second.

"Rick Flagg will be leading the team, you will join him. You'll help him debrief them, keep them under control and report any deaths to me, so we can update our system." Waller concluded. "Any questions?"

"I take it I don't get much of a choice in this." Anya coldly replied. This was typical of Waller, direct to the point for her own selfish reasons. What she said, went. Anya frowned, a little bit disheartened by the fact that Waller expected there to be deaths and couldn't care less. Those people on the screen may be bad, but they were still human...for the most part. Apart from Croc. She thought, her eyes flickering towards his picture.

"You know fine well you can't work with any other teams...I think they seem right up your street." Waller smiled at her, a thin smile which masked her distaste towards Anya, before handing her over a file. Anya stiffened slightly at the mention of her failed teamwork.

Anya glance down, seeing that the file contained more details regarding all of the inmates. "When do I start?"

"We start now - we're heading over to Belle Reve." A voice behind her said.

Anya shook her head, turning around to see Rick Flagg standing there, gun in hand, ready for combat. He nodded once at her and she motioned for him to go. "Lead the way."