Dangerously Sane

Okay – wow. It has been a crazy amount of time since I've updated and so much has happened in personal life and within the world. First and most important thing to address is I sincerely hope that anyone who is reading this is safe and that your family/friends are safe and well. A massive thank you to anyone who is still reading this after a major hiatus! Appreciate it so much. Hope you enjoy the next chapter! A bit of escapism which is much needed!

Chapter Twelve:

Anya winced rolling her shoulder several times as she walked up the stairs at a slower pace. She could feel several bruises forming and the sudden heatwave from Diablo was more than welcome. It was over in a flash. One minute they were forming a circle around Rick to protect him from those… well, whatever the hell those things were…. Followed by bursts of fighting, falling, and even more fighting. Luckily, Diablo had stepped in with some much-needed motivation from Deadshot. She was used to the bruises, the sore muscles, but at least with every other mission she had been on, she knew why she was doing what she was doing. The more in the dark she was kept with this mission, the more frustrated she could feel herself getting.

"Hey-"Rick took two steps at a time to catch up with her. "Are you okay?"

"Picking a perfect time to have a conversation." Anya sarcastically muttered back. She looked ahead and could see that Harley was starting to slow down, exhaling heavily.

He nodded, "Well you know what they say, a bit of cardio and conversation goes well together."

"You're a bit of an odd guy, Rick".


Anya rolled her eyes, glancing up ahead at how many more flights of stairs there were. Too many. "Being friendly with people you wouldn't hesitate to kill? Nice team building."

He shook his head, "I wouldn't try to kill y-"

"-Hey Harley." Anya paused, looking at Harley who was holding on handrail and breathing heavily. "You okay?"

"I gotta work on my cardio." She looked at the other members of the team who were walking past her and shrugged her shoulders. "I'll catch up with you lovebirds – Just gimme five."

Anya nodded, nudging Rick to prompt him to start moving. "See you in a bit. " She glanced over at Rick, "So, what were you saying?"

He quickly looked behind him and then up, no doubt double checking that everyone was in nearby sight. "That I wouldn't kill you or even try to. Are you okay?"

She let out a huff and shook her head, quickly scanning through all the crazy events that have led them here. Not a single part of that was okay and what made matters worse, was that she still didn't know why they were here. "Am I okay about what? Those creatures that attacked us? Or Diablo causing a massive bonfire in five seconds-" She saw Diablo glance over at her at the mention of his name. "It's cool and appreciated." He nodded and turned back around, "Or the fact that we are walking up the never-ending staircase to the mission that we don't know anything about?"

"All of it?"

"Well, I'm not having a breakdown so that's a good thing." She tilted her head trying to think of the last time she had a good cry – not any time recently. "Y'know, come to think of it, I am due for a major breakdown and I'm a Pisces, so y'know, attachment, detachment, alcohol, cry and repeat".

Rick cleared his throat, readjusting his grip on his gun that was strapped across him. "Anya – I'm just trying to keep this team together."

"You have bombs in their necks and I've been blackmailed to come here – it's not a team."

"I'm trying to make it one-"

"-By doing what? Pep talks? Cause, Rick, no offence but I don't think that's your strong point."

Rick cleared his throat and raised his eyebrows at her, with a look that declared: challenge accepted. "Hey – I could give a pep talk if I wanted to."

"So do it then." She curtly replied, smirking a little.

He nodded and looked up the stairs. "Move your ass on up these stairs – we don't have all day sunshine."

Anya stopped for a moment and placed a hand over her heart in mock horror. "Wow – It's like my own personal Tony Robbins(!)".

"Funny." He lightly nudged Anya, causing her to smirk. To anyone else it would've looked like they just accidently bumped into each other on the stairs. "If you had your freedom, what would you do?"

"That's random and irrelevant. I'm basically Government Property – so no point in thinking about it." Anya cleared her throat and looked ahead to see there was about four more flights of stairs. She paused and looked behind her.

"What're you looking for?" Deadshot asked, who was six steps below them.

"Harley – she stopped a while back, she's like, three-"

"-five" Rick interjected.

"Five floors down. Shit."

Deadshot turned around and rolled his shoulders. "I'll go get her." He told them, before rushing down the stairs.

"Let's get moving – targets up there." Rick told her, resuming their previous pace.

"The 'target'? And that is…."


"Huh… y'know it's almost like-" Anya stopped talking suddenly, the most ridiculous thought had just crossed her mind. More than ridiculous, it was hilarious. Imagine if this whole rescue/ mission has been set up by the person who set it up. Put together people who are disposable because they or she thinks they are more valuable than all of them. What kind of egotistical bitch would that? She sniggered out loud, causing the soldiers who were going through the door ahead to look at her. "Ignore me."

"What's going on?"

"I think I know what this is, and I really hope I'm wrong." She whispered to him, raising her eyebrows.

Rick frowned at her and held the door open, motioning for her to go first. She stepped inside and moved to the side of the door, away from where the soldiers were. She watched as Rick walked towards one of the Soldiers who were scanning the room.


Rick turned to him. "All right, secure the roof. Sweep for shooters so we can bring in our aviation assets."

"Going to the roof." The soldier clarified, before turning around and heading out.

Anya frowned, looking ahead and noticing a secure door with a keypad. Official. She didn't like that. It went right along with her batshit theory that Amanda Freaking Waller is the 'target'. A bunch of additional soldiers were exiting towards the roof just as Deadshot and Harley walked in.

Rick turned to them and held out his hand to stop them in their tracks. "Oh. Wait here, please. I don't wanna give this dude a heart attack. Okay?" He gave them a stern look, glanced over at Anya and then turned around towards the keypad secure door.

"Aw!" Harley replied. "He's embarrassed of us!".

Deadshot nodded his head and Anya had a sneaking suspicion that he was catching up to what this actually was. "Hey, Flag. This dude better cure cancer after all of this shit."

Anya watched as Rick typed in the passcode in the keypad: 8 5 6 9.

"Hey – you know what this is?" Deadshot asked her.

"I have a crazy theory." She replied.

Harley smiled at her. "I love crazy theories!"

Anya shook her head, looking back towards that door – she knew the code, but she did not want to be proven right. "Trust me – you don't wanna know."

Deadshot moved towards her and leaned in slightly, lowering his voice. "Given all the shit that's been happening, a crazy theory would not be surprising. "

"It's insane."

"Have you seen where we are? What's out there?"

Anya inhaled sharply, nodding to herself. "Good point." She lowered her voice. "I was thinking how insane would it be… if the person that put us all together was the person who was being, y'know." She motioned towards the door.

"I got the code – imma take a look."

"8569 – right?"

"Yeah." Deadshot walked towards the door and keyed in the code. "See y'all in a minute."

Anya shook her head trying to ignore the gut feeling that she was having about this situation. She didn't know if it was anger. Disbelief. Rage. All the above. "Holy shit." She muttered, sliding down the wall, and stretching her legs out. She realised straight away that was a mistake, sitting down was too comfy and there was probably no way she could stand back up. She didn't want to. She exhaled slowly and kept her eyes on the door, waiting to see who it was that will be coming out.