Dreaming of a better future

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Chapter 7

Three of the members of team RWBY stood in their room watching as one Yang Xiao Long ran around her future daughter, Sara Arc, none stop as she looked her over, amazed by her mere presence.

"Look at you! You look just like me, it is amazing!"

The blonde brawler squealed in delight while her future daughter just stood, head held high and chest puffed out in pride as her mother continued to run around her. The other members of team RWBY could only wonder why such a thing was happening. The other future daughters like Sara though just sat in confusion at the sight of another daughter appearing. Though it was only Summer and Angela who were confused seeing as Bell just laid on her mother's bed sleeping in a small bed in its corner.

Other than that the dorm room for team RWBY was as it always has been, rowdy and entertaining.

"So, what are we going to do?"

Ruby asked as she looked to her team. Blake just shrugged, not really caring as she went back to her bed and grabbed hold of her daughter gently and pulled her to her chest so she could cuddle the small girl.

"I really don't care, it's late so I want some sleep, just make sure you aren't loud Yang."

The ninja said as she wrapped herself and Bell in her sheets and went to sleep. Weiss just sighed as she went over to her closet.

"I am not sure we should discuses everything tomorrow but like Blake said it's late so let's sleep."

The heiress said as she opened up her closet and pulled out an inflatable bed and dropped it to the side, clicking a small red bead and the bed began to inflate. The bed had the SDC logo on it as it inflated and the heiress pulled out a few blankets for her daughter as she moved the inflatable bed next to hers and gave a small nod as she set it up for her.

Angela gave a small nod in appreciation as her mother climbed into her bed before deciding to lay down and sleep along with her mother.

"Mother is right, we all need sleep, tomorrow will come before we know it so it's best we be properly rested."

The silver girl said to which Weiss nodded as she then turned over in her bed and started to go to sleep. Ruby, Summer, Yang and the new guest Sara were the only ones left as they all just looked at each other.

"I guess we should listen to Weiss and sleep so yeah, night Yang."

The little reaper said as she walked to the side and climbed up onto her bed with Summer. Yang and Sara just shrugged and did the same, jumping up into the brawler's bed. Everyone in the room prepared to get some sleep, Ruby extended her weapon, Crescent Rose, and used its spear tip to hit the light switch turning it off before closing her weapon and going to sleep.

Headmaster's office

Ozpin sat at his desk, watching over the footage of the battle that happened earlier between an unknown creature of Grimm that was fighting Jaune and his future son. The headmaster sighed as he paused the footage at the end just as Jaune cleaved the Grimm's head off. 'This is going to be a problem.' The headmaster thought, worried what this new Grimm meant for the future of things.

While Ozpin worried about what was going to happen when word of this new Grimm started to spread and the panic it could cause a message dinged off on his terminal. The headmaster turned and opened the message to see it was from General Ironwood. 'This is going to be problematic.' The headmaster thought as he let out a tired sigh and opened the message.

"Ozpin, I was just sent some unusual news from some of my students. They are telling me that there was a strange Grimm that attacked the school, is there something you would like to tell me?"

The message read as Ozpin leaned back in his chair and took his glasses off pinching the bridge of his nose. In truth he didn't want to tell James's about what is happening seeing as he knew the general would try and use it to take some sort of militaristic action. Ozpin was good friends with James and trusted him with his life on more than one occasion, but he couldn't let him know about Jaune or his future children.

He knew if James found out about the children he would most definitely use the information they have to try and change the future. While it would be all with good intent it would most likely end in catastrophe. Ozpin also already asked Jaune's daughter Summer if she could share some of her future information with him only for her to tell him that she was not allowed to tell him. Ozpin knew James wouldn't be as understanding as he in this matter.

'I am sorry old friend but you mustn't learn of what is happening.' The headmaster thought sadly as he typed a message into his terminal saying that is was nothing to worry about, that one of Professor Ports Grimm just got lose and caused some trouble. The headmaster sent the message and leaned back in his chair and sighed tiredly.

"I am sorry James but this is for the best."

The headmaster said as he looked out at the Atlas airships that flew over head. Ozpin thought back on an old quote he once heard.

"The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front to rule it."

It was an old quote that was dug up from some old tombs that archeologist found years ago and it summoned up General Ironwood fairly well even if the good general didn't know it himself. With that thought Ozpin turned to open up the file of names that Summer had given him and watched as they all moved past the screen. The headmaster gave one last sigh as he began to read through the names.

The next day team JNPR dorm

Jaune woke up to the sound of bed springs creaking loudly to his side. The knight turned, cracking an eye open to the sight of Nora jumping on her bed gleefully. The knight groaned as he turned to the other side to see Pyrrha sitting up against the wall of her bed still in her bronze nightgown as she wrote in a notebook. The knight looked at the title that was written on it that read, 'Plans for the future.'

The knight had no idea what Pyrrha was writing in it but he just sighed as he lifted himself out of his bed turning to see Ren, who was in his own bed reading a book. The knight looked around at every one of his teammate as they were in their own worlds as they did their things. 'What is going on?' The knight thought as he rubbed the back of his head and yawned.

"Hey Jaune, how was your sleep?"

Nora asked as she flipped on her bed. The knight simply gave her a thumb up for an answer as he reached over, grabbing his scroll to check the time. It read 9 o'clock along with a message on it for him from Ozpin. The knight opened it to see it was Ozpin asking him to come to his office when he could. The knight sighed as he remembered the headmaster had wanted to talk with him about the nightmare he fought against yesterday with Aeron.

He sighed as he stood up stretching as he cracked his back and arms before walking over to the bathroom. As he did he was stopped by Pyrrha who spoke up.

"Hey Jaune today do you want to get some training in?"

The Spartan asked with a smile as she hid her notebook under her pillow. The knight rubbed the back of his head as he looked out the window of the room in thought.

"Sorry Pyr, but after that fight yesterday I think I just want to rest today, after I talk with Ozpin, but tomorrow for sure."

The knight said with a small smile as he looked back to his partner. Though he didn't get the reaction he was expecting as the Spartans smile shrank some as she lowered her head.

"Oh, ok if you say so."

The Spartan said as she walked back to her bed confusing Jaune. He turned to look at Ren for answers only for the ninja to shake his head at him, not even looking up from his book. The knight looked to Nora only to for her to do the same as Ren. The knight was confused but just sighed as he went into the bathroom and went about his morning routine.

After about 15 minutes in the bathroom the knight came out fresh and clean, drying his hair with a towel as he moved over to his bed retrieving his new gear he got from Emile the night before. Though the knight walked out of the bathroom with his onesies top down and the arms of it wrapped around his waist. As he did Pyrrha just stared blushing as she looked over his tone body. 'I am so glad I made him train his body.' The Spartan thought as she ogled the knight.

Jaune sighed in satisfaction as he finished drying his hair, grabbing all the new gear and heading back into the bathroom and dressed. Four minutes later out came a fully armored knight. As he did he caught Pyrrha's eye again as she stared in awe at the new Jaune. The grey under armor shirt could be seen from the opening in the front of the coat where Jaune left it unbuttoned. The coat also hugged the knights body as Pyrrha could see how defined his shoulders were and how broad he really was.

Jaune had on all the armor as he fixed the gauntlet on his left arm, making it more comfortable. He had all the armor on over the new clothing while he had the left gauntlet set up over the top of the coat. Ren looked up at Jaune and tilts his head to the side questionably.

"Hey Jaune didn't you have a bracer for your right arm?"

The green ninja asked, catching Jaune's attention as he smiled and looked to his teammate.

"Yeah I did, I put it under the coat sleeve though."

The knight said as he pulled up his sleeve showing Ren the bracer that was under it. The ninja just nodded in understanding before going back to his book and reading. Nora though just flipped off the bed and landed before the knight with sparkling eyes.

"Oh, my god you look so cool Jaune!"

The Valkyrie cheered as she bounced around Jaune as she looked him over, admiring the new look. The knight just laughed as he reached out stopping the Valkyrie and smiled.

"Thank you Nora."

The knight said as he patted the Valkyrie on the head and began to leave. The knight waved to Pyrrha who just smiled as she waved him off. As the knight went into the hall he came up to team RWBY's door and knocked. He had thought about what he would do when he talked to Ozpin and he had come to the conclusion that having Aeron with him would be beneficial.

So as the knight knocked on the door he waited a few seconds, hearing some things falling, a few muffled words here and there and then the door came open revealing a sleepy Yang. Yang stood groggily wobbling in place as her hair stood up in odd ways in a state of bed head making the knight chuckle.

"Um, can I talk to Blake?"

The knight asked covering his mouth hiding the smile he had. Yang stared for a second, wobbling in place before she rubbed her eyes and stared at the knight again. Yang stared for several seconds, confusing the knight till she closed the door in his face.

"um, wha…"

The knight had no idea what just happened till the door opened again and Yang stared at him again. Only this time she had wide eyes as she looked him over. Yang closed the door again as Jaune now heard the sound as stuff being thrown around and a few shouts from the other people in the room. After several shouts and the sound of something crashing onto the floor, the door slowly opened to reveal Summer walking out groggily rubbing her eyes.

"Hello we are having technical troubles please wait a moment."

The small girl said as she turned back around and closed the door. The knight just stared confused by what was going on as he heard the sound of something rolling around the floor in the room and muffled voices. The knight saw the door to the room was cracked open and he pushed it lightly, opening it to see what was happening. What the knight saw shocked him as he was met with the sight of Weiss and Ruby sitting on top of Yang's back, Ruby holding her sister's legs back, bending them while Weiss was strangling her with her bed sheets.

The knight slowly looked around the room to meet the sight of Ruby's bed having fallen from its make shift bunk space onto Weiss's bed. The knight than turned to see Blake, Angela, Sara and Bell on their respected beds while Summer just laid herself on the floor sleeping and Angela stood to the side away from the fighting.

"Do I even want to know what happened?"

The knight asked getting the other four's attention as they turned to him. The four stared surprised at first as they looked the knight over. The girls were impressed with his new look. They looked over the new clothing with the black formfitting coat and its white fur trimmed collar and wrists. The formfitting under armor grey shirt was also a nice look along with his new arm.

"You look very nice father."

Angela said with a small smile, glad to see her father was starting to look more and more like the man she knew.

"Yeah you look awesome papa!"

Sara shouted in glee, getting Weiss and Ruby's attention from killing Yang.

"Yeah, you look amazing papa."

Bell said happily as she pulled at Blake's sleeve pointing.

"He looks cool doesn't he mama."

The small Faunus girl said as Blake just nodded as she stared at the knight.


Ruby said, letting go of Yang's legs as she looked at Jaune, Weiss doing the same as the two partners stared having completely forgotten about killing Yang who was now sucking up as much air as she could.

"Oh thank the gods, I will never take air for granted again."

The blonde brawler said as she rolled herself out from under her teammates.

"You look so cool Jaune, like the knights from the fairy tales!"

Ruby cheered as she stared in awe at the blonde knight. Weiss just coughed into her hand as she stood up dusting herself off.

"Yes, you look nice it is very fetching."

The heiress added as she had a slight pink tent to her cheeks as he turned away from the knight, not making eye contact. The knight thought that if he was an anime character he would have a sweet drop on the side of his head as he chuckled lightly before turning back to Blake.

"Hey do you mind if I take Aeron for a bit?"

The knight asked as he walked over to her and knelt down before Bell and Blake. The latter blushed some as she looked down at him. The knight didn't notice though as he reached out and patted Bell on the head.

"You don't mind if I take your brother with me for a bit do you?"

The knight asked, tilting his head to the side with a small smile. The small girl just smiled back as she wrapped him in a hug before answering.

"I don't mind, Aeron will enjoy being with you papa."

The small Faunus answered as she let go and let her semblance activate and Aeron took form in the center of the room. The only people that were paying attention to the shadow user's entrance were Jaune and Bell. The former staring in amazement.

"Ok that is just showing off."

The knight said, getting a chuckle from Bell. The knight patted Bell on the head and turned to his son.

"I was wondering if you would tag along with me to my meeting with Ozpin."

The knight said getting, a nod from the shadow user who came up and patted Bell on the head.

"No problem." The shadow user said as he looked up to his mother. "I know I don't have to say this, but take care of Bell."

The shadow user said with a smile before walking over to the door ready to leave. The knight just turned to Blake and Bell with a smile.

"Thanks for letting me take your brother, I will get him back to you soon enough."

The knight said patting the small Faunus' head again as he looked up to Blake and his smile changed to a softer one.

"You look better without the bow."

The knight said turning around missing the ninja's blush as her hands shot up to her ears on her head in shock while the knight walked away. As he did he waved to Yang, Weiss and Ruby. As the knight and Shadow user entered the hall closing the door Jaune started to hear shouting again as he turned to Aeron who just sighed and waved his father on.

"You first."

The shadow user said as Jaune turned back to the door for a second as the shouting continued before shaking his head not wanting to mess with that hornets' nest. The knight nodded to his son and the two began to make their way to Ozpin's office. After a 20-minute walk passing by students and visitors all getting their stuff brought in early for the Vytal festival, the two men made their way to the tower that leads to Ozpin's office.

When they did though they were met with the sight of several Atlesian soldiers walking around. The knight and the shadow user shared a look as they had a good idea why the soldiers were out. The two continued on into the tower, passing soldiers who were talking about what rumors of a strange new talking Grimm. The two stayed silent though, not wanting to speak up about the event till they talked with Ozpin.

The two were more than a little concerned with what was happening as they entered into an elevator heading to the top. Once the elevator doors closed the two turned to one another.

"It would be best if we ask Ozpin about what's happening."

Aeron said getting a nod from Jaune as he leaned back against the wall of the elevator.

"With the soldiers moving about I bet that means the general from Atlas who came out a couple months back is trying to look into what happened yesterday."

The knight said, cupping his chin as he thought about what they were going to do. While Jaune could see the value of informing the General about what is happening he didn't want to put the girls or Aeron in a difficult spot. From what the knight could tell the general wasn't really one for diplomacy and much more preferred taking things head on. It bothered him that he wouldn't be able to get the aid from the most powerful military but he really didn't want to but his children at risk.

While only knowing them for a day and some only for a few hours he still knew they were his kids and he would protect them.

"I take it you don't want the general to know about what's going on?"

The shadow user said knowingly as he turned and looked at the doors. He had known that sooner or later that General James Ironwood would get involved in what was happening but he had hoped it wouldn't happen until later. His father had told him of what happened with General Ironwood during the Vytal festival how, Roman Torchwick and Cinder Fall were able to take control of the drones Ironwood had brought to protect the people.

His father had told him that the general was a good man but he was head strong with all his actions, always acting before he had all the information. 'So patients' isn't the man's strong suit.' The shadow user thought as he turned back to his father for an answer.

"You're right for now, we don't say anything if the general starts asking around. It would be best not to let him know that there are kids from the future." The knight said before pausing as he looked down at the ground. "You know I would really like to tell the general, he is doing so much for Vale but I can tell that if we told him it would only lead to bad things happening even sooner than they would have before."

The knight said as he looked to the shadow user who had a small smile as he stared at the doors as they came up to the top floor.

"That's good to hear."

The shadow user said as the elevator slowed to a stop as they reached their floor. The two watched as the door opened ready to talk with Ozpin only to hear a voice speak up.

"It seems you have company."

The voice was strong and defined as the doors opened to reveal General Ironwood standing before Ozpin with two more people behind him. One of the people Jaune recognized from yesterday being the girl who wouldn't stop staring at her watch and the other girl with orange hair and green bow was new to the knight.

"Yes I wanted to talk with one of my students today, I had a meeting with him before you decided it would be good idea to send your troops into my school and visit me."

Ozpin said to the general in an irritated tone, something Jaune wasn't familiar with from the headmaster, as he and Aeron walked into the office nodding to the general. Though it seemed the general wasn't too interested in the knight and shadow user as he stared at Ozpin.

"Well forgive me Oz but what was I supposed to do, the council has seen fit to appoint me with defending the city while the festival is being prepared. So when I hear that some strange unseen Grimm is attacking people on the school grounds I have to investigate."

The general said getting a tired sigh from Ozpin.

"James please, I told you that it wasn't something for you to concern yourself with, there was no strange unseen Grimm." The headmaster said sternly as he stared down the general. "I understand your concerns but I told you it was just one of my professors who accidently let a Grimm loose. It wasn't such a dire situation that you would have to come down here yourself to investigate, it was just an accident."

The headmaster said as he looked to Jaune and Aeron.

"I am sorry you two, I will be right with you, let me finish this first."

The headmaster said as he turned back to the general who just stood before him defiantly as he looked over his old friend just staring waiting for him to say something. The two stood staring one another down for several seconds before the general sighed and turned away to head for the elevator.

"Fine but if you are lying to me Ozpin this will end badly, you know the council already has you on a short leash, you can't be hiding things."

The General said sadly.

"I know James but I am telling you there isn't anything to worry about."

The headmaster said as the general walked past Jaune and Aeron giving them both a once over before waving the two who were with him over.

"Corporal Ceil, Penny come we are done here." The general turned back to Ozpin as he and the two girls entered the elevator, walking behind him. The orange haired girl, Penny, waved to Jaune and Aeron, the knight waved back with a small smile as she did. "Remember Oz, my students are here to and if they tell me something isn't right I will believe them so please don't lie to me."

The general said as the doors slowly closed as he stared sadly at Ozpin who just nodded at him and let the doors close. Once the elevator stared to ding down, Ozpin let out a tired sigh as he walked around his desk and sat down.

"I know I shouldn't be surprised with what happened yesterday but James is beyond pushy when it comes to getting what he wants."

The headmaster said tiredly as he took his glasses off to pinch the bridge of his nose. The knight and shadow user just shared a small look before turning back to Ozpin.

"Well you can't say he is a bad person, I mean he is only trying to protect people. Even if his methods aren't the best they are for the good of everyone."

The knight said getting a nod from the headmaster as he looked to Aeron.

"Well I would love to continue on with this topic but we have more important things to discuss, I take it you brought this young man with you because he is your future son correct?"

The headmaster asked getting a nod from the knight as he and the shadow user took a seat in front of the headmaster's desk.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Ozpin, my name is Aeron Arc and as you said I am Jaune's son from the future." The shadow user said getting a nod from Ozpin. "I take it you would like to know the story behind the attack yesterday correct?"

The shadow user asked as Ozpin nodded and leaned back into his chair.

"Alright so you can already tell that the Grimm from yesterday wasn't normal. Those types of Grimm in my timeline are called Nightmares. They are Grimm that have evolved to the point of gaining self awareness. When that happens the Grimm can begin to take on a human form allowing them to fight like us and use our weapons. Nightmares are the only Grimm in existence that can use dust thanks to them creating their own type of dark aura made from the lives of the humans they have killed."

The shadow user said, shocking the two with him as they listened to him intently.

"These Grimm, being so inelegant and resourceful, makes them by far the greatest threat Remnant has ever seen. Sadly they aren't new." The shadow user said pausing, confusing the headmaster and knight. "You see Nightmares have always been around, they just kept themselves hidden."

The shadow user said shocking Jaune and Ozpin.

"Wait are you telling me that Nightmares have always been around, they didn't come to be in your timeline."

The knight asked his son who just nodded looking to Ozpin and his father.

"From what we know these Nightmares are helping out whoever it is that is trying to change history, working as his soldiers, letting him send them back in time to kill the people he tells them to. How, we don't know but what we do know is that the Nightmares are more than willing to help him."

The shadow user said, shocking the other two as they just stared at him in complete and utter shock.

"Wait but if what you said about these 'Nightmares' as you call them, why is it that you know about them and we don't, there is no way an entire species of Grimm can hide like that, smart or not."

Jaune said till Ozpin spoke up.

"Actually it isn't that surprising. We really only know a little about the Grimm so it isn't so farfetched to find out there is a species that is smart enough to keep it self-hidden."

The headmaster informed the knight, causing him to groan as he fell back in his chair, hands on his face.

"Great so what does this mean, what is going to happen to us now."

The knight asked as Aeron just sighed, running a hand through his hair as his cat ears fell flat on his head.

"For now we just work on protecting the people like before. Right now with the Vytal festival just a month away you will have your hands full taking care of things."

The shadow user said, getting a nod from Ozpin while Jaune just groaned as he slid down in his chair annoyed.

"Great first we fight crazy talking human Grimm thinking it's from the future only to find out they are already here and the ones we are fighting are just the next generation of monsters. That's great and I thought the greatest worries I would have is if I ever get a girlfriend."

The knight complained getting a chuckle from Aeron.

"Don't worry now all you have to worry about is which girl you want to be your girlfriend."

The shadow user quipped getting another groan from Jaune while Ozpin just smiled at the two glad to see that even with the way things are going they aren't letting it get to them. The headmaster turned to look out the window of his office as he thought about how things would change now with all the future children here. Though as Ozpin thought this, back in team JNPR's dorm where Pyrrha Nikos remained sitting at her desk alone writing in her 'plans for the future' note book a knock on her door would lead to even more new things happening in the near future.


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