The Seer's Vision
In World of Lord Frith's Creation,

a shivering front of Thunderstorm rises towards the East Horizon as Lord Frith's shafts of light sinks towards the West Horizon.
Among the low grassy hills of the English Downs near Kingsclere, England; Watership Down stood firmly in its place as if the powers of Lord Frith could not destroy it as much as the Efrahan Rabbits tried to do so in the past.
On top of the Down,

a lonely Beech tree stood tall above a warren,

occupied by both the Rabbits of the now Zorn Sandleford Warren, to the Rabbits seeking asylum from the Efrahan Warren as they rest, talk, and Silflay with one another in both tranquility and harmony around the runs and burrows of their warren.
In the center of the warren, was the large Honeycomb, where the Survivors of Sandleford Warren and the Refugees of Cowslip's Warren were inspired to build from seeing a similar one in The Warren of Snares.

In the middle of the Honeycomb was a Seer, who had idly hopped around towards his big brother who was at the moment, the Chief Rabbit of Watership Down. As the Seer approached his big brother,

a sudden crack of lightning was heard rumbling through the warren from the stormy Summer Night skies outside.
With the sudden Thunder that has now put half of the warren into a Tharn state;

the Seer suddenly felt the sensation that something or someone mystical was trying to get his attention, yet he did not know the reason for this at the time.
The seer then started to fidget as he is once again consciously taken over by his subliminal vision, that stopped him dead in his tracks.
At first, his vision seemed blurred and was only able to perceive the figure of rabbit in a dark, unknown place.

Once he started to focus much more clearly on his visions, he had perceived a single Hlessi rabbit figure lying among the rotten leaves of a dark and wet Forest Clearing next to the low Bridge as the storm prepared to bear down on the top of the Laying Hlessi.
The Hlessi rabbit appeared to be heavily injured by an Elil and at first, the Seer believed this Hlessi to be dead,

but was proven wrong when he witnessed the chest of the strange rabbit rising and falling unrhythmically.

The seer then caught a glimpse of a Dark Figured Rabbit hauntingly hopping around the fallen Hlessi.

To the Seer, the Dark Figured Rabbit seemed to solidify then fade with its ghostly leaps like the pulse of a dying creature.

His Visions was then moved towards another rabbit that was unknown to the Seer who fur had glowed a white-gold light as it frantically made its way through the forest as if in search someone it may have lost.

The Glowing Rabbit was having a difficult time searching for it had started raining, making his search unpleasant.

Unexpectedly, the Seer's Vision then shifted towards the grassy edge of the River Test, in which the Seer saw that an altercation must have taken place here,

as evident of the traces of blood scattered among the grass as the first drops of rain began to pour down from the Rolling Thunderstorm of Summer air.

As seemed looked around the scene of his vision,

he had then been drawn to a certain location in the grass and as he focused towards it and sawed a blacked string necklace with an oddly shaped charm on it.

As the Seer was about to investigate the Charm,

a Homba suddenly appeared in the area sniffing around the grass and was attempting to follow the trail of blood, but was unable to do so due to the rain washing away any trace of it.

The Homba appeared to have attacked something alive,

but did not seem to have eaten for it looked as if whatever had fought it put up an effort of a fight, and seemed to have escaped.

After viewing this, his Visions began to fade and with a sudden limbo in his mind, he had suddenly made a loud squeal that had attracted the attention of his older brother, and started to recite the following riddle.

"A rabbit lay among the grieving leaves, as he struggles to breathe. A black rabbit hops around the injured Hlessi, waiting for the Strange Rabbit to soon stop running. If no children of El-ahrairah comes and saves this poor Hlessi, then soon his heart will join the thousand, for the Hlessi may stop running today."
With his riddle finished, his conscious world starts to reappear as he is suddenly shaken by his brother, intentionally freeing him of his vision and his riddle.
The Rah ask the Seer if he is all right as his little brother recovers nervously from his vision. The Seer shakily acknowledges his wellbeing,

but immediately begins to proclaim that he has to go out on an expedition towards the River Test in search of the injured Hlessi rabbit for that rabbit's life depends on it.

The Rah tells him that it is too dangerous to go now for the storm has started billowing down the world above their warren.

The panicking Seer then tells his brother that he must go out there for in his vision he saw a heavily injured rabbit by the low bridge and if he did not get there in time and save the Strange Rabbit in time,

the Black Rabbit Of Inle would surely take him.
With The Rah learning the severity of the situation and how it was from his brother vision, he then allowed his brother to go,

but with the condition that the Lion-headed Rabbit would go with him for he feared for the safety of his little brother.
The seer thanked his brother for understanding as he was quickly nuzzled by the Rah caringly as the Seer then went towards the burrow of his friend,

the lion-headed rabbit to wake him from his nap and to tell him about his vision and his urgent quest of saving the Hlessi rabbit.
At first, the Lion-headed Rabbit woke grumpily towards the little seer, wondering what all the ruckus was about.

After the Seer told him his alarming vision and why he needed him to come with him, the Lion-headed Rabbit then argued that it was nearly Fu'inle and that he was too tired for this little quest,

but after the Seer again told him the urgency of the situation with the help of his brother the Rah,
who had just entered the burrow, the Lion-headed Rabbit then agreed to go with him as his chief had ordered him to do as he was told.
HazelRah watched from the entrance of the Warren,

as the two rabbits made their way towards the River Test through the heavily raining fields of the English Downs.

As a single lightning was seen striking down randomly across the dark landscape, HazelRah said a little prayer for both his Little Brother Fiver and his Captain Of Owsla Bigwig.
"May Frith Watch Over Them On This Stormy Night, for I fear the worst is yet to come."