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As the dark and the cold storm clouds moved over a lonely park Hill,

The Frith was setting towards the west,

making the clouds look more ominously dark.

On the side of a lonely grassy hill, however,

a single Rusty Brown looking rabbit was leaping happily around the grass on a cold, chilly Late November Evening.

The rabbit's coat had gotten much thicker for the seasonal change of the hot, humid landscape had changed into a cold, frigid scenery,

causing his body to adapt to his current environment.

As the Rabbit was jumping around, not minding how chilly it was for luckily it hadn't snowed and rained yet;

an unusual looking charm was moving freely around as it was attached to a Blacked Stringed Collar around the Rabbit's neck.

The Rabbit was now currently jumping it way down the hill through the freezing air,

enjoying every leap it took for the Rabbit had believed at the moment that every time he met his maximum height in his leap,

he believed he was flying and also hoping that Prince Rainbow could assist him in his fun endeavors.

Yet it was cut short, when a Young Man standing at the top of the hill with warm and thick winter coat on, was looking at the jolly rabbit downhill.

The Rabbit had stopped and caught sight of the Young Man,

and at first he felt a very tiny instinct to run away and hide for the Young Man was one of the most dangerous Elil towards rabbits like him in the area, yet as the Rabbit looked up at the man who was now carefully making his way down the hill towards him,

the Rabbit ignored his natural instincts and did the opposite and made his way towards the Young Man for he was no ordinary Young Man as he himself was no ordinary rabbit.

As they approached one another, the Young Man went slowly down towards his knees with a smile as they both looked at each other.

Even though both were entirely different creatures, they both shared a loving bond towards one another that has grown into something

beautiful and internal that could never be destroyed

since the day the Young Man took in the Abandoned Kitten many years ago and has been like a father to the Rabbit.

Another and more crucial thing they had in common

was that they were both wearing an Oddly Charmed Blacked Stringed Necklace around their Neck, while the Rabbit was wearing the Oddly Charmed Blacked Stringed Collar.

The Reason for this was that the Rabbit and the Young Man could communicate and understand the each other as if they were communicating in their own native tongues in which in actuality,

they weren't.


because of what both organisms were wearing around their neck,

it was indeed Possible.

The Young Man then starting to stroke the Rabbit's Ears with his hands and down to his Lower back and repeated this a few more times.

Meanwhile, the Rabbit was enjoying this sign of Affection from his Human as it made the Rabbit feel Safe and Relax.

Then once the Young Man had stopped his strokes,

the Rabbit decided to return the favor and started to Lick and Groom the Hands of the Young Man for this Young Man was his Human.

After a while of showing his own version of Affection towards his Human, the Young Man then picked up his Rabbit into a cradle position with his arms,

for the Rabbit did not mind as they made their way towards the top of the Hill.

"You seem like you were enjoying yourself there with your big Leaps Of Faith I call it. Did you really Believe you could fly, Vesper?"

Said the Young Man.

"Well, certainly. I have not been out and about for a while now for you were away at work and the only place you let me was the Backyard of ours.

So when you brought me out to park after,

I wanted to see if Prince Rainbow Could help me fly,

like the way he helps you fly in your Flying Hrududu." Responded The Hlessi.

"Well I'll be, were you close to flying?"

"No. Every time I was at the maximum point of my Leap, I had just fell Back down like a rock."

"Well it seems that Prince Rainbow is busy with other things,

but I do have to say that you have some good hind legs.

I bet even El-Ahrairah must have given you special hind legs that can make you even jump over a Hrududu."

"You Know,

I tried to once while you were making some Flayrah for me a while back and I attempted to make a leap over your Hrududu,

But I hit that shining thing you call Window."

"Oh, I remember, I personally found that amusing. But you still have to give the Prince some credit."

"I guess you're right, by the way; Where are we going?"

"Oh, it seems I forgot to tell you son that I brought some nice Flayrah for you to eat; You are hungry, right?

I mean, I don't think the grass here is any good for you if its cold, dry and dead."

"Well now that you mentioned it; Yes, I'm starving from What you call the Leaps of Faith."

And with that, the Young Man started to laugh at Vespers Reply in which Vesper had to remind himself that his Human Laughing was indeed normal, not because he was sick.

Once they had reached the top of the Hill,

the Young Man Set Vesper down next to him as he had then sat down next to the Hlessi.

He then reached into the Backpack he had on,

and pulled out a plastic container and in it were a couple of slices of all different types of Vegetables and few fruits,

including Vesper's favorite, Radishes.

He placed Vesper's flayrah on the grass for him to eat,

while the Young Man had decided to lay down on the cold grass as he watched the late fall skies,

seeing the thick layers of dark gray clouds as they look sad, Like Trees In November.

After a while of laying down, he started to feel his eyes starting to sink, and closed his eyes and took a short nap.

Vesper, however,

had just finished his Flayrah when he saw that his Human had seemly fallen asleep.

He decided to hop on the Young Man's chest and

Flop down on top of him for he had decided to do the same as he made himself comfortable upon his warm chest and went to take a Nap.

The Young Man after a while,

opened his eyes to see that the clouds of November had gotten surprisingly darker, indicating that it was soon to be as dark as Night.

As he moved his head around,

he then noticeably felt that something or someone was laying heavily on his rising and falling chest.

He carefully looked to see that his Rabbit,

Vesper had fallen asleep on top of him.

He smiled at this as he slowly, yet carefully moved the Sleeping Hlessi into his lap as he started to play with Vespers Ears.

He decided that it was time to go home,

so after picking up the remaining Flayrah, putting them back in the plastic container and returning it back inside his backpack he had strapped on him;

he mindfully picked up the Sleeping Vesper and then walked down the Hill and made his way towards his Hrududu which was a distance away from the Hill. As he kept a walking,

Vesper had started to snuggle into the Young Man's Arms for the Late Fall Chill had indeed made the air uncomfortable to the Hlessi and was attempting to get warmer.

The Young Man had noticed this had soothed the Hlessi as he slowly adjusted his arms to the point where Vesper was much more comfortable than before and was sleeping warmly in his arms.

After a short walk, the Young Man had arrived at his Hrududu and after carefully unlocking and opening the door,

he made his way inside the cold and dark cabin of the Hrududu and gently placed Vesper on the Passenger seat, which had been covered by a blanket for the Hlessi to sleep on.

Once he had carefully left Vesper to sleep in the seat next to him,

he closed the door,

turn the Ignition and started the Hrududu as he then made his way out of the park and navigated his way home through the dark yet eerie forests and prairies. After some time,

the Hlessi had woken up from a sudden jolt as he opens his eyes, found himself being carried out of the Hrududu and into the house where he and his Human lived in.

Once inside, the Young Man then set Vesper down and

had adjusted himself to the warm house of his as he then motioned Vesper to follow him to the room,

in which the Young Man had called the Bathroom for it was time to have the Hlessi cleaned from his frolic at the park.

Once inside, the Young Man took Vespers Charmed Collar off and then turned on the Water Faucet of the Bathtub and filled halfway with warm water.

He then Motioned Vesper to get in the Bath Tube in which he was hesitant at first, yet decided to see if he could make a leap in the Bathtub instead of climbing on his human,

who was standing on his knees next the Bathtub and then getting in.

The Young Man noticed the Hlessi preparing to make the leap,

and shielded himself from the upcoming splash of warm water that was going to hit him as a result of Vesper's Jump.

Yet, as he covered his eyes with his arms he had only heard a thud and then a small splash.

He looked to see what had happened and saw that the Hlessi was happily swimming around in the warm water.

The Young Man then started to clean Vesper with some soup as he started to clean his fur coat, then His Hind Legs and then His short, yet round ears. Meanwhile,

Vesper was enjoying how his Human was cleaning him and started to splash his Human with water out of fun,

in which the Young Man took sarcastically as a declaration of war and started to splash back.

The short splash war ended when the Hlessi got on the edge of the Bathtub and jumped on to the Young Man.

The Young Man fell on his back and started to laugh at his defeat by his rabbit as he concluded that he was done cleaning his Rabbit for the Night. He then took a dry towel that was lying nearby and dried Vesper up.

After then using another towel to dry himself, he took in hand Vesper's charmed Collar and returned back around his dear rabbit's neck.

He then gestured Vesper to follow him in his bedroom so that the Hlessi could rest.

Once inside, the Rabbit then hopped onto the bed and laid comfortably down upon it and then looked up at his Human.

The Young Man had then kneeled down was now caressing the Hlessi affectionately.

"Ok, Vesper. I want you to get some rest for you had a long day. I'll come and join you soon once I finish doing some of my personal work of mine so I hope you don't mind."

"Oh, I don't mind. Thanks for bringing me to the Park today. It was truly memorable and nice of you do for me."

And with that, Vesper stood up and touched the Young Man's nose with his own in a loving gesture in which the Young Man did not mind, but enjoyed. The Young Man then unexpectedly gave the Hlessi a hug in which the Rabbit had hugged back passionately.

"Thank you, Vesper, for entering into my life, you had made it worthwhile." Said the Young Man as he was starting to feel a single tear roll down his face.

The Hlessi however

Was surprised to hear his Human mood change into a more depressed, he decided to start grooming and licking the Young Man as he tried to get his Human to cheer up.

It had worked and had earned him his Human's hands fondly played with his ears. As the Young Man Pulled out of his Hug,

he then gave Vesper an appreciatively and lovingly kiss on the forehead as he then got up on his feet and made his way towards the bedroom door.

He made his way towards the door, turned off the lights, and then looked backed to the semi-awake Vesper.

"Good Night Vesper, I Love You." said the Young Man as he then gave the Hlessi a Gingerly smile that seemed to always unexplainably cheer up Vesper as he exited the Bedroom, leaving the door partially open.

"I Love You, too." Said, Vesper, as he then adjusted himself once more, put his head down, his ears behind his head and went to sleep on top his Human's warm bed.


Was all the Hlessi heard

as he jolted from the bed and went under it for he was awakened by the loudest noise he ever heard

besides the Man stick his Human had that had left him in a Tharn state,

But this was not a Man's stick doing for this was something more terrible and frightening.

He then heard the crackle of fire as he saw that the Bedroom door was wide open from the sudden loud noise he heard and saw that in the hallway leading into the center of the House from his Human's bedroom,

a red and orange light was glowing at a far off section of the House.

He had then heard a low,

yet continuous ringing in his ears that did not seem to go away for he had then decided to go look for his Human as he then made his from under the bed and into the dark Hallway

with only the flickering of red and orange light that was reflected on to walls to guide the traumatized Rabbit.

Little did the Hlessi know,

two other Rabbits were watching him as he made his way through the Hallway ominously.

The first of the two rabbits had a pulsing appearance that made him fade and reappear in the darkness with his Red glowing eyes staring at the Hlessi, however the rabbit next to him was looking at the Hlessi in great concern and was about to go to the Hlessi, but was stopped by the paw of the Black-Figured rabbit as he then motioned to the worried Prince not to intervene just yet and had signaled the other rabbit,

whose fur had glowed in an odd White and Gold color to follow him quietly away from the house for they knew what was indeed gonna happen,

and preferred to be a safe distance away when it occurred in which the Prince followed him sadly outside and into the dark and calm forest.

As the Hlessi hopped his way through the house, he found what might have been the loud noise.

He stood at the entrance of the now Zorn kitchen and saw a large fire engulfing and through the fires,

he saw a Wooden door laying down and burning intensely on the kitchen ground.

What had Tharned him the most was what was below the Wooden door, as he then witnessed the Young Man's Arm as it unnaturally stuck out from underneath.

Vesper could only stare helplessly in complete shock and sadness as the person he had loved and cared for was being swallowed in flames as the door continue to lay upon his dead corpse through the embers of the fire.

The smoke was chokingly toxic and was starting to spread around the house, causing Vesper's eyes to sting of the smoke and his breathing to become more rapid. As the fire began to grow closer to him,

it became unbearable for Vesper to stay for the heat, the air and sight of the fire was too much for him.

He hopped away from the kitchen as the fires were moving throughout the house as a smell of rotten eggs was spreading,

which had terrified the now Tharn Vesper.

He had remembered that his human had once told him that if ever saw flames in the house or

if he smelled something foul like rotten dairy to

get out of the house and run a safe distance away from the house for that was what he had wanted him to do if that were to happen

like it was to him now. Vesper quickly searched

as he tried to find an exit as the flames came closer towards the origin of the rotten smell and found the front door that had rabbits sized door when his Human had renovated this old country house as their own.

Vesper made it to the small door,

yet looked quickly backed at his burning home as he recalled all the good memories he had with his Human from the moment they moved in,

from the moment they were able to speak to one another from El-Ahrairah's gift to both the Human and the Hlessi.

He then made his through the door and quickly made his across the nightly front yard as the flames gave a terrifying roar as it made contact with the leaking Natural Gas Pipeline,

causing the house to explode in a huge explosion sending a shockwave and a loud noise that had knocked the

Hlessi off his balance as he came tumbling towards the ground as the Ringing Noise in his Ears grew more painfully loud to him as his home was destroyed into only embers and burning pieces of wood.

In the forested countryside,

a large rolling ball of fire accompanied with an invisible shockwave was seen billowing up towards the Cloudy November Night Sky

from miles away as it rose in a tremendous display of brightly yellow, orange, and then a deathly red upwards

through the Cold and Frigid air.

After a while,

the Hlessi rabbit stood up to see his home overwhelmed in flames as it had now been leveled in a pile of ash and burning embers.

The Tharn Rabbit was badly hurt from the explosion as he slowly got up and made his way towards a nearby river for sanctuary from his catastrophe, leaving behind the remains of his once beautiful home,

and his once remarkable human.

Following close behind towards the river where the two rabbits who indeed witnessed the explosion from the forest they were going through.

He made his way through

the sadden trees of November as he hopped painfully through the rotten leaves as he approached the large river that he and his human had once played in.

Upon arriving at the shores of the river,

the Hlessi Rabbit immediately immersed himself in the freezing water for relief of his tragedy on Nights Plutonian Shore

as a flock of Ravens flocked away towards the remains of his home. He then lay halfway out of the water onto the shoreline.

The Hlessi had started to cry uncontrollably on the dark wet sand of the river for in one night,

his entire life had changed forever. He had lost everything, yet he stilled had in possession the Charmed Collar he had around his neck.

He continued sobbing depressingly on the sand as he felt the paws of another rabbit comforting him.

He looked up to see a glowing rabbit soothing him with a dark figure rabbit looking at him a little distance away from them.

"There, there Vesper. You're gonna be alright."

"How do know El-Ahrairah? My Human and my Home is goneā€¦.."

And with this, the Hlessi increased his sobbings as all of a sudden, his chin brought up towards El-Ahrairah.

"Vesper, I want you to listen to me closely. You must let this go. You must let your past go.

You must let your home go. And last and most importantly, You must let your Human, go.

For he has been gone for a long time now. If you don't, you won't be able to move on. Look around you Frith's sake. Do you really want to relive your past over and over again."

This had rattled the Hlessi for he had not known what the Prince had meant.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't you see, you are reliving your past in a dream."

And with that,

the Hlessi then released that he was indeed dreaming,

for he had remembered to have fallen asleep in Fivers Burrow in the Warren Of Watership Down.

Vesper had no more words to say for he was to demise to speak until El-Ahrairah then stated that he should move on and to wake at this moment. Before Vesper had a chance speak,

the Black Rabbit Of Inle came up to him and said in his sinister voice,

"What is, is what must be."

And put his paw on Vesper Head and everything went blank.

His eyes fluttered open as he then saw that he was in an underground burrow.

It took him awhile to truly contemplate where he was,

for his dream had seemed so realistic to him as he still felt the November Chill of his tragic night in the past.

He then looked around and saw that both Fiver and Vilthuril were still enjoyable asleep towards one-another.

He reflected on what El-Ahrairah and the Black Rabbit of Inle had said to him in his dream and started to sob quietly in the burrow.

'How could he move on?'

was what he kept asking himself, for all he had wished for was to return into the loving arms of his Human,

yet he knew deep down in his fragile heart

that the wish was only a dream for to him,

it had become clear that it was