What's up my readers, I have a new story for you all.

I got this idea watching Terminator 2: Judgement Day

A Terminator like Naruto with a T-1000 bloodline with some things from the T-800. That just sounds awesome.

There will be a four to six girl harem. So far: Tsuchi Kin.

Summary: Five years after the Kyuubi attack, Uzumaki Naruto is kidnapped by Orochimaru's men. For eight years, Naruto was experimented on to be an ultimate killer. A terminator if you will. He then escapes, and that is where the story begins.

I do not own anything, but I wish I did.

Naruto, The Terminator

Chapter 1- Bloodline

It's been five years since the infamous Kyuubi attack. A five year old Uzumaki Naruto is walking down an empty street at night.

He is only 3'4" tall. He's wearing worn and torn clothes and is covered in dirt. His blue eyes is the only thing shining in the moonlight. "Man I'm hungry." Naruto said as he patted his thin stomach. If one was to lift his shirt, they would have a clear view of his ribs.

Unknown to him, he was being watched from the shadows

"Maybe I still have ramen left." Naruto said to himself as he turned a street corner. He then felt something prick the back of his neck. "Did a bug bite me or-" Naruto said but was cut off as he fell face first.

Then three masked shinobi jumped down and surrounded his fallen form. "Grab him and go, Lord Orochimaru wants him." One of them said as the other two binded him.

Unknown to them, a Anbu with a weasel mask watched the whole thing


"Hokage-sama!" Weasel yelled as he burst into the office. "What is is Weasel-kun?" Hiruzen asked his Anbu. "Three unknown ninja have kidnapped Uzumaki Naruto." Weasel said as the Hokage called more Anbu.

"We'll follow them and get him back Hokage-sama." Weasel said as a group of nine more Anbu left, with him after them.


After ten minutes, the group of three ninja came into the clearing in the forest.

Out of the trees, eight other ninja in similar clothing popped out

"Ok you got the kid, now let's go." A ninja from the larger group said. They were about to leave until the Anbu jumped into the clearing.

"Hand back the child and you all may leave." Weasel said as he reached for his nodachi. "Hehe, Lord Orochimaru wants the boy. So we will get him the boy." One of the ninja said as he pulled out a kunai.

The ninja then began to fight Unknown to the Anbu, a ninja escaped with Naruto in hand


Two days later, and a lot of darts later, the ninja brought Naruto into the Rice Country. To Orochimaru.

"Here's the boy you wanted, Lord Orochimaru." The ninja said as he placed Naruto down in front of the ex sannin. "Ah thank you. Now let's begin." Orochimaru said as an assistant tied the blonde to a table.


Eight years later, a 13 year Uzumaki Naruto is sitting in an empty room. Standing up, he is at a height of 5'4".

(I'm to lazy to explain his outfit, so he's wearing what the T-800 wore in Judgement Day.)

His eyes were closed as he waited. He began to think about the last eight years. Being kidnapped, experimented on, and being given a bloodline by Orochimaru.

Given the time with Orochimaru, Naruto would've been like any other shinobi in Otogakure, cocky or emotionless. However one person kept him slightly normal. His best and only friend, Tsuchi Kin.

He met Kin three years ago when he was training. At first, she thought she could beat him. Boy was she prove wrong. After that, the two were best friends.

After hearing a knock on the door, Naruto let out a gruff enter. In walked in Kin. "Are you ready, Naruto-kun?" Kin asked the dual bloodline shinobi.

What she meant is that tonight, the best friends escape Otogakure and head to Konohagakure.

"Metal Style: Tornado Fist Jutsu." Naruto said as his fist became a metallic color and began to spin rapidly.

"Stick close to me, Kin-chan." Naruto said as he literally punched the wall to dust. This caused Kin to smile a little, Naruto always loved destroying things.

Of course, the sound of a wall being destroyed caused everybody to be on alert. Naruto and Kin ran through the halls and were heading to the exit. "There they are!" A group of three sound ninja said as they charged at the duo.

"Metal Style: Spiked Cannonball Jutsu!" Naruto said as he sent a metallic spiked cannonball at the three sound shinobi. The cannonball hit the first shinobi in the chest. The spikes pierced his chest, then the cannonball began to spin.

It tore through the chest and the other two met the same fate. "Let's go." Naruto said as the two continued their search.

Then Naruto thought, why look for an exit when you can make your own. Getting to a wall Naruto knew led to the outside, he prepared a jutsu.

"Metal Style: Titan Fist Jutsu." Naruto said as his fist turned a metallic grey and began to grow in size. In less than a minute, Naruto's fist was 100 times it's original time.

He then punched the wall, which destroyed it along with some parts of the ceiling and floor.

"To keep you safe, Metal Style: Armor Coat Jutsu!" Naruto said as his body liquefied and attached onto Kin. His body then began to form a suit of armor around Kin.

(Think the suit of armor Alphonse soul is attached to in Fma.)

Naruto then jumped out the large hole in the wall. He then began to run to the village walls.

"Metal Style: Steel Wave Jutsu!" Naruto yelled as he created a large wave of liquid metal. He then made a metal surfboard and began surfing.

The wave of liquid metal coated the streets and buildings of Otogakure. On the way to the village walls, Naruto dodged wave after wave of jutsus aimed at him.

Seeing the wall ahead, Naruto prepared a jutsu. "Metal Style: Metal Cocoon Jutsu!" Naruto yelled as all the liquid metal hardened.

Since some of the Oto shinobi were either in or on the liquid metal, they were either fully hardened in a metal cocoon or parts of their bodies were covered in a metal cocoon.

Jumping in the air, Naruto landed on the wall before looking back. "Metal Style: 500 Pound Prison Jutsu!" Naruto yelled as the steel covered buildings and shinobi collapsed under the new weight from the metal.

"And that's that." Kin said from inside the suit of armor. "Alright, I think ten minutes before they start coming after us. I better hurry." Naruto said as he jumped as he could, for a suit of armor; he was going at a fast pace.


As predicted, ten minutes later more Oto shinobi went after them. A group of around ten shinobi were after the two.

"Metal Style: Senbon Rain Jutsu!" Naruto yelled as he sent a large ball of metal in the air. The ball then sent down hundreds of metal senbon down on the shinobi.

Considering Naruto was a suit of armor and Kin was in the suit; the Oto shinobi were pierced by the senbon.

"My my Naruto-san, brutal as ever." A voice from in ahead the best friends stopped them from proceeding to Konohagakure.

Naruto deformed and stood in front of Kin protectively. "Kabuto." Naruto said as he formed his hands into blades.

Done! Sorry if Metal Style doesn't suit well. If you have a better name, please PM or leave a comment.

Naruto basically has the powers of the T-1000. Like said terminator, Naruto is almost invisible, but will be damaged if caught off guard.

Naruto's skeleton has been transformed by Orochimaru to Colton. Naruto will be a learning person, like the T-800 in Judgement Day. He will also have some badass sayings, well if I can come up with it.

Also like the T-1000, Naruto can pass through objects, and transform his looks to match and also sound like the person he turned into. He can turn parts of his body into blades.

Like Kidomaru, Naruto creates different types of metal thanks to Orochimaru experimenting on him. He can turn his body to a metal created by Orochimaru that is 10x stronger than diamonds, or a metal that is flexible like rubber.

He can turn his body to different forms, also the full metal form the T-1000 can do.

All of this requires chakra, and considering what Naruto can do in the anime and manga; he can do all of this without suffering from chakra exhaustion.

Basically, Naruto is a complete Bauss. This has been Demongod123, I'll be back.

Omake: Why Naruto doesn't have a curse mark

"Alright Lord Orochimaru, T-1000 (Terminator 1000, basically Naruto is the thousandth try of creating a terminator.) is here." Kabuto said as younger Naruto walked in.

"Ah yes, Naruto-kun, it's time for a curse mark." Orochimaru said as he extended his neck to bite Naruto's own neck.

He did not expect Naruto to turn his neck into a liquid and back to a metal. This caused Orochimaru's fangs to be caught in the metal.

After a minute of trying to get unstuck, Orochimaru needed to see the dentist becuase his fangs broke.