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Alaric's apartment


"Do you feel that?" Klaus asked as he put a stake in Stefan's chest, "it's scraping against your heart. The slightest little movement…and you're dead."

"He's just trying to help his brother." Katherine protested.

"Witches said you had a cure. Just help me and I'll do whatever you want." Stefan gasped against the stake in his chest.

"Alright," Klaus said as he pulled out the stake, "but there will be a price."

"Whatever it is, I'll pay it. Just help me save my brother." Stefan pleaded.

"Take me to him." Klaus ordered.

Salvatore boarding house

Slightly later

Elena was taking care of the wounded Damon when her phone went off. Checking it, she saw a message from Stefan. Reading it, her blood ran cold as she read Stefan's warning. Glancing back at Damon, she mumbled an apology before running out of the room. She was in the cellar and closed the door just as the front door opened and Stefan showed Klaus in. Stefan led Klaus up to his brother's room and they both saw the feverish state of Damon.

"Elena?" Damon mumbled as he looked up.

"Sorry mate, she's gone," Klaus said as he walked over to Damon's bed, "but I hear you're in need of a cure for that nasty bite."

"And you have it?" Damon asked weakly while still projecting some animosity into his voice.

Klaus smirked before walking over to Damon's dresser, which had an empty glass on it. Picking it up, Klaus bit down on his wrist and let the blood drip down into the cup until a decent amount had fallen into it. Walking back over to Damon's bed, he held the cup out to Damon.

"Your blood is the cure." Stefan realized.

"That it is." Klaus agreed.

With a sneer, Damon took the cup and began to drink from it. As he drank, he started to feel better until the blood was gone. Looking down, Damon saw the bit that Tyler had left was gone.

"Now, about my payment." Klaus said and Damon looked up at him.

"Like I said, I'll give you anything you want." Stefan said.

"No, Stefan tell me you didn't!" Damon cried out in dismay.

"I said there would be a price…I just never said you would be the one to pay it," Klaus smirked as he knelt down to Damon's eye level, "I've heard about some of your exploits. Impressive, I must say, but amateurish. It's time you learn from the master. For the next ten years, you will be loyal to me, follow me, and do whatever I tell you to do. Is that clear?"

"Yes." Damon growled as the compulsion took hold.

"Excellent. Now get up, we must be going." Klaus said as he stood up.

"This wasn't part of the deal Klaus!" Stefan said angrily as Damon got to his feet.

"I told you there was a price Stefan; this is the price you must pay for your brother's survival." Klaus told him.

"You son of a bitch!" Stefan roared as he tried to attack him.

Before the younger vampire even knew what had happened, Klaus was before him and restrained him. Damon watched helpless, unable to do anything as Stefan struggled.

"Your first order: snap your brother's neck." Klaus told Damon.

"Damon, please, I'm sorry." Stefan said as Damon approached.

"It's okay; you did what you had to do. I would've done the same thing. Bring me back little brother, save me. It's what you're best at." Damon said as he put his hands to Stefan's face.

With a twist, Stefan's body went limp. Klaus dropped Stefan's body to the ground and walked out of the room. Damon followed him, but not without giving Stefan's unmoving form one last look.

Gilbert house


"So Damon is now Klaus' wing man?" Alaric asked as he, Jeremy, Stefan, and Elena sat in the living room.

"This is all my fault. He only got bit because we were too stubborn to listen to what he was saying. If we had listened to him, he wouldn't have gone off by himself." Stefan said his voice full of self-loathing.

"We'll get him back Stefan. This town is too small to look for another drinking buddy." Alaric assured him.

Park garage

Same time

"Is that everything?" Damon asked as Klaus has his men load up the truck.

"One more thing." Klaus looks over his shoulder and gestures forward.

Damon looks over to see someone bringing in a woman, who is struggling. With a pretty good feeling on what was happening Damon looks over at Klaus.

"When I say when, that man is going to let her go. When that happens, you are going to chase her down and kill her. Do you understand?" Klaus asked and Damon nodded, "good. When."

The man released her and the woman tries to run. She didn't get far. She runs into Damon, who restrains her with a sad, detached look on his face.

"Please, please don't kill me!" She pleaded fearfully.

"I'm sorry…I don't have a choice." Damon said solemnly as his vampire face appears.

The woman screamed in terror and Damon hisses before he bit down on her neck. He drank her blood deeply as she frankly tried to get away. However, all too soon, her struggles cease and she goes limp in his arms. Damon drops her to the floor, staring down at her in self-loathing. He had never had a problem with killing before, but he hated the lack of control he had.

"Good. Now, let's go." Klaus said as he walked towards the truck.

Glaring at Klaus' back, Damon followed after him.

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