#"We cannot have a human champion!" The large dog looking demon screamed at his henchmen.

"Eliminate him! I want him dead by his next fight." The group seemed indecisive at that. They weren't sure they could or even wanted to kill Xander. He'd made many friends in some and respect from all.

"I'll pay you double the usual fee." The demons began to move. After all. Friend or not. Money talks and bullshit walks. The demons moved from the room slowly. All of them had the same thought. Willy.


Two nights later.

Xander sat alone in his apartment. His arm was healed well enough to take off the sling and his ribs were healing faster than normal. He always healed fast. The way he figured it in two more days he would be back to normal. Or as close to normal as usual. He took a sip of his beer and relaxed into his leather recliner. He loved this. The quiet time where he was able to think. His phone rang breaking his concentration and he picked it up on the third ring.

"Xan...der?" Xander heard the low and choked voice rasp out.

"Willy? What's wrong?" He heard sharp breathing on the other line.

"Get... the... hell.. outta.. Dodge kid. There comin... after ya." Xander's face showed confusion.

"What? Who's after me?" Before he got an answer the line went dead. He sat the phone on back on the table and looked in thought.

"Damn." As the word was uttered he was in motion heading for his bedroom. For his weapons chest. He heard his door bust inward as he jumped and rolled into his bedroom. The pain in his ribs only touching the back of his mind as he pulled him weapons locker from under his bed. Opening the locker the first thing in his vision was a wooden stake.

"I didn't invite the damn thing in so I know it isn't a vamp." He pushed the stakes aside and pulled a short wakisashi from the locker with his left hand and a Beretta 92f with his right. He stood to see an eight foot tall blue demon blocking his exit. Xander sighed in exasperation and started firing. He aimed for the head but the demon just charged. Xander didn't recognize the demon and that was a problem. Usually he knew the demon and there weaknesses. Xander side stepped and lashed out with the short sword only to have it blocked by the demons bony forearm. Xander twisted bringing his right hand toward the demons face pulling the trigger as the barrel pointed even with the eye. The demon fell back screaming in pain but not before lashing out and catching Xander under the chin with a backhand. Xander fell into the window of his apartment breaking it and almost falling out. He caught the edge of the window seal behind his knees and struggled to sit up and fire two more shots into the still standing demon. The demon staggered back with each shot and finally fell. Xander pulled himself back into his bedroom ignoring the blood seeping through the back of his shirt. He walked over to the fallen demon and put the tip of the pistols' barrel on its one good eye.

"Who sent you?" The demon moved slightly but didn't answer. Xander felt dizziness welling in his mind. He looked at the demon once more then pulled the trigger. He stood slowly and walked from what was once his apartment. Grabbing a jacket and a few weapons on his way. One thing was for sure. He lost his lease.


Xander half walked half stumbled into Willy's bar. He pushed his way through the overturned tables and shattered chairs to make his way around the counter. There was Willy beaten and broken lying on the floor. Eyes open. Chest still.

"I'm sorry Willy." Xander stood and began to move when he noticed a note in blood on the floor.

"Lylicue." Xander read out loud. His face turned into one of rage and hate.

"He doesn't know who he's messing with. Not yet." Xander turned and walked from the destroyed demon bar. He needed to get fixed up a little. After that. It would be game time.


"Hold on a bloody minute." Giles yelled as someone pounded on his door. It was early and he was tired. The sun was just coming up over the horizon. He opened the door to see a bloody and barely standing Xander Harris.

"Hey G-Man." Xander walked past the stunned Giles and took off his jacket. Giles saw the blood covering the young mans back and immediately went to get his first aid kit.

"Take off your shirt Xander." Xander nodded and did as asked. He didn't even comment on Giles wanting his shirt off. Giles defiantly knew something was wrong now. Giles walked behind the still standing Xander and winced.

"Bloody hell Xander you still have shards of glass in your back." Xander was still quiet as Giles gently pulled the shards of window glass from Xanders back. The sound of glass falling on metal was all that was heard in the apartment for the next few minutes.

"What happened Xander?" Xander winced slightly as Giles rewrapped his ribs and back.

"The boss don't like having a human champion Giles. It put a hit on me. Damn now I sound like someone out of the godfather." Giles didn't chuckle and Xander didn't smile. They both stood in thought. Xander broke the silence.

"They killed Willy. Before he died he called and warned me." Giles sat down on the couch and Xander sat in the closest chair.

"I'm sorry Xander." Xander nodded more to himself than to Giles.

"In a way he's been my only friend for the last few months. I guess he thought that to. Instead of calling an ambulance he called me. That's gotta count for something." Giles nodded. He had come to the same conclusion. Giles looked at the young man in front of him.

"What are you going to do?" Xander sighed more to himself than to Giles. Quickly putting on one of Giles's shirts.

"I can't take them on like this. I need to wait a few weeks. Get in better shape. Then. I'm going to send them back to hell. In pieces." Giles nodded at the young man's words. Xander was angry. Not just for Willy. But for himself and everyone else Lylicue messed with in the past. And he wanted just a little vengeance.

"I'm going to L.A. Giles. Don't tell anyone. I'll be back when this is over. Maybe." Giles nodded slowly before handing Xander his car keys.

"Be careful." Xander looked at the keys in his hands then shook Giles's hand.

"If I don't come back. Tell them.. Tell them I love them." Giles nodded quickly.

"Of course." Xander smiled and began to walk away. As he reached the door and opened it he half turned.

"That goes for you to G-Man." Before Giles can answer Xander is gone. A car starts outside and drives away.

"I know Xander. I know." Giles sat down sighing. Then stood and examined his weapons.


Xander limped into Angel Investigations. The ride to L.A. didn't help his back or ribs any. He walked up to the counter and looked around.

"Anyone here?" He asked getting no answer for a few seconds before Cordelia walked out of the office.

"Angel Investigations we help the... What the hell happened to you?!" Xander grimaced as Cordy ran over to him and Angel and Wesley came out of the office.

"Are you alright Xander?" Wesley asked quickly as he and Cordy led Xander to a sofa.

"I'm fine Wesley. Just feel like I fell into a mafia movie that's all." Everyone but Angel looked at him in confusion.

"They put a contract on you?" Angel asked carefully. Xander nodded yes and sighed.

"They killed Willy. Now there after me. I just need a place to heal for a few days. If that's alright?" Angel and Wesley were going to answer but Cordy beat them to it.

"Of course its okay. Come on I'll show you your room." Xander nodded and stood up slowly. Before he got to the stairs he turned to Angel.

"Would you train with me in a few days?" Angel nodded in the affirmative and Xander turned and walked after Cordelia. Angel and Wesley stood at the bottom of the staircase.

"Is this wise Angel?" Angel didn't answer right away. He turned and began to walk back toward the office.

"Would it matter?" Wesley smiled slightly.

"I don't think so."


The blond vampire sat in a chair. His feet on Lylicue's desk and a smirk on his face.

"I can take care of the brick layer for ya. For a price." The dog looking demon growled in its throat at the vampire.

"I'll pay you what I said I'd pay everyone else. Not a penny more. If you don't want the money get the hell out." Spike chuckled as he lit a cigarette.

"Now now. Calm down doggy. I'm going to take care of your little problem. Keep your money. All I want. Is some of your power. You make me a partner I'll take care of droopy. Deal?" The demon growls again. He had to much money invested in the Cage to let a human screw it up.

"Deal. Now take care of it!" Spike stands putting his cigarette out with his foot on the demons' floor.

"No problem mate. I think its time to start a new family." Spike walked out of the office. His last sentence lingering in the air.

"I hope droopies worth the trouble."


Xander and Angel stood facing each other on the training mat. Xander was beginning to regret asking to train with Angel. Fighting a vamp was a lot easier when you could actually dust it.

"You know if I could dust you I would have already won." Angel chuckled as he attacked with a high roundhouse kick. Xander dunked the kick and spun out his right foot knocking the vamp on its back. Xander jumped forward only to get Angel's boot heel to his chest. As the two stood and circled each other.

"Your good for a human Xander." Xander smiled and slightly chuckled.

"Your not bad for a bloodsucker Angel." Angel snorted before standing out of his fighting stance.

"That's enough for today Xander. Lets get a drink." Xander raised his eyebrows.

"I'm not really into the O- stuff." Angel smiled.

"Me either. I'm a B+ man myself." The two men shared a chuckle before Xander shrugged..

"As long as it isn't blood I'm game." Angel nodded as they walked into the elevator.

"Trust me." Xander's face went slack.


It had seemed like ages ago when Xander said he didn't care if he lived or died. And now he was basically fighting to live. Well that's not exactly true. He was fighting to take down the bastards that wanted him dead. If he happened to fall in the process. Well Shit happens sums up his motto. Angel and Xander walked into Caritias like they owned the place. As they walked in a green horned demon flew over to them.

"Hey Peaches! Listen Angel-baby no singing for you tonight. Maybe later. Whose this?" Lorne finally to a breath. Xander was trying not to laugh as Angel seemed to look embarrassed.

"Lorne. This is Xander. He's singing." Xander straightened up quickly.

"I am not singing!" Xander said with determination.

Twelve shots and three boiler makers later.

"I'm a cowboy. On a steel horsy I ride. Wait wait. Is it horsy or horse? Never mind doesn't matter. I'm a cowboyyyyyyy-" Xander sang drunkenly his movements rapid and uncoordinated. Angel grimaced as Xander finished the chorus.

"There is no way I'm that bad." Lorne snorted and sipped his drink.

"Wanna bet baby face?" Angel glared at Lorne as Xander stumbled off stage. Lorne looked at Xander and sighed before turning to Angel.

"We need to talk."


"How long?!" Angel screamed and looked over at the unconscious form of Xander Harris.

"Two weeks Angel cakes. The kid has a death wish Angel. And if he keeps this up its going to be granted." Angel sighed and closed his eyes.

"Can you tell me who and how?" Lorne shook his head sadly.

"It doesn't work that way Angel. I get the beginning and the end some little pieces in the middle. All I know is that in two weeks the kid meets the grim reaper." Angel sighs for the third time in five minutes and walks over to Xander.

"Not if I can help it. Thanks Lorne." Lorne waved him off with his hand.

"Think nothing of it sweet cheeks." Angel walked out of the bar with Xander draped over his right shoulder. The whole time thinking that something was about to hit the fan.


"So pet. Seen droopy lately?" Spike asked as he and Anya walked toward the Magic Box.

"No Spike." Spike walked slightly behind her and vamped out.

"Let me ask that again." He grabbed Anya by her shoulders and slammed her against a building.

"Have you seen Droopy?" Anya shook her head quickly.

"No. No one has seen him in a week or so. I don't know where he is Spike." Spike smiled. And leaned close to Anya.

"That's okay pet. I need you to find him though. Give him a message. He's on borrowed time." Spike quickly punched Anya on the left side of her head knocking the young woman unconscious.

"That is if something doesn't find you here tonight." Spike smiled, lit a cigarette and walked into the darkness. Anya's limp form on the sidewalk behind him.


Xander sat in front of Angel as he was told that he would die in two weeks. He found himself calm. Accepting even.

"Look Angel. If its my time to go. Its my time to go. I'll fight it but there might be nothing you can do." Angel shook his head no. He wasn't going to accept that. He'd saved a lot of lives and he knew he could save one more. Well he hoped anyway.

"Look we need to work something out. Do you have any enemies?" Xander looked at Angel like he was stupid.

"Right. Dumb question." Xander sighed shaking his head. This was going to be a tough couple of weeks.

"Its' name is Lylicue. It's the boss of the cage matches. I guess it's like the Don King of the underground fighting world." Angel nodded for Xander to continue. Xander sighed and started to speak again.

"My guess. He doesn't want a human champion. After all humans are supposedly weak. So. Kill me. New champion. No more human to beat the hell out of the things that go bump in the night." Angel nodded but seemed hesitant to believe this. Xander again sighed. This time out of frustration.

"Look. Lylicue has a LOT of money invested in this. He's not going to risk any of it because a human is the champion." Angel could kind of understand this. After all he always thought of humans as weaker. At least physically. And to a point he still did. After all Xander couldn't beat him. But he also couldn't beat Xander. Not in the short run anyway.

"I'm going to see what I can find out. You stay here." Xander snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Yes mommy." Xander stood and walked toward the elevator. He needed to train.


"Oh god. Anya what happened?" Willow asked as she maneuvered her 'friend' of sorts to the table in the center of the Magic Box.

"Spike." Anya couldn't say anymore because Willow cut her off.

"Spike did this? I thought he was all chippy and non-human hurting." Anya painfully shrugged.

"He told me to give Xander a message. He's on borrowed time.. Or something just as corny." Willow didn't really hear the last comment. She was to busy yelling at Buffy who was in the training room with Giles. She and Giles ran through the door into the main shop ready for battle.

"Spike is after Xander." Buffy nodded slowly.

"So? The Billy idol wannabe can't hurt him Wills. Chip remember." Willow rolled her eyes and pointed at Anya whose face was swelled and purple. Buffys' eyes' went wide and she walked over to Anya.

"Spike did this?" Anya nodded before screaming.

"YES! He did this. And if I still had my necklace I'd so wish him castrated." Giles took a step away from the angry ex-demon putting the counter between Anya and himself.

"We have to find Xander!" Buffy said with authority before she noticed Giles fidget slightly.

"You know where he is." Giles didn't answer. That was answer enough.

"Where is he?" Buffy almost growled out. Giles sighed and picked up the phone.

"Is Xander there? He's not. Well tell him that Spike's chip has malfunctioned and we think that Xander is a target." Giles thanked god the gang couldn't hear Cordelia's screaming from across the room.

"Goodbye." Giles hung up the phone promptly cutting Cordy off in the middle of her tirade.

"He is warned. That is all we can do at the moment." Buffy began to walk toward Giles menacingly. And Giles actually had a little fear in his eyes.

~~~~~~~~~ 13 days later.

"Where is Xander?" Angel asked as he walked into the building. Cordy looked up from her nails and began to talk.

"He said he needed to find someone. Said he'd be home later." Angel sighed and took a seat. All he could do was wait.


Xander walked out of the club slowly. He noticed the tail before he had moved from his table. As a matter of fact he was counting on it. He new there were at least three. But he prepared himself for more. He walked into the parking lot. The three vampires surrounded him. Two in front of him and one behind. 'This is going to be easier than I thought' The one behind him moved first. Wrapping Xander in a bear hug as the two vamps in front of him charged forward. Xander kicked off the two vampires and brought the back of his head into the vamp holding him. As the vampires' hold loosened Xander grabbed the vamps right hand between its thumb and forefinger spinning the vamp into a arm lock before shoving its' head through a car window. Xander turned side kicking a charging vamp in the throat. The fledgling grabbed at its throat on instinct not noticing the wooden stake that was sticking out of his chest. Dust. Xander surveyed the parking lot for the third vamp but didn't see anything. Turning back to the vamp who's throat had been cut when its head was shoved through the window he pushed a stake up against its chest.

"So. Where's Lylicue?" The smile on Xander's face only proved one thing. He wasn't pulling punches.


Xander walked into Angel Investigations with clear even steps. He didn't notice the scooby and fang gang in the room as he moved straight toward the weapons cabinet. He opened the cabinet quickly and pulled out Angels' favorite broadsword. He quickly grabbed a few stakes and some holy water. As he turned to leave he noticed the scoobys.

"Hi." Xander began walking toward the door only to be intercepted by a blond slayer.

"Where are you going?" Xander looked Buffy straight in the eyes and said with absolutely no emotion.

"For a pizza." Xander tried to sidestep Buffy only to have Angel in front of him. Xander sighed and stepped back.

"Okay. What the hell do you want?!" Buffy and Angel both took a step back, but quickly stood there ground again.

"Where are you going?" Buffy asked again with more determination. Xander sighed and closed his eyes.

"The Cage. I need to end this." The room felt the emotion in his voice. He needed this closed. Maybe then he could live. Maybe.

"Your going by yourself?" Xander nodded and saw that Buffy was going to object. Before she could Xander started talking.

"I won't just be facing demons Buff. He has humans on his payroll to." Buffy was silent for a moment. Only a moment.

"What are you going to do to them?" Xander looked her dead in the eye as he spoke.

"Evil isn't only in demon's Buff. And evil needs to be destroyed." Buffy was shocked by the statement. But was shocked more so that she understood it.

"You shouldn't kill humans Xander. No matter what the cause." Xander breathed deeply.

"What about Faith? Sure you didn't kill her but you would have. And almost did. Hell you thought you did. And your reason's aren't as noble as mine." Buffy looked away for a second locking gazes with Angel.

"I'm going Buff. You know you can't stop me short of killing me. And by the time we're through I'll have less of a chance to make it." Angel sighed and shook his head.

"You don't have much chance anyway Xander. Remember. The host said you would die tonight." Everyone looked at Xander who was glaring at Xander.

"I don't plan to die tonight Angel. But if it happens. It happens." Everyone in the room stared at Xander in shock. Giles spoke up first.

"I'm going with you Xander. Unlike the other's I have no problem against going against another man." Xander looked at Giles for a second before he answered.

"Sure you do. So do I. I just can't let it effect me. I treat this like a job. Just like the soldier did." Giles was shocked.

"You still have the soldier memories?" Xander shook his head no before talking.

"Just his ideals G-Man. His memories are gone. But I remember some of his morals." Giles nodded. Some of the soldier personality must have been close to Xander's own. They somehow mixed together. Or maybe. Xander's personality was a perfect match. The soldier just made it seem like he'd already killed.

"I still wish to accompany you. If you would let me." Xander closed his eyes for a moment before he nodded.

"Just be careful Giles. I can take loosing my life. But not any of yours." Giles nodded and moved toward the weapon's cabinet pulling an double sided battle axe from it. Wesley seemed in thought before he walked over and pulled a broadsword. He noticed Xander looking at him in question.

"Your a friend Xander. I don't have that many." Xander nodded at the man with a newfound respect.

"Look. We are going to be badly outnumbered tweed men. I'm talking 50 to 3. It would be better for you if you stayed here." Giles and Wesley ignored the tweed men comment and shook there heads.

"It might be better for us. But it would be worse for you." Wesley said as he grabbed a few stakes and put them in his pocket. Everyone else in the room was watching them. Angel walked forward.

"Besides its 30 to 4." Xander couldn't help but smile. The only people that hadn't stepped forward were Buffy, Willow, Tara and Cordelia. Cordelia walked up behind Angel.

"If I tell you no you'll come anyway won't you?" His friends and team nodded in the affirmative.

"Lets go." Everyone aside from his three Sunnydale friends followed him out the door. Buffy looked at the weapons cabinet and the three moved and pulled out there weapons. Three crossbows a few stakes and a sword. They were going to help as much as possible. And with two Wicca's and a Slayer they could help a lot.


The team stood on a rooftop looking down at the large warehouse that housed The Cage. Angel, Wesley, and Xander stood looked over the edge while Cordy stood back.

"How do you want to do this Xander?" Angel asked as he hefted his broadsword. Xander bit his lip.

"I want you Giles, and Wesley to go around the back. Cordy you stay here. Me. I'm going right through the front door." Everyone looked at him and nodded. Well except Cordelia.

"Are you crazy?!" Xander motioned her to be quiet before speaking.

"They know I'm coming. They don't know any of you are." Everyone nodded understanding his reasoning.

"Lets go." With Xander's command the team separated.


As Xander walked toward the front door he heard a noise behind him. He spun quickly on to lay eyes on Buffy Summers.

"What are you doing here Buff?" Xander asked as he took a glance at the door behind him.

"Willow and Tara are around back with the others. I'm going in with you." Xander sighed and shook his head.

"Why are you doing this?" Buffy walked toward him and placed a hand on his cheek.

"I'm not going to let you die Xander. You have to much to live for." Buffy moved her hand and walked toward the door. Before she reached it she heard Xander's voice.

"Like what?" Buffy stopped walking as her hand reached the door.

"Like me." Xander didn't have time to comprehend her statement as she walked in the door. He followed milliseconds later. Filing her words in the back of his mind for later use. If there was a later.


To say all hell had broken loose would be an understatement. Bodies and dust covered the floor of the hallway as Buffy and Xander moved forward carefully but effectively. Xander's Beretta bucked in his hand as he squeezed the trigger. One man, Two men. He took them down with a grizzly efficiency that seemed to be natural. His face seemed cold and impassive. But his eye's conveyed his inner turmoil. Evil was Evil. But that didn't make his JOB any easier.

"We're almost there Buff." Buffy only nodded as she dusted another vampire. Number four by her count. Xander had took out two vamps and three men. Buffy couldn't look at the bodies of the men as Xander kicked open the door at the end of the hallway. Xander laid eyes on The Cage again. But that didn't bug him. What bugged him was that his friends were in the middle. Weaponless and surrounded. He moved in quickly and stopped when Lylicue's voice echoed through the arena.

"Do you want to save them Alexander? There is a way you know? Simply fight. Like all the times before." Xander watched as the group of demon's seemed to flow apart and Lylicue and Spike walked into Xander's vision.

"Heya Droopy. Ready to go?" Xander glared at the blond vampire before shrugging out of his jacket and lifting the sword in his right hand into a defensive posture.

"Whenever your ready overbite." In the span of a few seconds the ring was clear. The demons and Xander's friends all walked out knowing that this was something that had to be done. Xander and Spike simply glared at each other for a few seconds. Then. Spike charged.


The fight was on. Xander was moving faster than ever before as he evaded Spike's sword strikes and sent some of his own toward the vampire. Xander hadn't faced an adversary of Spike's caliber. Spike was after all a 180 year and some change master vampire. He was stupid and full of himself but he was also strong and experienced. Xander knew things were not going well. Spike lunged and Xander spun to the left and toward the vampire. Xander wrapped his left arm around Spike right and jerked back hearing pop as the vampires shoulder was pulled from its socket. Xander finished the spin by sweeping Spike's legs from under him before Xander could capitalize however his own feet were removed from the ground. Both fighter rolled away. There swords forgot on the floor of The Cage. Xander jumped forward this time only to get a swift snap kick to his ribs knocking him back a few feet and to his knees. Xander rolled away at the last second. As he reached his feet he lashed out a side kick catching Spike in the chin and driving the vampire back a few steps. But Xander didn't stop as the kick connected Xander jumped and spun landing another sidekick on the vampires chin. Spike fell onto his back and rolled with the momentum coming to his feet only to meet with an open palm strike to his chest and a snap kick to his groan. The 'little bad' as he liked to call it would not be committing any acts of evil for a few weeks. Xander spun again slamming his left knee into the side of the master vamps face before bringing his right knee into the demons' chin. Spike lashed out with an uppercut to Xander's stomach taking the young man off his feet and knocking the wind from his lungs. Xander began to gag as what he had eaten earlier tried to make a return. Spike stood slowly and shook his head.

"Not bad Droopy. Your better than I thought." Spike moved in kicking Xander in the ribs with enough force to break two. Xander went with the blow and landed on his back he kicked out and knocked Spike off his feet. Quickly standing Xander stomped on the vamps ankle shattering it then limped back as Spike scrambled to get up. Xander held his ribs for a moment before breathing slowly and standing up straight. He and Spike stared at one another. Spike favoring his right leg. His left ankle as a impossible angle. Xander ran at Spike and uppercut the demon on the chin. Then cracked the vamps cheekbone with a left hook before following his combo with a right elbow. He was about to attack again when a sharp pain in his stomach stopped him. He looked down to see a short dagger in his stomach. The handle sticking out. Luckily the dagger had went in toward the side. Xander took a few steps back and fell to his knee's. He pulled the dagger out slowly. The screams of his friends barely heard above his own screams of pain. Spike was smiling through it all. His cheekbone seemed sunken in and his chin looked shattered. But the bastard was smiling through it all. Spike took a few steps away from Xander before speaking. He was about ten feet away when his mouth opened.

"What a champion. Don't worry Droopy you gotta be the toughest human I've had the pleasure of killin. Hell I'm going to put you right under my killin of two slayers." Xander barely listened to Spike's speech. He saw something beside him that interested him much more.

"Well time to die Droops." Spike started to move forward but stopped as Xander rolled to right grabbing his forgotten broadsword by the hilt and throwing it like a spear at William the Bloody. The sword hit flesh just below Spikes' rib cage and sliced easily through skin and muscle tissue. It finally stopped its trajectory half way through the vampires spinal cord. Spike stood a look of shock on his face for a second before falling backward in a heap. Xander stood slowly picking up Spikes' sword as he went. He toward over the fallen vampire the sword in his hand.

"Sorry Spike. I'm not letting you have the bragging rights." With his last ounce of strength Xander took the head of one of the most dangerous vamps in history. And William the Bloody turned into just another dust pile. Xander saw his friends rushing toward him. Buffy in the lead. Then. He saw black.


Xander awoke two days later in an L.A. hospital. He was sore to say the least. That didn't surprise him. What did surprise him was the head of blond hair on his chest and the hand that was holding his tightly.

"Buff. Buffy you can wake up now." Buffy awoke slowly. Very slowly. She blinked a few times before she noticed Xander was awake. Then her eyes went wide and she hugged him quickly.

"Your awake!" Xander just nodded and groaned. He had one hell of a headache.

"Why am I alive. Not that it isn't a good thing but I didn't expect it." Buffy glared at him for a few seconds before sighing.

"Does it matter. Your alive. And you better not ever do anything like this again!" Xander grimaced and nodded. When he opened his eyes Buffy was staring at him. Not glaring. Not looking. But staring. As if seeing something she hadn't seen before.

"I couldn't stand loosing you Xand. None of us could. Promise me you won't leave." Xander nodded and tried to get comfortable.

"You know. When you get out of here. Maybe we could have dinner?" Xander's eyes flashed open quickly and he looked at Buffy in shock.

"Are you asking me out?" Buffy nodded cautiously. Xander half smiled.

"Sure. It'll help me heal faster anyway." Buffy smiled and Xander closed his eyes' again.

"So. What do we do now?" Buffy's question was unanswered for a few seconds. Finally Xander began to speak.

"See where the road takes us Buff. But I know one thing." Buffy looked curiously at her new boyfriend. At least they both hoped he was her new boyfriend.

"What?" Xander smiled slightly.

"It will be a whole lot better without Billy Idol." Buffy and Xander chuckled for a few seconds before the room fell into silence. Not an uncomfortable silence. Just a peaceful one. Buffy broke it after a few minutes.

"I'm going to tell everyone your okay." Xander nodded his eyes still closed as Buffy walked from the room. A smile on her face. Both had high hopes for the future. Xander lay in his hospital bed. And for the first time in a long time. He was glad to be alive.

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