Another poem for all you Frodo and Sam friendship fans out there! A great big thank you to Lady Enelya, Legyluva, arwen undomiel, Gandalf, Celebrindal, Paper Crane, Elwen and Midnight dove, who all reviewed my last poem. I hope you like this one.

Could be set at anytime during the quest, just a poem by Sam, about not giving up hope, and other things in general.

Always And Forever

From the hills in the Shire,

To the Mountain of Fire,

Always and Forever.

When he takes the last stand,

I'll hold on to his hand,

Always and Forever.

But it hurts me to find,

The ring's taken his mind,

Always and Forever.

And when tears fill his eyes,

`There's no hope left!` He cries,

Always and Forever.

But there's nothing to fear,

Just as long as I'm here,

Always and Forever.

I will stand by his side,

I'll let love be my guide,

Always and Forever.

And in darkness there's light,

Hope is not out of sight,

Always and Forever.

When begins a new day,

Sadness will fade away,

Always and Forever.

From the start to the end,

I will be there, his friend,

Always and Forever.

You don't stand on your own,

You are never alone,

Always and Forever.

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