Three months was a long time, and Sanji was beginning to feel like Usopp.

Three months ago the Sunny had docked at a mysterious Island, none of them knew which it was until the navigator finally slammed her finger on the dot, off in the corner of her map, reading the name aloud "Res…Res-odor" her face screwed up as the unpleasant sounding name warbled past her lips.

"Résoudre" The crew's eyes all fluttered to Sanji who was lounging lazily propped up on the wall, he was examining the half-smoked cigarette in his fingers. He glanced up and briefly met their gaze before he flicked a piece of hair out of his face "its French for resolve." Luffy's eyes lit up in boyish fascination as he sprang up to the cook's side,

"You speak French?" The captain threw up his hands with a cackle "that's so cool!" Sanji smirked at his captain's antics and then brought the cigarette up to his lips

"Not a lot" he admitted "but you have to know some when in culinary."

"Always gotta be the know it all." Zoro muttered lazily from his position behind the table, the blonde's ears perked and he turned towards the swordsman teeth grit in annoyance, jabbing a finger towards him Sanji hissed

"Better than not knowing anything."

"What was that?!" Nami had rolled up the map, barking dangerously at the two arguing men who in turn shut their mouths tightly, still fuming as they stormed off in opposite directions.

Sanji spent the rest of the afternoon creating lunches for the crew to take along during their exploration of the new Island, as the Sunny sat rolling in the tide near the dock the sounds of a town were already wafting aboard the deck, it was lively and Sanji could hear music from the streets.

The town was celebrating a local holiday and a large festival consumed it, although the rest of the crew participated in the party Sanji had decided to get a nice, plush hotel room and sleep. He hardly ever got to have an interrupted slumber aboard the ship and just the thought of that was more than enough celebration for the blonde. However somehow in the midst of the festivities a large storm off the horizon had gone unnoticed –and when it suddenly ambushed the Island, no one was prepared.

When Sanji awoke the next morning the Island of Résoudre was in shambles. The streets where the celebration had took part was scattered with remnants of the festival, tree limbs, debris, singles, all scattered like spilled rice. His blue eyes widened as he saw the empty dock where just last night the Sunny had be tethered. He had been left behind.

According to the inn keeper, the crew had been forced back to the Sunny, and thus forced to depart in the storm.

Three months was a long time, and Sanji was beginning to feel like Usopp. Having been here so long the blonde was forced to get somewhat situated, he had a job at the small restaurant at the outskirts of town, which consisted of stirring soup and making fresh noodles all day.

Village children came in to talk to the dangerous pirate, who always was covered in flour. Sanji began to tell them tales of his voyages, and the children hung on every word like Sanji was the only true pirate of the sea. One girl in particular had stolen Sanji's heart, she had dark brown hair, a round face and innocent eyes and somehow talking to her eased the blonde's troubled heart. The young child Paige was the daughter of a poor farmer, but Sanji didn't care if she truly came in to talk with him, or for the free soup he would give her every day.

"And then?" Sanji had his back to the counter where the child sat, he smirked and looked over his shoulder at her,

"And then I kicked it." Paige laughed loudly nearly spilling her soup as the blonde finished his story, a large grin spread across his face as well as he watched the child writhe happily in her fit of laughter.

"You did not!" She argued, sniffing messily as her laughs died into giggles "you didn't kick it." Sanji wiped his hands on his apron, shrugging nonchalantly as he wiped his face with his sleeve causing a smear of flour to stick to his cheek. "Mr. Sanji? Can I be a pirate too?" Sanji blinked at the question and leaned back to rest on the work station behind him, eyes searching Paige for the correct answer.

"It's dangerous, my little lady." The child sat up straighter and puffed her chest causing the blonde to chuckle, "but, you can do anything if you put your mind to it." He corrected himself, nodded confidently at her. Flicking his hair from his face he nearly laughed aloud when the child mimicked him, and her hair as well was pushed aside in a similar fashion.

"Are you gunna leave soon?" Her strong posture dropped meekly until she sat hunched over her soup.

"Eventually. Once my idiot crew comes back for me." Sanji eyed the girl, the strong sent of simmering soup consuming the small, nearly empty restaurant. She stirred her bowl sullenly,

"When will that be?" the cook turned to stir the simmering pot behind him, a wave of unhappiness overtaking him as well, suddenly worrying about having become too comfortable.

"I don't know, maybe any day now. They should have already been here." Doubt swirled in the cook's mind and his gaze fluttered to the window, the view overlooked the harbor and the empty dock his ship three months ago had been. "Any day now." He mumbled to himself, tearing his eyes away from the sea and back to the sea of stock on the burner ahead of him.

Nightmares like the one he had on the Sunny, had been plaguing his sleep consistently these last few months Sanji had spent alone. The same dream, each time more vivid –sometimes he would wake up thrashing and shouting, sometimes he would be awake before he was aware of it, staring up at the dark ceiling. The only difference between now and that time a few months ago was that no one was there when he awoke, he was alone and no one cared.

"You look sad, Mr. Sanji." The blonde nearly burned himself in shock as Paige's voice shattered the thoughts swirling in his head, like she had reached into a well and snatched out a wriggling fish. Sanji rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly,

"Ah, do I?" He sent a smile over his shoulder at her "I didn't mean to worry you, my princess." Unconsciously he gazed back at the window, as if the Sunny would come at any moment.

"You miss the sea, don't you?" Sanji just nodded absent mindedly and brought the wooden spoon to his lips blowing on it softly, he tasted it and happy with the result, plunked the spoon back in to continue stirring. "Tell me another story?" She offered, finishing her bowl, desperate to make the blonde cheerful again.

"Well…" Sanji hummed thoughtfully, eyes twinkling in wonder "have I ever told you about the All Blue?"

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