Mount Justice

July 13th, 18:44

It's been five days since they're last mission, the boys we're out and some of the girls we're sitting on the couch doing nothing when the zeta tubes sound came out.

Recognize: Zatanna B08, Rocket B09.

"Hey" they said as they walked to where the girls we're and jumped on the couch next to them.

"Hey" they said then went back to staring at the TV.

"Why are you staring at the TV?" Raquel asked the others.

Artemis: "There's nothing better to do".

"Hello Megan, let's have a sleep over in my room" Megan jumped up in excitement.

"Yeah sure."

"Why not".

"That could be fun"

They all answered, so Megan jumped in the air and started planning every thing out.

Megan: "We'll get snacks, we'll do makeovers, karaoke, truth or dare... you go get you sleeping bags and meet me back in my room".

Mount Justice


They all changed to sleeping cloths and entered Megan's room and sat in a circle.

Megan was wearing a black shirt that had an "S" on it and black tights that went to her knees.

Zee was wearing a white shirt that had a magic wand and sparkles coming out of it and black shorts.

Artemis was wearing a green sleeveless shirt with an arrow on it and green tights.

Karen was wearing a grey tank top and pink pajama pants with black stripes on it.

Barb was wearing a dark blue shirt that had a Mickey Mouse on the side and dark blue shorts.

Cassie was wearing a white shirt with black spots on it and white shorts with black stripes on it.

Raquel was wearing a dark grey shirt and white shorts with black squares on it.

Artemis: "Alright, what do you want to do first?".

Megan, Raquel, Karen and Zatanna screamed: "MAKEOVERS".

Megan did Barb's, while barb did Zee's, Zee did Artemis's, Artemis did Raquel's, Raquel did Karen's an Karen did Megan's.

Megan had light red make up with light red lipstick.

Barb had light pink make up and sparkly pink lipstick.

Zee had dark purple make up and sparkly lipstick.

Artemis had light purple makeup and lipstick.

(A/N: Hey, I am not going to write the others just imagine them wearing makeup.)

"Ok, we're done with Makeovers, what's next?" Zee asks after they finished doing makeovers.

Karen: "Karaoke?".

Raquel: "Who wants to go first?".

There was silence, so Megan said "We'll write down our names and pull them out of a hat, whoever comes out sings, ok?" They all agreed and she levitated a hat, paper and pen, wrote down the names and put them in the hat.

Megan: "Who wants to pick one?".

Zatanna:"I do".

she picked one and unfolded it...

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