AUTHORS NOTE: Well here is the final chapter, I hope I have accomplished all that I set out to do in making a more satisfactory ending than the one Ms Harris came up with, it has taken a few years for me to revisit the notes I made at the time I read DEA, as it took that long for me to regain the inclination to return to the books, and tie up all the unanswered points I had and find the point where I think the series fell apart and redo it from there. I have been overwhelmed by the response from readers to my story, it is always nice to know when people enjoy what you have written, and I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who has taken the time and effort to read and comment, and I hope that I have succeeded with what I set out to do and that is give what everyone seemed to want (apart from Ms Harris) and that is a happy ending for Eric and Sookie.


We get back to Shreveport in record time and Eric helps me into the house, I am still experiencing pain and he calls Dr Ludwig, almost immediately she appears in the room and examines me.

"What the hell has happened here, how much blood have you been taking?" she asks sharply as she stares at my huge swollen stomach.

I quickly outline everything that has happened and what I was told by Fintan and Eerika and Dr Ludwig gapes and spins on the spot to face Eric.

"Eerika the water Fae princess? are Eerika's boy?" she murmurs in shock

Eric nods impatiently, "I am but that is irrelevant at this point, my wife requires your attention" he snaps.

Dr Ludwig nods, "this changes everything, the combination of water and sky Fae blood, your children will be powerful" she says almost reverently.

"Don't forget fire as well" I gasp, "the fire sprite I drained" I add at Dr Ludwig's puzzled look.

Dr Ludwig shakes her head, "That will have no lasting effect" she says.

"Then how come my wife could command the sun earlier?" Eric asks irritably.

Dr Ludwig smiles, "because the sun resides inside her" she turns to me, "when you were human you enjoyed soaking up the suns rays?" she says

I nod in confusion.

"Your pregnancy is awakening your Fae gifts and you are learning to harness them at last, you are a vampire but ironically you are now also more Fae, I believe that becoming a vampire has eliminated the humanity allowing the supernatural to come forward and take over" she says

"So this isn't a temporary thing that I am channelling through my children and their gifts?" I ask

Dr Ludwig shakes her head, "No, that one was all yours, but it took your children's gifts within you to help you find it" she says.

"The pains have stopped now" I say

Dr Ludwig nods, "That pain wasn't birthing pain that was your body...recharging you used your Fae gifts and because of the pregnancy and your children taking your essence to feed themselves you felt pain as your body recovered from the exertion" she says.

This all sounds incredible and unbelievable.

"So my children are both ok?" I ask

Dr Ludwig nods, "they are but I will tell you your time is very close, it won't be too long before you give birth to them" she looks out of the window, "but for now dawn is fast approaching if you are able to go to the Summerlands and partake in Fae blood I would insist you do so after your exertions tonight" she says. With that she is gone.

I look at Eric, "Can you believe all that?" I ask

Eric grins and pulls me close, "I always knew you were special, but you even surprise me at just how special you are" he replies, "Come on lets go to bed" he says.

We head to our chamber and Eric locks us in.

As we lay in our bed in each others arms Eric speaks, "Promise me if you go to the Summerlands while in your day death you will drink from Fintan and my mother" he says

I nod, "I will and I wish you would come with me" I say.

"So do I" he replies.

We lie together and slowly as the dawn takes hold we die for the day.

Sookie how wonderful to see you again" I turn and see Fintan smiling at me.

"Grandfather, thank you for the blood you sent me" I say

He nods and smiles once more, "I am not able to do that regularly so do not expect or rely on it, while you are carrying your children it would be best if you didn't drink the synthetic blood" he warns

"Ok" I reply

Fintan walks towards me and hugs me tightly, "You need some blood now" he says he says it as a statement rather than a question but I still answer him with a nod.

"If you don't mind" I say

"Not at all, we will wait for Eerika to arrive as it is best you feed from her first and she has a visitor at the moment" he says

I nod and as we wait we walk through the meadow together in a companionable silence then a question I have been pondering for a while pops into my mind, "Grandfather can I ask you something?" I say

We stop walking and Fintan nods, "Of course you can child, you can ask me anything" he says and he waits patiently for me to speak. I go through everything that Dr Ludwig says and he agrees with her theory so I make the point I want answering.

"So if all that is right, if Eric is also descended from Fae why doesn't he have gifts like mine and why didn't he become more Fae when he became a vampire?" I ask

Fintan smiles, "He does, admittedly he's not as powerful as you but he never fully embraced his Fae heritage" he says.

"How could he when he didn't know about it, he only found out the other day?" I ask defensively

"Very true, but Eerika felt it was best to keep him in his ignorance as he appeared to favour his humanity when he was alive, but he has an instinctive affinity with water which came in very useful when he was human and a Viking warrior who spent a great deal of time at sea, he had a sixth sense when storms were approaching and the seas would be rough and his uncanny knowledge kept himself and his Viking clan safe, also he has a legendary sex drive, that is his Fae ancestry, but of course his Viking blood also plays a part in that, it is true that he inherited more of his fathers qualities from his human side, but if he didn't have that strong Viking spirit he would never have survived Ocella and his sadism" Fintan says.

I realise once again it was down to fate once more, Eric was supposed to be less Fae to help him survive the cruel treatment of his maker with a strong will, he was just a pawn in a bigger game, much like me. I suddenly feel resentful of the way I perceive that we have both been 'used'.

"Sookie you have not used you have been chosen for a greater purpose than you could possibly fathom" Fintan says kindly.

I nod and try and push the negative thoughts from my mind.

"Sookie" I turn at the familiar voice and smile and my stomach lurches as I see Eric walking towards me with his mother.

"You came!" I say and rush into his arms,

Eric points at my flat stomach "our children" he says and I feel his concern.

I shake my head, "they are alive they cannot cross over to the Summerlands but I was assured they are safe" I say, "You came here" I say again.

"I did, I have no idea how I managed to do so, but I believe it is because I am now aware of my own Fae ancestry" he says, he touches my stomach, "you are certain our children are safe?" he asks

"I am" I say

Eric nods satisfied with my answer. Eerika walks up to me and hugs me and she turns to Eric.

"Don't worry Eric, your children are perfectly fine, they are thriving in your realm but they will benefit from Sookie when she feeds whilst here" she says.

"How can this be, nothing makes sense it all seems go against what we know to be right?" Eric asks voicing the question I have been wondering for a while.

Eerika smiles, "It is not our place to question why or how, it is so and that is all you need to know" she says, then she turns her attention to me, "Sookie let me feed you" she says and she tilts her neck towards me, I glance at Eric and then bite. I feed for longer this time as I now know that I can't drain her and when I eventually pull away I smile.

"Thank you" I say and Fintan comes to me and offers me his neck once more I latch on and drink from him. When I have taken my fill I pull away and thank him.

Fintan takes my hands in his, "You will meet your children when you rise" he says.

The words that Dr Ludwig spoke go through my mind that I was near to giving birth, I look shocked it surely hasn't been long enough and yet I know these are not ordinary children. I look at Eric who is immediately on alert at this news.

"You will be magnificent Sookie, just follow your instincts and all will be well" Fintan says.

Eerika grasps my hand, "we will be watching over you and I'm sure Adele will also be keeping an eye on proceedings" she says. You need to go now Sookie, good luck and Eric you will take good care of her" Eerika adds.

"I will" Eric replies

I look up at Eric, "Are you ready to become a daddy then?" I ask

Eric smiles at me, "Bring it on!" he says.

The now familiar shimmering and fading to black occurs and I open my eyes, as I do so I feel a tremendous pain I sit up and gasp holding my side. Eric immediately opens his eyes and sits up with me.

"Sookie" he says and reaches for his phone and calls Dr Ludwig, "it begins" he says to her when she answers and moments later she materialises in the room with us. Then he calls for Pam. Returning his attention to me he grasps my hand tightly.

"Do you need to feed from me?" he asks

I shake my head, "No, not at the moment" I say. I feel uncomfortable and I get on to my knees and rest my elbows on the bed so I am on all fours and I rock gently from side to side.

"Tell me what to do" Eric says, and I can hear the worry in his voice, I realise he can feel the pain I am experiencing through the bond.

"There is nothing at the moment, just being here helps" I say and I gasp again at another pain.

"Can you not relieve the pain she feels?" Eric snaps at Dr Ludwig

"Just because you can feel everything as well vampire there is no need to shout at me, women have always done this and endured the pain that accompanies it and its about time a man fully experienced and appreciated what they go through with childbirth, if she was human I could give her medication to ease the pain but as they are not I do not want to risk your wife and children unnecessarily" I look at Dr Ludwig and I know that she is enjoying Eric's discomfort, but I know that Eric isn't concerned about his own pain he is just worried about me, so I try and close the bond but Eric wrenches it back open again.

"No Sookie, do not close the bond - we do this together" he says firmly, and I see a look of surprise and respect on Dr Ludwig's face at his words.

Dr Ludwig examines me and tells me that things are progressing very quickly and I will soon be able to push, I stare at her in shock and once again I am reminded that this is not a normal run of the mill pregnancy and birth.

"If you were a human I'd be telling you to breathe which helps with the pain" Dr Ludwig says.

I do as she says and I find if I start breathing it does help, Eric stares at me as if I am crazy as I breathe through the pain even though I don't need to breathe now.

"What the hell are you doing Sookie?" he asks,

"It does help with the management of the pain" I say

He accepts this and he nods and begins to breathe with me and I see the surprise on his face as he too realises that it helps ease the discomfort he is experiencing. I am still on my knees but I lift myself up and pull Eric towards me, he is on his knees facing me and he rests his hands on my bump and starts talking to our children, telling them that they are going to be born and not to be afraid. As he does this I hear their thoughts and Eric does as well as he rears back and stares at my bump.

"I...I...I heard them, they responded to my words" he says

"So did I" I say, "Keep talking to them, reassure them and tell them I love them" I gasp as another pain bombards me.

Eric bends and talks to the babies and I hear them responding to him, they ask if what is going to happen will hurt Eric looks up at Dr Ludwig, "Will my children feel pain during the time that they are being born?" he asks

Dr Ludwig nods, "It isn't a pleasant experience for them but normally babies have no knowledge or memory of the process" she says.

Eric relays this information and tells the babies to be brave and that we are waiting for them, he assures them that we are not having an easy time of it either.

"Don't tell them that" I snap

Dr Ludwig is watching with interest at the three way conversation we are having, and then it's as if she has a light bulb moment.

"Vampire, get your children to describe what is happening in there from their point of view" she says

Eric puts his head against my bump and asks the children to describe what is happening to them"

I can hear their response and I listen to them, I hear a male saying that he is being pushed towards an opening but he doesn't like it as it doesn't look big enough, he says it feels like the walls are closing in on them and then he tells me the water around him is going and as he says this I feel my waters break, I reassure them that this is all perfectly normal and then I hear the female voice say that her brother is making his way out she is following him and a few moments later she says he has gone now and she is alone preparing to leave the safety of my womb.

Eric relays all this and Dr Ludwig examines me once more, "help them Sookie, your son is in the birth canal start to push" she says

Eric tells them that I am going to help them by pushing and not to worry and to be brave. I look at Eric and gasp out his name. He immediately looks up at me.

"Help me" I say and Eric nods.

I wrap my arms around his neck and look into his eyes and I start to push, Eric places his hands on my hips and I bear down not taking my eyes off Eric.

"Keep going, you can do this" Eric encourages as he floods the bond with strength and comfort.

I hear my son saying that he feels the encouragement and comfort that Eric is sending and I also try and send my own to him Eric increases the positive emotions he is sending and I hear my son say that there is pressure all around him pushing him forward; he tells us he doesn't like it and that it feels uncomfortable but with our silent encouragement it is bearable and so with the three way bond Eric and I pour every positive emotion we can muster into it and Eric speaks words of encouragement to my stomach and as we continue to do this we make progress.

With every contraction I push and then Eric's head snaps downwards. "My son is coming he is here – he says he sees light" Eric says

"I can see the baby's head, he is crowning" Dr Ludwig says.

I push again and then I suddenly hear a panicked thought of being unable to move and a tightening around his neck.

Eric also must hear it as he shouts, "Wait stop, the cord, my son is tangled" he says

Dr Ludwig investigates and the cord is gently removed from around our son's neck, and she tells me to push again, moments later a loud angry cry fills the room, and I look down to see a wriggling baby with the most amazing blue eyes that I have ever seen. I touch him and a moment later Eric severs the physical bond between us by cutting the cord, Dr Ludwig cleans him and wraps him and hands him to Eric as I push again.

"Eric" I say and Eric returns his attention to me, he tells our son that he is going to help bring his sister into the world as he gently lays him on the bed beside us.

This is the most amazing and yet bizarre thing I have ever experienced, Dr Ludwig is giving me instructions I can hear Eric talking to our daughter and she is answering him, we are once again flooding the bond with comfort and love and then I look down and our son has his head turned towards us and he is also encouraging his sister to come out. I send my own silent encouragement to her and push hard and a few moments later our daughter makes her entrance into the world, she too has gorgeous blue eyes and Eric once again cuts the cord, he gathers the two babies into his arms as Dr Ludwig helps me deliver the afterbirths.

I look over to Eric and I see he has the babies lying in front of him on the bed and he has pierced his fingers and our children are drinking his blood hungrily. I smile as I watch him; this moment is about as far from human as you can get but the look on Eric's face is one of total love for our children and you can't get more human than that.

Eric sees me watching and gathers up the babies and brings them over to me, "Din mamma vill träffa er båda" he says them and I smile, he has just told them that I want to meet them, I hold out my arms and he places a baby in each arm.

"Hi babies" I say as I look down at them both, I hear their thoughts they are curious they are watching everything going on around them then I hear my daughters thoughts.

Are you our mother? She thinks

I smile at her, "I am your mother" I say and I lean down and kiss her forehead, Eric sits beside me and looks down at the two babies, "and this is your daddy" I say. Eric kisses me and then plants a kiss on each baby.

"You were brilliant" Eric says turning his attention to me, "I am so proud of you" he adds.

We both look up as the door opens and babies both turn their heads to looks.

"Hi Pam" I say

Pam stares at the babies and walks closer, but she doesn't say anything.

"Pam" Eric says

"They both look like you" Pam says her eyes fixed on the babies

"You are also my child" Eric says

Pam smiles, "and I will always be proud of that fact" she says, "congratulations master you are very fortunate" she says

I can't help myself I speak to Pam silently, whats wrong Pam? I ask

Pam's eyes flicker to mine, but she doesn't answer, then I hear the babies 'speak' to her.

You are Pam, you are our elder sister daddy has told us a lot about you, he said you would teach us to fight well and you would help to protect us

Pam looks shocked "they talked to me, in my mind just like how we communicate" she says

I nod "they can do that, they are not your every day kind of babies" I say with a smile.

Pam immediately comes closer "I will teach you our ways and I will protect you" she says to them and she hesitantly extends her hand, as she does this our son reaches for her and grips her finger tightly and Pam's face breaks into a bright smile.

"You have your fathers strength" Pam says.

"Would you like to hold him?" Eric asks

Pam looks momentarily panic stricken but then nods, Eric manoeuvers the baby into her arms and she holds him looking down at him. Then she looks at our daughter, she shuffles our son over to Eric and then looks at me.

"May I hold her as well?" she asks

I nod and hand her over, Pam smiles down at her, "With Sookie as your mother and me as your sister...we are going to give your father hell!" she says wryly and I giggle as Pam glances at Eric who glares at her.

"Don't make me command you to shut up Pam" he growls

"What have you named them?" Pam asks

I look at Eric and he shakes his head, "We have not yet decided" he says

"I'd like to name our daughter Adele after my gran if thats ok with you?" I ask, and I thought maybe Eerika after your mom?" I ask

Eric nods, "Adele Eerika?" he says and I nod "I am happy with that, then I would like to call our son Arik Fintan" he says, I smile and nod.

"Arik is that an older version of your name?" I ask

Eric nods, "It was also my fathers name and my elder brothers name" he says quietly

"I like that" I say then I look at our babies, "So Adele Eerika Northman and Arik Fintan Northman, do you like your names?" I ask them

I get a yes from both of their minds and Eric beams at them and then at me.

"This is going to be very interesting" he says

"you're telling me!" I say.


After a short while Pam leaves and Dr Ludwig does many tests before also leaving us alone. Eric and I stare down at our children I don't think either of us can quite believe the events of tonight. I think about our childrens names and I look at Eric.

"Eric, what was your real name?" I ask.

Eric smiles at me, "Magnus" he says

"Magnus? What does that mean?" I ask

Eric snorts, "It means big, I was a larger than average baby, who grew into a larger than average child who grew into the man you see before you now" he says

I smile at him, "so you took your dad's name when you became a vampire?" I ask

Eric nods, "I have had many names over the years, you see when we were in hiding we had to maintain the pretence of humanity so after a period of time we had to 'die' so suspicion wasn't aroused" he explains. "But when we went public I was using the name Eric Northman and I just kept it, after all it honoured both my father and my mother" he says.

I smile and touch his face, "It was a good choice" I say. Everything that Eric has said reminds me of my own family.

I look around "What do you think of your great grand children gran?" I ask out loud. I don't expect any answer so I am shocked when I see a shimmering of the air in the corner of the room.

I squeal in shock, then peering at the apparition I smile, "Gran?" I ask

"Hello Sookie, I cannot remain long, but I had to come and see them, well done, you were magnificent" she says and she turns to Eric "As were you young man" she says, I giggle as I find calling Eric a young man very amusing. Eric nods and thanks gran and she returns her attention to me.

"Thank you for naming this little one after me" she says as she gestures towards Adele. The babies are staring at her and Eric speaks.

"Arik, Adele this is your great grandmother, Adele Stackhouse, in life she was your mothers grand mother and guardian" he says.

I hear Arik ask if she is human and I reply out loud, "Yes Arik, she was human when she lived, but she sadly died, she is now in the afterlife" I say. "How did you get here gran?" I ask

Gran shakes her head, "I have no idea I watched you give birth and the desire I had to see you was so intense, and when you spoke to me it released something and I was able to appear before you, but I can feel whatever magic accomplished that is now fading and I will have to go, but I am so proud of you Sookie and even though you cannot see me I am always watching over you". She says. With that I watch my gran slowly shimmer and fade away.

"Bye gran" I whisper.

Moments pass and then I see a flash of light and a note floats down on to the bed I pick it up and open it.

Eric & Sookie

You have two beautiful children, we are unable to come to your realm as Adele was so we send this message to let you know that we are watching over you and we have seen your children born, we are both very proud of you and we are honoured that your children bear our names.

When you fall into your day deaths please return to the Summerlands, so we can talk to you both personally.

When you are in your day deaths your children will be safe and watched over and most importantly protected.

Congratulations once more to you both.

Fintan and Eerika

I hand the note to Eric and he reads it silently.

"i wondered what would happen to them then we entered our day deaths" Eric says.

"We have to trust that whatever or whoever decided it was a good idea for us to have children would also have the foresight to protect them when we are unable to" I say.

"Well this has been an eventful night" Eric says

"You can say that again" I reply.

Mother I am hungry Adele says silently to me and then Arik pipes up saying he is hungry.

"What do you need?" I ask them

Your blood they both reply

I don't hesitate but pierce my fingers and place them in my childrens mouths as I saw Eric do earlier.

They latch on and feed noisily and I smile.

"I can help with feeding duties" Eric says as he watches.

"Yes you can" I reply.

"In all my existence I never expected to end up like this" Eric says

I snort with laughter, "if only we had known that first night Bill took me to Fangtasia?" I say

Eric laughs, "if anyone had told me that night what I would be doing now I would have laughed in their faces and then probably killed them!" he says

"But now?" I ask looking up into Eric's eyes.

I watch as they soften with love, "Now I would have to believe it because it is true" he says.

We have had enough I look down and my children have stopped feeding and I smile at them.

"What do we do now?" I ask

"I suggest we just go with the flow and what will be will be" Eric replies pragmatically.

I lean towards him and kiss him, "sounds good to me" I say and look down, "What do you two think?" I ask them.

Bring it on! My children both silently reply.