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Spoiler Alert: References characters, locations, plot, and revelations from Season 1 Episode 9 "Holiday in the Hills".

Author's Notes: A prequel to "Holiday in the Hills"

Summary: Face acquires the passports and explosives.

Priests, Planes, and Passports : by LAGC

3: Passports on a Wing and a Prayer


Once he dropped off Murdock, Face made a quick stop to don the appropriate wardrobe for his scheme to acquire passports. Twenty minutes later he parked a few blocks away from the Los Angeles Passport Agency. Face entered the agency making sure that his tattered leather brief case was noticeable while he humbly adjusted the white collar under his black shirt. He meekly joined the queue.

Two agents indicated that they could help him. After a quick assessing glance Face knew exactly which clerk to approach. She was a young lady, early twenties. Light brown hair styled in a neat Princess Diana hair cut. Most importantly she was wearing a delicate golden cross on a chain around her neck.

"May I help you, Father?" she asked as Face approached her window.

"Ah yes my good child, I certainly pray that you can." Face replied serenely with a shadow of an Irish accent. "I have a terrible problem. But first, Hello, my name is Father Sean Riley."

"Hello, Father Riley, my name is Kathleen Donnelly. What can I help you with?"

"Ah a fellow babe of the Emerald Isle." Father Riley added with a sweet, beseeching version of his mega-watt smile. "I have an emergency passport situation. You see, I and three fellow servants of the Good Lord, are scheduled to travel on a mission of mercy. We are set to leave tomorrow to bring crates of clothing, linens, books, and art supplies to several impoverished orphanages in Guatemala. All of the local orphans at Angel Guardians have worked so hard to amass these gifts for their sisters and brothers."

Father Riley paused here to sigh sadly. Through his lowered eyelashes he spied Kathleen looking sympathetically at him, so he continued,

"Well ye, see, I am in charge of gathering and sorting all our travel documents. My fellow volunteers are, as we speak, at A.G. packing all the donated supplies and preparing them for transport. Well,yesterday evening, while my back was turned, one of the little troubled waifs at the home snuck into my office and swiped the passports off my desk."

Father Riley, slowly reset his thin round spectacles, which allowed him to surreptitiously assess his mark. Kathleen was totally enthralled. Face caught his self-satisfied smile before it made to his lips.

"Well Johnny, that's the waif Dear, he's very frightened that we, particularly a volunteer named Albert of whom he's quite fond, are leaving permanently. The poor child is burdened with trust and abandonment issues because of the dreadful life he had before joining us at Angel Guardians. Anyhow, Johnny was desperate to keep us from leaving so the boy stole our passports and tossed the into the campfire. We have a summer nighttime tradition of stories and snacks around the campfire. Of course Albert snatched the documents out of the flames as fast as he could but alas they were quite damaged and I fear rendered useless."

Kathleen interrupted Face's tale with a small gasp. Face nodded remorsefully and explained,

"Now we have to get replacements but we must leave tomorrow. The orphanages to which we travel are in a very troubled location. There is much turmoil and fighting there, but the local leaders have agreed to allow us safe passage to complete our mission of mercy. However we are confined to a very specific and limited time frame. We must leave tomorrow or not at all. I fear all those poor, poor, parentless children will have to go without clothing and other basics because of the damaged passports."

His tale of woe complete, Fr. Riley gazed imploringly at Kathleen. She returned the look with a watery glimmer on her eyes.

"Oh Father that is awful." commiserated Kathleen."Please do you have the damaged books with you? Perhaps I can do something. Those poor children need you."

Face reached into his tattered case to retrieve the scorched booklets. He passed them to the clerk with an emotional, trembling hand.

"There, there, Father. We will get this fixed." Kathleen assured him, patting his arm.

"Ooh I do hope we can. And without a fuss, I don't want young Johnny to face charges or any such business. The poor child is not a criminal. He's just scared and misguided."

"I'm sure we can protect him, after all he's been through enough already."

Well it took a couple of hours and several covert phone calls and copyings but Kathleen came through. Father Riley was in procession four brand new passports: one for himself, a Jack Devine, a Henry Michael Murray, and one Albert Baddington. He offered a quick blessing to Kathleen and scooted out of the Agency.

He hotfooted it back to his corvette and removed his stiff collar then undid the top buttons of his black dress shirt. He rubbed his freed neck then checked his watch. Face winced and drove off swiftly, the day was burning away. He still had to locate some dynamite and meet Murdock back at the bus stop at which he had dropped him.

"Man oh man, I hope Murdock pulled off the plane. I am really running out of options here." Face mumbled to himself as he sped of to his next target