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Season 1 episode 1 "Mexican Slay Ride" -Father Magill

Season 4 Episode 5 "The Road to Hope" - Jack Daniels aka Hannibal Smith

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Spoiler Alert: References characters, locations, plot, and revelations from Season 1 Episode 9 "Holiday in the Hills".

Author's Notes: A prequel to "Holiday in the Hills"

Summary: True to his word, Murdock acquires the plane.

Priests, Planes, and Passports : by LAGC

4: Pretty Planes All in a Row


After Faceman left him at the stop Murdock waited for the correct bus. To kill the time he practiced his yo-yo skills. This delighted a young brother and sister team. Their tired mother passed him a grateful smile for entertaining her children. Their bus arrived first and Murdock's followed five minutes later.

He rode it to the edge of the city then walked the few blocks to his destination. The sign at the gate read "Handy Randy -Aeronautical Repairs". Looking ever so innocent Murdock skipped through the gate and into the nearest hanger. He located the locker room and relieved it of a blue-grey company jumpsuit. He pulled it on over his own clothing. He slid on a pair of dark aviator sunglasses which he had pulled out of his leather jacket. Then to complete his disguise, Murdock turned his ball cap backwards and sunk it low onto his forehead.

He meandered over to the large cork board that displayed the work orders for each of the planes perched on the rental repair line. After scanning the choices Murdock settled in on a Beech C185.

"Ah a classic beauty from the fabulous forties, fixed wing multi engine. Yes, she'll do just fine. Umm and she's gonna get a full fuel tank so they can take her up for a diagnostic flight. Yep that's our lady." the pilot said to himself.

Murdock lurked in the shadows assessing his terrain and formalizing his plan. He watched as the plane -registration number N81GB - was approached by the fuel truck and received her breakfast. Using his watch, Murdock kept careful track of the time to calculate the number of gallons pumped into his lady's tank.

When he deemed the tank to be practically full, Murdock went into action. He slinked over to the supply shed nearest the plane. He pulled a trash bin a relatively safe distance from the structure and set it a blaze. In mere seconds, a billowing smoke cloud rose engulfing the shed.

He stumbled out toward the plane wheezing and coughing.

"Move! Move that fuel truck out of here! That fire is outta control. You wanna see that truck explode like a gigantic cherry bomb!?" Murdock frantically hollared at the fuel man.

"Oh my God! What happened?" screamed the frightened man.

"How does that matter? Move that truck, man! Where is the pilot? This plane, is the tank full?"

"Yes, well practically." replied the man as he fumbled trying to wind up and secure his gas hose so he could escape with his truck.

"Where is the PILOT?" repeated Murdock waving his hands frenziedly while chasing the scared worker.

"There isn't one here. Just me. And I gotta move my truck. Not like I can fly that thing anyway."

Murdock spin around several times to keep the frantic mood high.

"Damn I'll have to do it myself. Sure hope I can remember my intro flight lessons."

"Whatever, dude, I'm outta here." the gas man grumbled as he sped off in his truck.

Murdock grinned gleefully and climbed into the plane.

By time the fire team arrived on scene all they noticed was the tail end of N81GB as she took to the air.

Murdock flew the plane to the abandoned airstrip that Hannibal had written on Face's shopping list. He was so pleased with himself that he paid no heed to the psychotically spinning compass or odd whine in the reciprocating engines. After all, the plane had been on the rental repair line. He landed, secured his prize, then hopped on another bus to return to his original stop to reunite with Face.