This fits into AatT during chapter 26.



I went quietly into the master bedroom, which was in a shambles. Edward told me how Bella had thrown a fit and tossed the room, and he wasn't kidding. A hand mirror was smashed, broken pieces of glass scattered on the dresser and spilling onto the carpet. There were clothes strewn everywhere, the bed linens had been torn off and balled up in a corner. The curtains were hanging askew, and a few pictures were at drunken angles on the wall.

Bella was sitting in an armchair, her knees drawn up to her chest, rocking. She was disheveled, tears staining her face as she rolled her desolate eyes to mine.

"Bella, you have to listen to me," I urged. "I was wrong. You know how much I've grown to love you, and I'd have to be blind not to see how good you and Edward are together. Don't give up on yourself. I know shit is hard right now, but you can work through it. Let Edward help you."

"I can't, Rose," she sobbed. "I'll ruin him, like you said in the beginning. You saw it more clearly than even I did. I'm toxic for him. I'm dragging him down, I'm useless!" The idea that she believed that had shame stabbing me in the gut.

"No, sweetie. You're hurting, and that's okay. But so is Edward. Just hang in there, please?" I wasn't above begging. "You're perfect for him, no matter what I said when I met you. You don't have to try to be anybody you're not. You're perfect the way you are." I wanted to help, but it seemed that Edward was right; she was beyond casual help. "You know I don't bullshit, Bella. Just think about it, okay?"

I pulled her stiff body into my arms, holding on as tears came to my own eyes. She softened enough to hug me back briefly, then stepped away and sat back in her chair by the window. I sighed heavily, knowing I had failed to fix anything.