Many people asked for a look at what was going through Mike's head. This fits in with chapter 24.

****This is DARK and may not be for everyone. Feel free to skip.****

Fucking Isabella Swan thought she could thwart my plans by filing a restraining order. I already made her lose her job at the university, the stupid bitch. Now she's leaving the library, I know because she rarely comes in anymore. She thinks she's better than me, I can tell. I know what she's thinking every time she looks at me; that I'm scum under her shoe, and she would never look twice at the likes of me if I hadn't been her boss.

Little does she know how long I've been following her around. We grew up in Forks together, but she didn't even notice me then. I was a freckle faced kid, and she was always interested in those stupid Quileute boys. Dumbasses, all of them. I followed her to college, but then she was practically living with Jasper, that freak. I always thought she was his beard, but then he moved in with that short shit, so I guess not.

I just wanted her to give me a chance, and then I got angry that she thought I wasn't good enough. Now I'm pissed, because she went and got married and moved. It's harder to hang out around her house out on that godforsaken island. The neighbors' dogs barks at me every time I try, and she has motion lights. It was easier to stake out that fancy fucking loft building they were living in.

I think I've finally figured out how to turn off the security cameras at the library, but she's not even coming here anymore. She's going to pay. This isn't right.

It's a long goddamn drive back to Forks, and then of course it starts to rain. There's no getting around rain in this part of the country. Normally when it rains, I like to make Jess put in the brown contacts I bought her so she can pretend to be Bella, then I make her do things with me. I don't think she likes it, but she's too scared to say anything, the dimwit.

I hate driving in the rain. Slowing so I can see better, I hear a horrible sound. It's loud, like a bomb just went off and took a metal structure with it. As I reach the bend in the road, I pull over and get out, ignoring the rain for now. There are two cars on the side of the road, and one is wrapped around a tree. The other one is upside down, and that's the one I head to.

The driver looks like he's already dead, but the woman in the passenger seat is awake. There's blood running down her face, and a lot spreading across her sweater. The force of the impact has her half in the driver's side, against the guy. As I look closer, I realize it's Bella's parents. Huh.

I hear her cries, pleading with me to get her out. She doesn't know me, doesn't recognize me, since Bella was never my friend. The Swans never cared about me, so why should I care about them now? I watch as her hand stretches out, banging feebly on the window between us. I back away slowly, hearing another car approaching. The hand falls from the glass, leaving a smeared handprint in its place. I can't hear her anymore, and the windows have fogged over. I focus on that bloody handprint as I back all the way to my car.

Fucking Bella Swan is the reason I'm even here in the first place. But, I'll make her pay. Someday.

If you've read the epi, you know he's in jail now. It's perfectly legal to not assist at the scene of an accident, but Jess made sure he was put away for his stalking crimes.