Ruined. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note: this was originally posted over the summer, but I took it down to edit it. I thought I deleted it, but I guess not (heh). Well, maybe it would have been better if it got deleted, but whatever. Just read, flame, and enjoy . ~Nixxi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was a beautiful day in Pannam Town. The head of the Launcher family, Mag Launcher, woke up, feeling great. He had just defeated Eugene, the crown prince of the 8th Imperial Army. and was looking for some action. "Linear?" he called, looking around the room. No sign of her amongst the scattered papers, open books, and torn clothes. Not after last night, he thought. He had been tired, but not too tired for it. He got out of bed, looking about. "Damn the stupid little bitch." He murmured, walking to the closet an opening it. "there you are." He said, laughing as she cringed, her hands going to her eyes. He glanced down to her blood-stained body, cringing in the pile of shoes. "get out here right now!" he said, pulling on the chain that was still on her from the previous night. He threw her across the room, letting her slam into a desk. He kicked her down, holding her down with his knee. "What do you have to say for yourself, you whore?" she opened her mouth, a thick river of crimson blood splashing out. Linear moaned inaudibly, shaking her head. Mag kicked her back down, commanding her "take off your clothes.." He walked over to the other side of the room, picking up a jar. He looked fondly at it, gazing at Linear's severed tongue in it. "I'll always miss that." He said, throwing it across the room, letting it shatter on her. He crossed the room, shedding his Cyframe.

! Stupid, wasn't it? I guess that is just the product of watching the movie "Titus" (with Anthony Hopkins) way too many times. Please take the time to flame me.

"I want to make people hate me until they adore me".