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My name is Kagome Brief, the only daughter of Bulma Brief and Prince Vegeta of Vegeta-sei. He is one of the only remaining Saiyans. There's Goku and Dad, who are full Saiyans, and Gohan, Goten, Trunks and myself, who are half Saiyans. The Saiyans were a race of warriors who had thrived off of fighting, until one day, Grandpa (King Vegeta) made a treaty with an ice- jin named Freiza. He took over and ultimately destroyed Vegeta-sei, leaving dad, his two guards, Nappa and Radditz, and Radditz's brother, the forgotten Goku, as the remaining survivors. Many years later, Raditz was sent to Chikyu-sei (Earth) to check up on Goku's process on his mission to destroy the earth, but Goku had forgotten his mission and had no memory of Planet Vegeta or his mission. Radditz was ultimately destroyed by the hands of Goku. A year later, dad and Nappa traveled to Chikyu-sei to find the mystic dragonballs, but dad was defeated and Nappa was killed. After traveling to the planet Namek, Freiza was defeated by Goku. Everyone killed by Freiza were revived by Namek's dragonballs. Another year passed. Freiza and his father, King Kold, came to Chikyu-sei, but were killed by a mysterious boy with a sword. He was later discovered to be the son of Bulma and Vegeta from the future. He came to warn the Z gang of the androids that would come in three years. (AN: THIS IS WHEN YOU START READING AGAIN) Three years came and left. Trunks and I were born, Cell was defeated and the world was at peace for 15 years (AN: NO BUU!!!)

"But...but mom..." I whispered in a terrified voice. The sight of the small object in her fingers was her mom's newest invention: a ki ring. It prevents anyone from using ki for things like ki blasts and flying. Glancing over to her dad pleadingly, he just stood there with his arms crossed over his chest. This was the one time he had to take mom's side! I mean, I didn't do that much damage, you can still see the house. It was there... there... oh, and over there. OK so maybe it was bad, but it was only the house. 'Gulp' and the gravity room... OMG I'm gonna die...

"Please mom, anything but that," I screamed, as mom slipped a delicate looking ring on my finger. I immediately felt its draining affect.

"Kagome, this is for insurance. I don't want what happened last time..." she said trailing off. I knew exactly what she was thinking. Images of Goten, Trunks and dad's tails dyed pink and half of the house littering the ground came into mind.

"Yes mom," I said, in resign.

"And because of what you did, you're going to go live with your 'mom, 'grandpa', and 'brother' Sota.