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BEGAN: 7-11-04

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Last Time

"Inu-yasha, we must hurry! Sesshoumaru will take your father's treasure!" Myouga screamed but Inu-yasha just stared at me suspiciously.

"Like I care," Inu-yasha said still staring at me expectantly. Like I'm gonna say anything... "I'll go just to take care of Sesshoumaru," he screamed then glared at me. "and you stay out of it! This is between me and my brother."

"Fine whatever... If you want to get yourself killed," I muttered jumping through the portal. "Are you coming or not?" I asked waiting for Inu-yasha to jump in the portal behind me.


Around us the world flared and shimmered in bright colors and balls of energy reminding me of going through the well. Then we were falling. Damn! We're going to crash! I can't show him I can fly! --;;; Luckily as soon as the thought left my head two vulture looking creatures swooped under us and flying us toward the gigantic skeleton in the background.

"Wow, Inu-yasha is that you're father?" I asked in awe, i'm glad saiyans don't do that when they die. I can just imagine dieing and having my body expand into my Oozaru form.

"Who do you think it is?" Inu-yasha screamed indignantly.

"Well he's huge, and you're so small. Why would I expect him to be your father," I muttered rolling my eyes.

"Hey," Inu-yasha screamed.

"You know... you need to take insults better," I said smirking.

"Feh! What would you know... Monkey-girl!" Inu-yasha screamed thinking of a random insult.

I got deadly silent. Did he just call me Monkey-girl? How did he know the Trunks and Goten used to taunt me with? Well... more Trunks than Goten... "What did you just say," I whispered glowering at Inu-yasha, who in turn shrunk back slightly. "Give me one good reason I shouldn't kill you."

"Now who can't handle an insult," Inu-yasha said smuggly and slightly fearful.

"At least I'm not afraid of a normal human girl," I said in a baby voice straining the words normal and human.

"Look! There's Sesshomaru," Myouga screamed cutting off any retort Inu-yasha may have made.

Abruptly jumping off our transportataion Inu-yasha began sprinting down his fathers remains to where Sesshoumaru stood, his hand smoking.

"Sesshomaru! We're not finished yet" Inu-yasha screamed attacking. --;;; so much for trying to surprise him... If Inu-yasha hadn't screamed he might have hit his brother.

"You should be more respectful, afterall this is fathers tomb..." Sesshoumaru said tonelessly standing on the rib across from me.

"Bastard," Inu-yasha whispered walking forward.

"Lord Inu-yasha! Look back! Look Back! " Myouga screamed gesturing toward the sword. I guess this is what Sesshoumaru is after...

"What, why?" Inu-yasha said glancing behind his shoulder then turning his back completly on Sesshoumaru in favor of the sword.

"Don't turn you're back on your opponent, moron!" I screamed from my seat on what I assume is a rib. "Myouga are you trying to get him killed?"

"It's you're father's sword the Tetsaiga!" Myouga yelled once again. Aparently he is trying to kill him. That and Inu-yasha isn't even pretending to listen to me.

"And, why aren't you fighting woman?" Sesshoumaru asked looking calm and cold as always.

"I have been forbiden from fighting," I muttered gazing at my nails. "This battle is between you and Inu-yasha, afterall. Anyway, I wouldn't want to hurt you too much."

"Inu-yasha quickly pull out the sword!" Myouga said then glanced at Sesshoumaru. "You couln't pull out the sword, could you Sesshoumaru?" he said in a taunting voice.

"Are you saying that Inu-yasha can pull out," Sesshoumaru said narrowing his eyes slightly.

"Of course cough, afterall Inu-yasha contained your fathers tomb... that should be proof enough," Myouga yelled quickly than hid behind Inu-yasha's hair to avoid Sesshoumaru's glare.

"Feh! Why would I care about a stupid sword?" Inu-yasha muttered charging toward Sesshoumaru claws out and ready. With every wild attack from Inu-yasha, Sesshoumaru meerly dodged with hardly any effort.

"Stop dodging and fight!" Inu-yasha shrieked diving infront of his brother once more. (theres only so many times I can type Sesshoumaru and still have fingers.)

'Sigh,' he's destroying more of his father than of Sesshoumaru.

"Inu-yasha, you're fighting is so childish," Sesshoumaru taunted... but I have to agree with him, Inu-yasha attacks to rashly and puts no thought in technique, then again I doubt he was officially taught to fight.

"Master Inu-yasha, use the Tetsaiga it's the only way," Myouga said.

"Ha, I can see you have the utmost confidence in Inu-yasha's abilities," I commented and watched as Myouga had the descency to blush.

"Inu-yasha, as much as I hate to admit it... Myouga's right!" I yelled ignoring Inu-yasha's confused face, afterall Myouga and I aren't the best of friends. "Sesshoumaru couldn't pull out the sword, and you can pull it out easily... If you can't attack Sesshoumaru, attack his pride," I muttered as if it was completely obvious, which it was.

"I get it," Inu-yasha said gazing at the sword with renewed intrest; turning his back on Sesshoumaru... again! Oh well, It doesn't look like Sesshoumaru's attacking. Infact he looks rather interested in whether Inu-yasha can actually pull out the sword.

"Ha! This'll be my payback!" Inu-yasha screamed over his shoulder gripping the sword and pulling with all his might.

The earth began to rumble and quake and the area around the sword glowed a faint purple. Inu-yasha strained to draw the sword, but it unfortunately stayed firmly in place.

"Oh Myouga," Inu-yasha called sweatly. "I thought you said I could pull it out!" Inu-yasha screamed squishing Myouga flat.

"Enough," Sesshoumaru said apearing suddenly before Inu-yasha grabbing him around the throat picking him off his feet puching him against the 'wall' behind him; Sesshoumaru's arm surrounded by a green mist and dripping acid from his fingertips. Inu-yash trying valiantly to escape but finds it useless.

"I'll assist you Lord Sesshoumaru!" The ugly toad Jaken skreached spewing fire from the end of his staff.

"Ta, I don't think so," I said jumping directly into the flames and walking calmly to Jaken punching him out.

"I hope I didn't kill him," I mumbled looking at the mutalated toad then up at the standoff between Inu-yasha and Sesshoumaru. "Enough with this," I said walking over and with a quick jerk pulled the sword out of its base noticing that it didn't exactly want to be pulled out, and stared at the crumbled stone beneth the sword tip. "Well at least it I got it out without being shocked, unlike some people." I said looking over at Sesshoumaru and Inu-yasha who just stared at me shocked. "What!?" I screamed glaring at both of them. "You two wanted the damn sword! So... here it is..." The two brothers just continued to stare. "Fine i'll put it back if you don't want it..."

"Im.. imposible!" Jaken screamed.

"Damn, I guess I didn't kill it," I muttered kicking Jaken out again.

"Don't turn your back on your opponent," Inu-yasha screamed punching at Sesshoumaru... apparently he finally decided to take my advice, even if it was to repremand Sesshoumaru. Unfortuantly missing him, when Sesshoumaru suddenly appeared before me.

"Who the hell are you? And why could you draw the sword?" Sesshoumaru asked glareing.

"What does it matter? You couldn't do it," I said gloating and watched his hand tighten. Ha loophole! I told Inu-yasha I wouldn't attack Sesshoumaru... if i'm attacked first I'll just be defending myself.

"Sesshoumaru don't lay a finger on her!" Inu-yasha screamed jumping before me. Damn! I wanted to fight! Stupid Inu-yasha thinking that I need to be protected.

"I don't think so," Sesshoumaru said. "Especially if she's your compainion." he said extending his arm spraying me with acid, not even bothering to get out of the way or protect myself. That was really sad... such a weak attack.

"Eww! You got goo in my hair!" I yelled glaring at Sesshoumaru. Then walked calmly to Inu-yasha pushing the sword in his hands.

"What! How did you survive?" Inu-yasha asked shocked.

"What does it matter? Are you disapointed?" I questioned in a threatening tone. 'sigh' "Nevermind, Just attack him already,"

"Like a half-breed could master the Tetsaiga," Sesshoumaru mumbled. What did he just say! I'll kill him myself! Half-breeds are not weaker than full breads. If anything half-breads are stronger.

"Kill him! Inu-yasha!" I screamed indignatly.

"I, Sesshoumaru, shall see it with my own eyes," whispered growing and sprouting fur, going into what must be Inu youkai Oozaru form. That's not fair! He can call his form at will? --;; But if this is anything like saiyan Oozaru form we had better get out of here...

"Damn, his true form," Inu-yasha said attacking violently with the Tetsaiga, but with each hit the sword was rebounded. "The thing couldn't even cut paper! Myouga I thought you said this was an all powerful sword?"

"Umm... Lord Inu-yasha, I have no idea what is wrong... but I wish you the best of luck," Myouga said bounding off Inu-yasha's shoulder in a hurry to retreat.

"Shit!" I screamed noticing Sesshoumaru's saliva. With each drip the masses of skulls surrounding us slowly began to melt into a green sludge and a green mist hung low in the air making it difficult to breath. How could Inu-yasha win if I can barely see?

"Kagome, this thing doesn't do crap!"

"Well what am I gonna do about it?" I yelled beginning to climb out Inu-yasha's father's corpse as the fumes became more and more overpowering. "Believe in the thing!" I screamed as I reached the top and Inu-yasha and Sesshomaru bound through their father's shoulder.

"Shit! At this rate we both may die!" Inu-yasha shouted

Die! I can't die... I'm too young to die... Mom would be upset if I was killed... So would Dad, though he probably wouldn't show it... "So... it's no good," I whispered starting to break down.

"What! Why are you crying!" Inu-yasha screamed, I guess my crying bothered him. "Don't cry," he said but for some reason he just made it worse... maybe the fact that he completely stopped fighting Sesshoumaru... "Just Shut up and stop crying and let me protect you!" Inu-yasha finally screamed effectivly getting me to stop crying... knowone's actually admitted to me that they'ld protect me. Dad would just tell me that I need to protect my self, telling me some crap about needing to be tough... Somehow Inu-yasha just made me feel a lot better... safe and protected... and ignoring the pain in my head and the pinch at the base of my spine brushing it off as a minor burn inflicted by Sesshoumaru's acid.

Turning my attention back to the battle Inu-yasha charged forward at Sesshoumaru and the Tetsaiga began to pulse a calming beat before blossoming into a smooth, white, curled blade as Inu-yasha brought the sword through Sesshoumaru's leg taking it completely off and Sesshoumaru collapsed onto the ground. Gaining courage by the Tetsaiga's new power he charged forward once again slicing Sesshoumaru across his chest blasting him away and into the chamber within his father.

"Lord Inu-yasha you did it!" Myouga yelled victoriously jumping onto my shoulder. "I always believed in you!"

"Ya right," I muttered taking the privilage of squishing him again. "You ran away, you coward." I said then looked at Inu-yasha "I knew you could do it!" I said giggling slightly in relief.

"Nothing to it," he said smuggly draping the transformed Tetsaiga over his shoulder.

"So... how do we get out of here?" I asked... and recieving no response...


Much... much.... much later in Kaede's house we all sat around the fire explaining to her what had happend.

"How is it that Kagome was able to pull out the Tetsaiga?" Kaede asked... Shit! I hadn't thought about how I was going to explain that. It wasn't my suposed miko powers I could tell, but luckily Kaede wasn't looking for an answer... "I suspect... That Kagome's human may be the reason why she could pull it out..." Kaede continued deep in thought

"Oh really," I said nervously going with what ever anyone suggested shifting in my seat. Stupid tail makes it so uncomfortable to sit... MY TAIL!!! WHEN DID THAT GROW BACK!!! I screamed in my mind rapping it succurely around my waist. I guess I'll have to go home and ask my dad...


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