Penny isn't sure how she got Bernadette to agree to this, but maybe it's because it's been a while since she had sex, maybe longer. But Howard?

As she's laying on her back as Howard is going down, she can't help but realize how good he's at it, might be the best that's she's had. Bernadette is sucking on her tits, she knows it won't be long before she cums. A couple more licks by Howard sends her over the edge.

Bernadette lays on her back as Penny goes to eat her out, while Howard does Penny doggystyle, she's not going to lie, Howard has a little size to him, judging by Bernadette, she's enjoying it as well, it's been since college since she did this. Before long Bernadette cums, and Howard's penetration makes her as well, causing Howard to do the same.

Bernadette lays on her back as Howard penetrates her while Penny stands above her face as Bernadette eats her.

Judging by how well Bernadette is eating her, she's convinced Bernadette has done the same or experimented with women briefly in college.

Before long both women cum, and Howard shoots his load in Bernadette.

Penny then gets on top of Howard as she kisses Bernadette and plays and sucks on Bernadette's tits, this is so intense. She feels Howard spank her a few times, which if possible made her wetter.

She can feel her walls, and feels Howard's thrusting hitting spots. Damn my opinion of him is definitely different now. Soon she's cumming and several minutes Howard blasts another into her womb.

They all lay there trying to catch their breath, but fall asleep soon after.


As the had another round I the shower in the morning, Penny told them she had fun and she'd definitely be up for it again if they wanted to and left.

A few months later both girls started feeling sick in the morning, they then realized they missed their period, shit Howard got me pregnant.

Both texted each other.

What the both said?

Well Penny made up a lie about a one night stand.

Everyone congratulated Howard and Bernie,

Penny said if you wanted me to carry your kid, you should've just asked she Joked.

Night months after that night they both gave birth to Howard's baby, one girl and one son.

Good thing the baby looks like Penny, one for Penny's sake and the child's as well. Really that would be really hard to answer if the kid look like Howard.

Well you see Howard, me and Bernadette had a threesome and well he cummed in me and here's the result of it.