Hey guys…this is my first LOTR fanfiction. It might be a little different…like I said in the summery. I don't know if anyone's done a Legolas gets pregnant slash. If they have I am so sorry…I didn't mean to copy you. And also it's kind of interesting to see what kind of person can be as screwed up as me to actually write a Legolas gets pregnant story lol. Sorry just kidding. I dunno. I think it's an interesting plot line…and I'll stop rambling now. Oh and I will have a a part explainging how he could become pregnant soon.

Disclaimer: All characters and whatnot associated with lord of the rings is the property of J.R.R. Tolkien. I just borrow them for my own twisted ideas. Sorry I know I'm ruining a great story.

Another note: This takes place after the books are over. Elrond is holding a Fellowship reunion type thing (For the sake of my story I decided that Frodo and all the elves and Gandalf did not leave) Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are travelling to Rivendell. They decided to travel as they had in the fellowship so despite being king and all that great stuff Aragorn wanted to travel without guards etc. Arwen is already in Rivendell with her father awaiting their arrival. And no one knows about Aragorn and Legolas' relationship. And so we begin:

Legolas stumbled forwards, one slender hand grasping his stomach tightly and with an odd sounding grunt he vomited onto the grass. Standing up shakily he leaned back against a tree dragging the back of his hand across his mouth. Worry flitted across his face and he moaned softly wishing that whatever demon was plaguing him would leave…yet somehow he felt oddly happy. Although he found himself to be suffering the symptoms of what the humans called illness he felt oddly happy…miserable but happy and he also found that his emotions had been spontaneous lately. For one brief second he would be at peace with the world and the next wanting to severely injure the closest person.

All of this he kept to himself. He did not want to worry others. Especially Aragorn. The thought of the King of Gondor brought a smile to his face and he sighed happily remembering the feel of those rough callused hands caressing him as they had the previous night. All too suddenly the wonderful thoughts were knocked from his mind as another wave of nausea hit and he threw up once more.

" Ah…not feelin' to well are we?" Gimli's gruff voice seemed to fill the clearing and Legolas winced, aware suddenly of a headache that began to throb at the base of his neck.

" Do not startle me so!" He cried infuriated by the fact that the dwarf had managed to come upon his unawares. Gimli raised an eyebrow but appeared un-offended. Infact he was slightly amused by the look on the young Elf's face. It was a rare occurrence when Legolas let his anger show.

" Now, now master Elf…I was only coming to see if you wanted a bit of lunch in your belly." Gimli laughed and the indignant look on Legolas' face. " But I see that you still aren't feeling right proper so I'll leave you to it." Legolas' eyebrows shot up in surprise.

" Wait…what do you mean by still?"

' Why I mean you've been feelin' poorly lately…you don't think this is the first time that I've seen you doing this do you? And if you pardon me saying so your moods have been a little jumpy to say the least." Legolas was at a loss for words. Gimli knows? Does this mean that Aragorn knows as well? And he hasn't said anything?

" For…For how long prey tell have you known? And does Lord Aragorn know?"

" I don't think so." Gimli said thoughtfully stroking at his beard. " Or else I believe he would have said something but I have half a mind to talk to him myself…perhaps he has some herbs that might ease your pain…"

' I am not in any pain." Legolas said stubbornly. " And I actually would be very grateful for a bite of food…" He lied. He was starving. How can my body be purging itself one moment and yearning for food the next? By the Valar what is wrong with me?

" Well then lets go back to camp." Gimli said and they turned disappearing into the trees. When they emerged once more they found Aragorn tending a large pot on the fire. He turned at the sound of Gimli's footsteps and smiled.

" So you have come to join us finally…I was afraid you'd gotten lost." He joked setting down his spoon. Legolas however for some reason did not find this funny.

' Lost? An Elven Prince of Mirkwood lost? I could never get lost." He snapped sitting down on a log and instantly berating himself for the outburst. Trying to mask his surprise Aragorn laughed and began to spoon the stew into the bowls. Why has he been so irritable lately?…Have I done something? Sighing he turned and placed a bowl on Legolas' lap and then held one out for Gimli before seating himself.

" So how far are we from Rivendell?" Gimli asked through a mouthful. Aragorn wrinkled his nose at the sight.

" Oh I'd say three days away…but that is only my assumption." He sent a glance in Legolas' direction resisting the urge to reach out and touch his lover's leg.

" All is well then…we will arrive shortly. Might I be so bold to ask if the Lady Galadriel will be present?" Aragorn laughed at the enamoured look on his companion's face.

' I daresay she will although I have heard nothing official master Gimli." The dwarf seemed to brighten considerably, mumbling to himself off and on about beauty and grace. Legolas remained silent as he ate his food. Aragorn observed him closely for a minute before setting down his bowl.

" Legolas would you be so kind as to help me search for athelas? My supply is running low and I feel that I should refill it before we leave camp." Legolas nodded catching the look the King gave him and setting his food down as well.

" We'll be back soon." He assured Gimli but the stout dwarf seemed not to heed them. Laughing he followed Aragorn back into the woods. As soon as they were out of sight Aragorn pulled Legolas close, wrapping an arm around the slender Prince.

" Something troubles you my love." He said stopping and gazing into Legolas' eyes. "Do you not confide in me anymore?" Legolas shook his head in protest.

' Nothing troubles me…you just worry too much Estel." Aragorn smiled at the name and leaned in, placing a kiss on the Prince's brow. Immediately he frowned.

' You feel warm." He said releasing his left hand and bringing it to Legolas' forehead. His frown deepened. " You have a fever…how can that be?" Legolas shrugged nervously.

' You make me blush." He said quickly for lack of a better answer. Aragorn raised an eyebrow. "The way you are looking at me…it makes me-" But Legolas stopped suddenly a look of horror casting shadow across his face.

" Legolas?"

" Oh gods…" Legolas moaned pulling away from Aragorn. He rushed off in the direction opposite of their campsite. Concern clouding his features Aragorn raced after him. When he came upon The Prince he was standing doubled over by a tree, ill. Grimacing Aragorn went to him, placing a tender hand on his back.

" Why did you not tell me?" He asked softly when Legolas had finished. Legolas stood slowly, allowing the Ranger to lead him in the direction whence they came.

" I did not want to worry you…" He mumbled starting to feel slightly better.

' Legolas you know as well as I that Elves do not suffer sickness like mortals…this should not be happening." Legolas nodded. " Have you given any thought as to what could be plaguing you?"

' No…this is new to me…I have never felt like this before…it's absolutely horrid…" Aragorn chuckled softly, once again masking his concern and pulling Legolas closer.

" Being sick is often horrible…as soon as we reach Rivendell we will speak with Elrond. He perhaps will know what ails you…" Placing another kiss atop the Prince's head Aragorn led him back to the campsite, using caution to let go before Gimli became aware of their presence.

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