Snape ran. He ran and he ran and he ran. The blasted cuddly creature toy would not leave him alone!

Bolting down one corridor, dashing into that secret passageway, sliding down the quickly transfigured steep steps that were now a slide. Always those words followed him, haunting him. "I Luv You Daddyyyy!"

The evil thing just had to attach its self to him of all people!

There was Potter! Not the best hiding place but certainly not the worst Snape could think of. The man dove behind the eighth year student, crouching as close to the ground as possible to avoid being seen.

"Professor! What?!" Harry spluttered, turning to look at the over grown bat of a man only to be forced to face back into look the previous direction while Ron tried not to laugh.

"Shut up!" Snape hissed, barely fighting back the urge to shake in fear.

Less than a minute later the magically enhanced and now sentient Furby flew by crying for "Daddyyyyy!"

"My sympathies," Ron apologized after they all stared after the evil creature floating down the hall and around the corner.

"Some idiot muggleborn Ravenclaw thought it would be a good idea to have it latch onto the magic and feed off of whoever owned it to help with homework and research," Snape explained glumly. "The spell mutated and now... well that one has decided I'm its daddy."

"Come on, you can hide with us in the Room of Requirement while we work on our homework over supper," Harry offered with a slight smile, indicating no malice or harm to the man who had nearly died for him.

"Thank you!" Snape said in obvious relief. "I can't get rid of the damn thing and I'm half afraid more of them will try to bond with me."

"Don't blame you one bit for running," Ron said without rancor as they all headed for the seventh floor corridor.

An: Inspired by Boredom and Secrets by XxXxDarkVampirexXxX on AO3!

I might expand later but for now its a one-shot