"This is the first successful attempt we've had" The fuzzy silhouette congratulated the madman.

"Thank you" Joker bowed.

"Of course, you didn't have to put him through so much, you could've just shot him"

"What!? I couldn't have just shot him! I'm the Joker! I have to add a special flair to everything, especially when it's to hurt Batman"

The figure sighed "Yes, I've noticed"

Joker smiled widely, taking it as a compliment.

Behind the screen, the figure smirked cruelly "I may call upon you again in the future"

"Don't wait too long, your jobs are fun"

After the figure disappeared Joker cracked up "I can't wait to see Batman's face when he finds his poor wittle bird" He walked out of the building, casually swinging his bloodied crowbar around and whistling with a large smile plastered on his face. He looked up as a light trail of snow started to fall and smirked thinking about what snow would look like if it were red.


I considered writing a Barbara story for this series, but unfortunately I can't make it work.

If I get bored or someone wants me to write about her getting shot, I'll do it. But it won't be a part of this series itself.

Also, Miminfifi titled this story (as she does with most, since I'm hopeless. Though a lot of the time, she's no better)

Part 6ix (yes that 6ix is intentional, if you even noticed it looked incorrect) of this series will be posted soon. Probably.