Duo… pt 2

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Duo entered the dark alleyway and hugged the wall.  Fishing a flashlight out of his pants he turned it on and found the alleyway empty.  There was no where for the OZ soldier to go, it was a dead end.  After walking through the whole alleyway Duo was unable to find anywhere where the soldier could have gone.  He checked the wall and was unable to find any hidden doors.

With a sigh he put away his gun and headed back to the donut shop.


"See something?" Sally asked sweetly.

"Just an old friend." Duo muttered and took a sip of his now cold coffee.

Bruce stared at Duo for a second then made a decision.  "Duo we're going camping tonight, care to come?"

Everyone at the table stared at Bruce and a smile broke out across Duo's face, replacing the worried cone.

"I'd love to, if it's ok with you're friends."  the braided boy responded.  He didn't want to impose himself to much, he learned the hard way that could lead to danger.

"We'd love to have you come with us." Cindy told him.

"Ok then, let's meet here at three." Adam said, and everyone left.

Duo went back to his house and finished setting it up.  Glancing at his clock he noticed it was only 1:30, and it only took him ten minutes to walk to the donut shop.  With a sigh Duo flopped into a chair at his desk.  He flipped on his laptop and started at the screen.  A few minutes passed and no one tried to contact him.

Duo decided to check his e-mail in hopes of relieving his boredom.  When the inbox opened, much to Duo's disappointment, it was empty.  There wasn't even a spam message for him to respond to.  So being Duo he did the only thing he could, he composed an e-mail.

To: Q_Sand@Zerobase.com

From: D_Hell@Zerobase.com

Subject: Breakfast

Message: Hey Q-man! I arrived at my 'undisclosed location'.  Let He-man know for me.  Oh yeah and just to let you know, I did eat breakfast: a cup of coffee and 2 donuts, 1 jelly and 1 cream filled one.

Well anyway gotta go, see ya around

Duo clicked 'send' and sat back with a smile on his face.

A few seconds later he received an instant message.

BraveEyes: Duo you know better than to eat stuff like that

Reaper: Sorry Q-Man, but you know you're not here to stop me

BraveEyes: Really Duo you should take better care of yourself

Reaper: Fine Quatre I will, look I got to go

Duo sent his reply and shut down the computer as "BraveEyes: "Duo wait!" popped up.  Had Duo waited a few seconds he would have noticed an e-mail came from H_Wing@Zerobase.com titled 'Urgent, information about current location'.

Duo left his house and headed to the donut shop, his sleeping bag over his shoulder.  He loved camping, just as long as Wufei wasn't trying to stick his braid in the fire and he didn't need to worry about OZ finding him.


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Oh yeah: H_Wing@Zerobase.com would be Heero in case you didn't know, and BraveEyes is Quatre, one of his themes is 'Brave Eyes'