Chapter 10

Purring Besties and A Side Of Beef

Bella made her way down the stairs and heard music playing in the distance. Although she wasn't a big fan of country music, the song that was playing was very catchy as the man's voice sang about playing it again and singing to a woman about falling in love, and as she reached the bottom stairs, she found herself moving her hips to the beat of the music as she rounded the corner. The living room was dimly lit by the setting sunlight as Bella weaved her way through the room. She scanned the area and was immediately taken back by the sheer comfort of the place. As she entered the kitchen the music playing in the background became louder as she continued to walk, following the sounds of the song as she reached a set of glass doors. She drew in a breath when she saw Edward standing in front of a large, brick grill shirtless. The way his body moved with every beat of the song made Bella's skin prickle with unwanted excitement, and to her embarrassment, she'd been staring at Edward for so long she hadn't realized that he was staring back at her.

"Oh, shit," she said, feeling her face blush.

A crook of his finger, motioning for her to join him outside, was all it took for Bella to push the doors open. It was infuriating to her that he had that kind of effect on her.

"Hey, how was that bath? Bet those jets felt pretty damn good, huh?"

Bella's mind immediately went into the gutter. From water to her naked body and Edward somewhere in between, Bella's train of thought was downright swimming in the fucking toilet.

"Uh, it was okay but I've had better."

She would've patted herself on the back for that snarky remark if that same remark hadn't sounded just a tad bit gutter worthy.

A knowing, slow grin began to spread across Edward's mouth but he didn't respond, and Bella was thankful. She wasn't sure how many more times she could make herself look like an ass and she truly wasn't prepared to find out.

"Hungry?" Edward asked. "I grilled a couple steaks, put together a salad and breadsticks are in the oven warming. Not fancy but I guarantee it'll be good."

As soon as Bella glanced over at the grill her stomach began to grumble. "I could eat."

Edward nodded and pulled out a chair for her to take a seat before serving the steaks and placing them on the table.

"Beer?" he asked, holding a cold bottle out in front of him. "Or I've got some iced tea, bottled water, and soda. What's it gonna be?"

Bella pointed to the beer, and even though she wasn't really fond of the taste, grateful to have something to calm her nerves.

"So, tell me about Bella Swan." Edward grinned as they both began to plate their meal. "I'm pretty sure there are a few secrets in that dainty closet of yours."

"Dainty?" Bella replied. "I'm not so sure dainty is the word I'd use, and there might be a few secrets but none I'm willing to share."

"Aww, c'mon." Edward popped a thick chunk of steak into his mouth and smiled. "There's gotta be something you can give me."

Bella choked on her beer as she took a swig from the bottle. If the man was trying to kill her, everything he was doing was going to accomplish just that. It was as though the innuendos were flying rampant around her and it was beginning to make her uncomfortable.

Bella shook her head and started shoving forkfuls of salad into her mouth, trying what she could to keep a cork in it. The less they spoke or the less Edward spoke, the better.

"Okay, fine." Edward threw back his beer in a couple long chugs before setting the bottle back on the table. "If you don't want to share a few skeletons at least tell me about life in the Big Apple."

"Not much to tell," she said, wiping his mouth with a napkin. "I take pictures. Nothing special."

"I wouldn't say that." Edward cocked a brow and graced her with another lopsided grin that Bella was reluctant to admit to herself made her insides explode with butterflies. "Do you take pictures of people or fruit and shit?"

"Definitely not shit. People and places are my thing."

"Well, sounds pretty damn special to me," Edward replied. "So where would one see these amazing photos of yours?"

"Here and there."

"You embarrassed or something, Miss Swan?"

Bella was armed and ready to flip Edward the bird when she looked up at him and saw his bottom lip between his teeth. He was nudging her, wanting to provoke her ass and she knew it. He was gauging her level of sassy and she wasn't about to back down.

"As a matter of fact, Edward, I'm far from being embarrassed about my work or anything else for that matter," she told him as she scooted her chair away from the table. "I just don't like to brag about the genius that is me when it comes to photography."

A loud roar ripped through Edward's lips and he chuckled at Bella's response as she made her way inside the house with her dishes in hand. She took a deep breath and began to rethink staying at the ranch house and halfway berating herself for the reaction her body was obviously having over Edward. Her emotions were all over the table. She needed a lifeline.

Bella pulled out her cell phone and speed dialed the one person in the world that she could always count on. She just hoped that her lifeline wasn't knee deep in some dude's bed.


"Are you alone?"


"Well get alone. I need you like now."


Bella cut her eyes over to the glass doors thankful that Edward hadn't followed her into the house.

"I need you to come save me."

A long sigh trailed through the other end of the phone, and another. A slight moan rumbled against the receiver, and Bella immediately cringed. Her best friend was definitely knee deep in cock and balls.

"Oh, fuck. Are you fucking right now?"

"Ahh, no. Oh, right there. I'm…I'm not fucking. Oh, yeah. My cookie's being munched on. Damn, baby, that feels so good."

"You're a nasty bitch," Bella hissed in a low voice as her friend continued to make purring noises. "Why would you even answer the phone if you're bumpin' uglies?"

"Cause you called. Oh, yeah, daddy, just…like…that."

"Great," Bella replied. "I think I just threw up a little in my mouth."

"Oh! Oh, that tongue, though!"

"Rosalie!" Bella blurted out her best friend's name a little too loudly. "Focus, bitch, I need you to come rescue me!"

"Oh no, buddy, mama does not do that back door shit."

"Yep. Definitely threw up in my mouth this time." Bella closed her eyes and pushed down her irritation. "I'm just gonna text you the address. Map it!"

"Okay, okay, be there...ahh, right there!"

Bella didn't stick around to listen to any more of Rosalie's heavy panting and weird purring and quickly ended the call. She rapidly punched out a text to her friend with the address to the ranch house. As quickly as the relief began to wash over her, knowing that she was indeed going to be rescued from her current situation, it immediately disappeared when she turned around to find Edward standing behind her.

"So, you're leaving?"

Bella was at a loss for words. Sure their initial meeting was a shit storm, to say the least, but in the end, Edward had turned out to be a pretty decent dude but she still felt uncomfortable to no end.

"I just thought that this isn't my place to be here. Riley's gone. There's nothing I can do to change that." Bella shifted from foot to foot as the anxiety crept up her spine. She couldn't deny that there was something shifting between her and Edward. She could feel it, and she felt like a complete tool over it. "I just think it's best if I head out and go back home."

Edward slowly nodded his head. Bella couldn't help but notice a bit of disappointment cross his features and her stomach quickly bottomed out.

"Well," he said, giving her a flat smile. "I'm just gonna clean up a bit and then turn in."

"I'll help you."

"No, no. I got this." Edward moved to the kitchen and placed the dishes he'd been holding on the cabinet before turning back to her. "It was nice having you around even though it's only been a few hours."

Bella felt sick to her stomach. "Edward, please let me help clean up. It's the least that I can do since you cooked that amazing meal…"

"I got it," he said, turning his back toward her as he got busy with loading the dishwasher. "Goodnight, Bella."

Bella decided to leave well enough alone and headed back up to the guest room to gather her stuff so she was ready when Rosalie showed up. There was no sense in browbeating the situation. She couldn't stay, and she was pretty sure that if Edward gave it a little thought he'd understand where she was coming from.

"I'll just…um…I'll just go get my things and wait." Bella turned and headed for the stairs. "Thanks for everything, Edward."

Before she reached the bottom step on the staircase, she was stopped by Edward's voice and the next words that came out of his mouth.

"My brother was a lucky man."

Bella closed her eyes and didn't respond to his statement and made her way up the stairs. The sooner she left, the better off they would both be.

Until Next Time...