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A new beginning for all

He had apparated to a street a few blocks away. Looking around, the Potions Master, made sure that nobody had seen him, magically, appear out of nothing. Walking slowly towards his goal, while perusing the neighbourhood, he thought of why he was there. The mere thought of his destination was appalling. Rounding the corner, he crossed the street, having – unfortunately – seen the house he was looking for.

Walking up to the house, Severus sneered at the front garden and the appeal of the house, everything seemed so clean, looking like something out of a magazine, but also looking too 'unnatural'.

Walking up to the front door, Severus took a deep breath and knocked thrice. Only his strong self-control let him keep his stoic slytherin mask. Beyond the door, no higher than his thigh stood he.


Having just finished cleaning up after breakfast without any mistakes or accidents, Harry was given his chores for the day. The next more confusing than the last; wash the house, remove weed in the garden and all potted plants, water the flowers, mown the lawn, clean the house top to bottom – inside and out – clean the garage, the list continued on and on.

Harry decided that he better get started, after all he had to finish before uncle Vernon came home from work, or he would be in for a world of pain. For every chore he left half-finished he would get the belt 15 times – he had counted – and for every undone chore he had… Harry shivered, and not the good kind, he didn't even want to think of it.

He started off making an order of how to do his chores, not wanting to leave any behind. Walking towards the hall, Harry heard his uncle come down the stairs, and he waited, before going towards the stairs, not wanting to be alone with the man. Only when Harry saw his uncle enter the living room, did he enter the hall. And as fate would have it, as he passed the front door, there was a three firm knocks.

"See who it is you freak", Harry pulled further in on himself, took a calming breath and opened the door. Looking up he was faced with a – in his opinion a quite tall man, taller than aunt Petunia or some of his teachers from preschool.

The man had a weird look in his eyes when he looked at Harry, and Harry didn't know if he liked it or not, but he didn't think any further of it, instead choosing to speak "Yes? How may I help you?"


Severus took a second looking at the small boy, smaller than most of those his age. The big emerald green eyes could be seen peaking up at him from under the bangs of his messy black hair. The lightning bolt scar barely visible. However, the thing that made Severus' blood boil was the visible bruises along Harry's cheekbone, throat, shoulders and collarbone. Giving an assuring smile, Severus said "Yes, I'm looking for Petunia Evans?", seeing the confusion in Harry's eyes, Severus corrected himself, "Petunia Dursley".

Harry's eyes lit up in recognition, and said quietly "Please wait a moment".

Harry pushed the door closed put didn't close it completely, not wanting to seem rude. Walking towards the living room, Harry stood in the door, "Aunt Petunia? There is someone here to see you." Seeing the woman sigh and get up from the couch, Harry moved a little so that she could get out if the door, but while passing him, Petunia's hand made contact with the side of Harry's head, hard. "Well? Don't you have chores to finish?" Harry who had ended up on the floor, scrambled up wincing as pain shot through him, nodded.

Uncle Vernon who had seen it all just grinned and got up making to follow Petunia to the front door.


When the door opened again, Severus was faced with one childhood friend he wished he could forget – Petunia Evans. The horse like woman had not aged with beauty like her sister, more or less the opposite. Behind her stood a man the size of a walrus, Severus didn't even dare ques his weight.

Having made up his mind while he waited for the door to reopen, and to get out of there as fast as possible, Severus looked at the woman, smirked and said "Hello Tunie".

The woman, having gone all pale, looked like she had seen a ghost, started shaking. She took a step back and all but slammed the door in Severus' face. Not liking his 'warm' welcome, Severus waved his hand and the door slammed open. Stepping inside, he looked down his nose on the two adults.

Vernon finally having gathered his non-existing all but screamed, "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU FREAK. ONE FREAK IN THE HOUSE IS ENOUGH, WE DON'T NEED ANOTH…" the rest of the sentence was left unheard as Severus silenced the man with a quick spell.

"I'm not here, to hear your whining Dursley!" Severus gave him a hard glare. "I'm here to get Harry." Seeing Petunia and Vernon pale even more, he took the chance and performed a quick and painful 'legilimence'. What he saw made him see red! He quickly shot two stunners of and hit them both, not wanting to go overboard – read lose control – with a child in the house.

Passing the stunned adults, Severus passed the door to the living room, and what he saw made him both wince and sneer. Harry was on his hands and knees in front of the couch and a whale like boy, easily three times the size of Harry, had probed his legs on to Harry's back. Severus stepped into the room, his sneer intensified and the small whale froze in fear. "MUUUMMM, MUUMM. THERE'S SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE!." It appeared as if the boy had inherited his father's lungs.

Severus ignored the whale as he tried to run out to his parents in the hall, tried to run. Instead he only had eyes for the boy in front of him.


Harry having felt his cousin Dudley freeze, hearing him shout and move away from his position on the couch, slowly turned and raised himself to sit back on his feet. When he found a comfortable position he looked up curiously at the stranger, who had been on the other side of the front door.

"Hello Harry", "Do I know you?" The man seemed to know him, but Harry had no idea who he was. "My name is Severus Snape and no you don't know me, but I knew your mother Lily." Harry's eyes got even bigger than they already were, Severus was pleased to notice, they had widened with awe and surprise.

Before Harry got to open his mouth, Severus, assuring and calmly said "I'm here to pick you up. To take you somewhere safe. So gather all your belongings, we are leaving within the next five minutes."

Harry looked at the man – Severus – in disbelief and surprise, searching the ma… Severus' face, Harry only got another assuring smile and a small nod. Harry hurried to his feet and went past Severus and opened the cupboard under the stairs, gathering the small soldier figurines in his soft blue baby blanket, as well as a black teddy the shape of a dog and a few other small trinkets, Harry was quickly back by Severus' side.

Severus wasn't surprised by the small amount of things Harry brought back with him, having seen the horse and walrus' memories. He simply extended his left hand to Harry and softly asked him to take it, and proceeded to lead Harry out of his childhood 'horror' home. Standing just outside the door, Severus looked back inside, brought forth his wand and waved it over and towards the Dursley's, then towards the door, making it slam shut.

Severus turned to Harry, and sat down on his knees, looked him in the eyes and said "Where we will be going, is somewhere you will be safe. Nod if you understand." Seeing the nod, Severus continued "We will be traveling by apparition. It is something that can make your stomach turn. What I want you to do, is put your arms over and around my shoulders and place your head in the crook of my neck, and the close your eyes. Understood?"

Harry nodded, but looked down at his blanket, he looked back at Severus questionably, Severus just smiled and reached for the blanket and using his wand touched it to the bundle and like magic it kept getting smaller until Severus could place it in his pocket. Looking with awe and wonder in his eyes and stepped closer to Severus and place himself as Severus asked. The older man stood up making Harry wrap his legs around the man's waist. Getting comfortable in Severus arms, Harry could feel the man Nodding, asking if he was ready to go. Harry nodded his eyes closed and asked "Severus? Where are we going?"

Severus gave a genuine smile and said "Wiltshire, Malfoy Manor". And they were gone with a crack.