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Chapter 6.

Harry walked into the study, he had asked one of the house-elves where his Papa was. Seeing his Papa in one of the armchairs by the fire, Harry walked over and placed himself in Severus' lap. "How can I help you, Harry?"

Sitting in his Papa's lap, Harry showed him the book he was holding, 'Creatures of the Magical World; Light, Dark and Natural, all the information you need.' Opening the book to the page he had been at, Harry pointed to a word, "What does this word mean?" "Neko, Harry means cat. They are creatures with cat-like features, like fluffy ears and a tail, enhanced hearing, smell and sight."

Severus had a feeling Harry had been trying to read this book since he left after breakfast, and Harry had already come quite far. Despite not that good at reading, Harry was getting the most out of the book, mostly from the pictures belonging to every creature. Harry had asked a few questions at lunch, and Severus had told him that he could ask any question he had.

Harry nodded and then turned the pages backwards, Severus sent him a questioning glance, but Harry continued until he reached the Creatures starting with 'E'. Stopping at the word 'Elementals', Harry turned to face his Papa, "What are these?"


Severus took a breath and the started to explain, "Elementals are like elves, not the house-elves, these elves are as tall as any human and equally as beautiful as a veela. An Elemental has the ability to control an element, such as, water, earth, air and fire. There are more out there, the book explains only a few. The Elementals only have one ability, and very rarely two. The thing that controls their element more than their magic is their emotions. So an angry fire Elemental, could set things on fire, if not burn buildings down without meaning too."


While they were sitting in front of the fire, Severus called for Tinker, one of Lucius' many elves. "Tinker, some refreshments for afternoon tea, please."

While waiting for Tinker to bring the tea, Severus turned his attention back to Harry, the boy was still going through the book, it made Severus think whether Harry had marked the pages he wanted to ask questions about or if he could remember the pages himself.

Looking at the book, Severus could see that Harry was back to the letter 'N', and turning to a page about the 'Naga', "What about this one Papa?"

"A Naga, is a half human, half snake. A hybrid if you will. They most often have a tail instead of legs while fully transformed, as well as enhanced senses, like the Neko. The Naga while transformed will also show scales, the colour of the scales depend on the position and magical strength of the Naga. While they are in their 'human' form a Naga will still have scales visible. They could be anywhere on the Naga's body, but the most telling sign would be a Naga's eyes, they are closer to a slit pupil than a regular circle."

Finishing his explanation Severus noticed the refreshments he had asked for. Summoning a cup of tea for Harry as well as a few biscuits, Tinker had added, Severus sat back in the armchair and summoned his own cup of coffee.


For Harry, the time went by quickly, and soon it was dinner time. As Harry closed his book, he thought about the information he had gotten from his Papa. Information he valued, because somehow Harry knew it was important. Going to the library after breakfast, Harry had hoped he could find a book he could read. But entering the library he had gone straight for the book about creatures. During the late morning and until lunch, Harry had been sitting in the library trying to get the most out of the book, but the only thing he really understood was the pictures that went along with every creature.

At lunch he had asked his Papa a few questions, but they weren't enough so he went to the library to get the book and brought it to his Papa.

Harry placed his empty teacup on the tray and waited for his Papa to get up from the chair, so they could walk to the dining-room together.


"Papa? Can I bring the book to my room?"

Severus looked down and noticed that Harry was still caring the book in his arms, looking torn about what to do with it. "Of course you can Harry. Tinker, would you please place this book in Harry's room? Thank you." After Tinker had left with the book, Severus took Harry's hand, "Come now, let us go eat."

Waling out of the study together, they saw Tom heading their way, "Tom, are you not going to join us for dinner?", "I wouldn't miss is, Severus my friend, I was merely coming to find you. As well as coming to let you know that your letter from breakfast has been answered."

Severus looked at Tom with something akin to glee in his eyes. With a almost invisible spring in his step, Severus lifted Harry up in his arms and walked towards the dinning-room a little faster than normal.

Behind them, Harry could see Tom looking like his was trying to smother a smile.


Arriving in the dinning-room, Severus let Harry down so he could walk to his chair. Laying so innocently on his plate was a beige envelope, written in elegant script he recognized as Amelia's. Pulling out his chair Severus sat down, took the letter and with careful fingers pried it open.

'Dear Mr. Snape,

As per your request I have looked into the trial and incarceration of Mr. Sirius Orion Black.

What I have found and what you showed me, disturbs me in ways I cannot explain.

Mr. Black was incarcerated without having a trial. Having visited him shortly after seeing you memory, it appears Mr. Black was blamed for a crime he did not commit.

As of returning from Azkaban, I visited Minister Fudge, whom suggested to sweep the incident under the rug so to speak, it appears your fears of a corrupt Ministry was correct.

With the powers I hold within the Ministry, I have called for a retrial for all, whose trail was not based on veritaserum or had the evidence that was needed to incarcerate.

On that note I have called for an investigation into our very own Minister and his closest. As well, based on your memory called for a trial against Albus Dumbledore.

The trial for Mr. Sirius Orion Black, shall be held in six days. As of today he is released into your care, where he can recuperate and get ready for said trial. He will arrive at the Ministry at 9 pm this evening, where you can pick him up from my office.

We will send you more information about the trial in four days time.

The day after tomorrow, we – the wizengamot – expect the both of you to witness the trial of Albus Dumbledore, as well as submit your or others memories against said man to prove him guilt of murder and perhaps even more crimes.

The trial shall take place in courtroom 5, at midday.


Amelia Bones

Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.'

Grinning like a loon, Severus looked to the clock, 7 pm. This would give him time to eat and tell Harry about Sirius. Looking around the table Severus saw the adults giving him curious glances, but the only one talking was Tom, "Well Severus, I presume you have received good news?", "I have Tom, I have indeed. Madam Bones has reviewed my memories and come to the conclusion that Sirius was wrongfully incarcerated, he will be having a trial in six days, but in the meantime he has been released into my care, to recuperate. Another bonus, so to speak, is the investigation into our current Minister and the impending trial of one Albus Dumbledore."

Looking around again, Severus saw smiles grace the faces of the elder Malfoy's, and the curious eyes of the two young ones in their company. Looking at Harry, Severus said "For now let us eat, then afterwards I will tell you a story, alright my little one?" Harry nodded, content with the knowledge that he would get to know what was happening.


Walking towards the study they had been in before dinner, Harry was anxious. He knew the news his Papa had received was good, but did that mean the news were also good for Harry? He wasn't sure and he didn't know what he would if this Sirius person didn't like him around his Papa. Harry closed his eyes and prayed that he could stay with his Papa no matter what happened.

Arriving at the study, Severus led Harry to the armchair they had been in earlier, his Papa sat down first the pulled Harry into his lap.

"Alright Harry, do you remember when we talked about creatures?" waiting for Harry to nod, Severus continued, "As creatures we have a predestined mate. Someone who is perfect for us, someone who will understand. Some and most, only have one mate, where few have two. Our mate helps us control our magic, helps us balance it. Now you heard the name Sirius at dinner. Sirius is my mate and because of an evil man, the same man who placed you with your aunt, he was put in prison for a crime he did not commit. The letter at dinner let me know that he is very close to being freed. They are letting him go and I will pick him up tonight, then in two days the evil man will be asked to explain his actions towards you, Sirius and many others he has hurt."

Looking down to see if his, well… son, his little one, was still following, he was meet with understanding emerald green eyes. Harry gave him a little nudge so that he would continue.

"Well, I will be leaving in a few minutes to go pick him up, and when we return, I would very much like for you to meet him. Is that alright?" Harry simply nodded, he wanted to meet his Papa's mate, knowing now what he did about mates Harry wasn't so worried about not being liked by his Papa's mate.

"Why don't you go play with Draco, or pick out a book that the both of you can read together? And then we will be back before you know it?"


Nodding Harry slid out of Severus' lap and walked towards the door, with the older man just behind him. Letting Severus lead him to Draco's room he knocked on the door, then turned around and wrapped his arms around Severus' thighs, "Be careful?", "Always Harry, always."

That said Harry walked into Draco's room with a smile on his face, headed to the bookshelf.


Walking back to the study to use the floo, Severus was meet by Tom, Lucius and Narcissa, "Bring him home, Severus.", "I plan to Narcissa, I plan to."

Stepping into the floo and throwing in floo powder, Severus said "Ministry of Magic, London."


Arriving in the atrium, Severus made his way for the elevators. Despite it being late on a weekday, the atrium was full of people, and it was not something Severus was in the mood for, so he put on his best scowl and glared at anyone attempting to talk to him. Reaching the elevators, Severus made sure he was the only one in his, not wanting more people around. Pressing the button for the Department of magical law enforcement, Severus was soon on his way.

If there was one thing Severus hated more than the dunderheads he taught at Hogwarts, it was the Ministry elevators. Up, down, one side to the other, not showing his displeasure of the elevators, he simply deepened his scowl and his glare. Walking up to the woman at the helpdesk, Severus said "I have an appointment with Madam Bones.", the young woman looked up, "right this way sir."

Letting the young witch show him the way, Severus on the outside looked as disinterested as one could be, but on the inside he was like a small child in a candy store. Stopping in front of a pair of double doors, Severus was suddenly nervous. The young witch nodded and took her leave.

Taking a deep breath, Severus slowly exhaled, lifted his hand and knocked three times. The doors opened and Severus walked in to see Madam Bones sitting behind her desk. The woman looked up when the doors closed behind him, despite the tires look in her eyes she gave a polite smile, "Mr. Snape, it is good to see you."

"Likewise Madam Bones, but let us skip the pleasantries shall we?" Amelia simply nodded. Standing up she walked to a door, almost hidden in the corner of her office, "Right this way."

Beyond the door Severus found himself in a room almost like a living room, looking at Amelia with curious eyes, the woman simply rolled her own. "Sometimes even I, need to relax. Now…" Moving towards an arch to another part of the room Amelia stopped and stepped aside, letting Severus see him, for the first time in 5 years, "Sirius".


Sitting in the cosy living room of Amelia Bones' office, Sirius let himself enjoy the warmth of the fireplace. Having picked up a book earlier, Sirius slowly made his way through it. He knew that Severus would be picking him up later, and he couldn't wait to see the man, ignoring the book, Sirius lost himself in old and happy memories.

As far away as Sirius was, he didn't hear the door opening in the other room or the obvious female voice, but the one thing he did hear was the deep rough voice filled with relief and surprise, "Sirius".

Sirius' eyes flew open when he heard his name, looking towards the voice he was faced with his mate coming at him, picking him up in his arms and hugging the life out of him. Despite a delayed reaction, Sirius quickly wrapped both arms and legs around Severus, hugging him with as much ferocity as Severus was hugging him.

Sirius could feel Severus nipping at his throat and neck, and it only made him moan, this was more touching than he had had in 5 years, and he was loving it. When he felt Severus moving away, he whined in disappointment, only to hear Severus' deep throaty chuckle. Opening his eyes he looked directly into those of his mate, the eyes as black as night and as deep as the abyss, there was less than an inch between the two, and Sirius longed to tell the man how much he had missed him.

Opening his mouth Sirius only managed a broken groan, as Severus' lips were on his own. Not being able to tell him how much he had missed him, Sirius let all his emotions fade in to the kiss. The longing, the hope, the love and Severus felt it all. The kiss was hot, full of passion, love, desire and neither man wanted it to end, their tongues battling for dominance, hands searching and confirming the presence of the other.

Sirius was quite sure he was moaning for all he was worth, the hands roaming his body, the body pressed against his own, he loved it all.

When the two finally separated, it was nothing more than an inch or two and it was because of a small cough coming from Madam Bones. "As touching as it is to see lovers reunite, I must get back to work, I have a lot to do in 2 days gentlemen. You may use the floo to return to your abode. " With that said she turned around and walked back to her office.


Severus regained his senses when Madam Bones coughed for their attention, watching the woman leave the way they came from, Severus turned his attention back to the man in his lap. "It has been awhile my love, has it not? I wish to explain everything but first let us return, shall we?" Standing, Severus felt Sirius let his legs fall down, keeping his arms around his slightly smaller mate, Severus nuzzled into Sirius' neck, breathing in the smell of his mate.

"Severus will you let me see you?" Straightening up and looking into Sirius' eyes, Severus let the glamours fall. Only having to bend down a little, Severus kissed Sirius again, "I have missed you so much my Siri, let us go home, there is someone I want you to meet."

Taking Sirius hand, Severus led them to the floo, grabbed some floo powder and called out, "Malfoy Manor, study"


Arriving at the study, Severus and Sirius simply stood there holding each other, letting the others smells wash over them. Pulling apart Severus led them to a settee to settle down. Still holding Sirius close, Severus called for Tinker to inform the rest of the house of their arrival.

"Siri, how much do you remember, my love?", Sirius looked at him with sad eyes and simply said "Everything. From waking up to the knocking on our door, opening it to the headmaster only to have him imperio me, flying to Godric's Hollow, finding the house burned down, lending my bike to Hagrid so he could take small Harry on the headmaster's orders, following Peter around only for him to blow himself and twelve muggles up, the auror's arriving and throwing me in Azkaban without a trial. I remember everything."

Looking at Severus with tears in his eyes, Sirius said, "I was about to give up my love, they kept denying me a trial and Dumbledore refused to even give me the benefit of the doubt."

Wiping away the fallen tears Severus gave Sirius small loving kisses. "It is over now Siri, all over, you are home and in my arms and I will never let the old fool take you from me again. Now I wish to introduce you to someone." Letting Sirius turn around, Severus gestured to the first of three blondes, "You remember you cousin Narcissa, her husband Lucius and their son Draco. Next to them is Tom…"

Severus could feel Sirius tense in his arms and rushed to reassure him, "The Tom the old fool introduced is one of his own creation; Lord Voldemort, the snake like man, created to make every cower in fear and look to him for help. This is the real Tom Riddle, a man not ashamed of his muggle name, a man interested in solving problems through politics. And last but not least…"


Hearing Severus explain, Sirius calmed down, looking back at his cousin and her family, he could see her eyes smiling, a sign that she was happy, looking on to her little boy, he didn't seem as spoiled as Sirius was afraid he might have been. The boy simply looked curious. Lucius looked as royal as always, but a small glint in his eyes told Sirius that the man was also happy.

Looking towards Tom Riddle, Sirius wasn't sure what to think, something in him told him to hide, but he felt safe in Severus' arms and didn't want to leave. At least the man didn't look like he was out to kill them. So he was going to stay where he was. Turning his attention towards Severus again he heard him say, "and last but not least."

Following Severus' eyes towards Tom, well past Tom that was, Sirius didn't know what to think, there stood one of the reasons he hadn't give up, "Harry Potter."


Harry wasn't sure what to think about the man in his Papa's lap, but when he looked into the mans grey-blue eyes, Harry instantly recognized him, rushing around Mr. Tom, Harry ran as fast as his legs could carry him, with a happy squeal of "Paddy, Papa found Paddy." Surprising both men as he jumped up on the settee, laughing and hugging both men. A mantra of 'Papa found Paddy' and 'I'm so happy, I missed living Paddy.'

Severus and Sirius' arms were quick to catch the small boy and a smile slowly made its way unto lips, sitting there all three together, Sirius swallowed up the warmth radiation from them Severus and Harry, when he focused on what Harry had said, "Wait, Papa?"